Review: B&O BeoPlay H7 (Top-notch bluetooth headphones)

I’ve had the B&O BeoPlay H7 for a few days now, and I have to say I’m very impressed! I picked a “Manufacturer Refurbished” model on Amazon for $179, and at that price, I think these are a really terrific value.

The only thing that wasn’t in perfect condition on these headphones was the 3.5mm audio cable (the sound can get fuzzy when I wiggle the cord), but Amazon refunded the money to buy a backup. For now, my impressions are only going to regard the sound through Bluetooth. For reference, my device is a Galaxy S7.

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What We Like 😍
  • Stylish, high quality build
  • Very clear, non-fatiguing sound
  • Excellent bass extension
  • Very lightweight and comfortable
  • Replaceable battery
What We Don't Like 🤢
  • Sound doesn’t get very loud through bluetooth on SOME devices. (my Pixel 2 XL gets plenty loud, but my Galaxy S7 and ThinkPad are only just loud enough)
  • Isolation is not great
  • Touch controls are sometimes inconsistent

Available on Amazon: B&O BeoPlay H7

Build Quality & Comfort

The build quality is superb, with smoothly articulating ear cups covered in super soft leather. The headband is a bit too firm, but since these cans are so light, I have never been bothered by it. Nearly everything is made of metal or high-quality plastic. The clamping force is on the lighter side, which, when paired with the soft pads, makes these some of the most comfortable headphones I’ve tried. They are right up there with my DT1990 comfort-wise.

Sound Quality


The bass extends very low – well into sub-bass territory – and actually provides decent impact. Now, the bass on these obviously don’t punch like my Fostex TH-X00‘s or even my DT1990’s, but for less than half the price (and through Bluetooth!) I’m super impressed.


The mids aren’t particularly remarkable, but are definitely pleasant and have no major shortcomings.


The Beoplay H7’s are definitely not as bright as the aforementioned cans but are still very detailed. Cymbals, snares, and high-pitched synth lines sound extremely natural and airy. These headphones never feel fatiguing, yet they also don’t feel compromised on clarity (even coming from my hyper-detailed DT1990’s).

Sound Signature

The sound is very balanced/neutral and maintains a lot of detail throughout all ranges. The H7 features Bluetooth 4.2 with the AAC and AptX codec support, so I would imagine this helps the clarity and overall sound quality, as well as sound delay.

The soundstage is reasonable, especially for a closed back headphone, and instrument separation is more than adequate. This might be controversial, but compared to the ATH M50X, these sound better in every way. The B&O’s have none of the muddiness in the sound that you find listening to the M50X, and the soundstage is far wider. Overall, the BeoPlay H7 sounds very pleasing and natural. I’m a big fan of how B&O tuned these headphones.


I haven’t had any issues with connectivity. As long as I stay within 20 feet of my phone, the sound never stops or clips. The battery life has also been very good (the 20-hour claim seems reasonable if you listen at a conservative volume), and I’m pleased to report that you can use these headphones with the 3.5mm cable even when the battery is completely drained. You can also easily replace the battery.

Noise isolation and Loudness

I only have two complaints. First of all, these headphones don’t isolate super well, so if you’re wearing these in a noisy environment you need to crank the volume. That’s where my other complaint comes in: these headphones don’t get super loud with Bluetooth. In a quiet space or just walking around outside these are fine. However, even at max volume, these are only slightly too loud.

Editor’s note: The loudness problem could be due to the lack of power from the audio source. Use the Headphones Power Calculator to see if your audio device has enough power for your headphones


For a pair of headphones in the $200 region, this would be a great buy even if they were wired.

Factor in that these headphones are totally wireless, I think you have something special. Obviously they aren’t perfect – they aren’t great for noisy environments – but that’s the only real compromise I can find. Now, these headphones aren’t worth the $400 B&O wants you to pay brand new. If you are willing to buy used, however, I highly recommend these!

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