15 Coolest & Most Interesting Headphones in the World

The Dyson Zone is a cool pair of headphones that looks straight out of a Sci-Fi movie.
The Dyson Zone is a cool pair of headphones that looks straight out of a Sci-Fi movie.

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These cool headphones are unlike anything else on the market in both form and function.

In the world of audio gear, new products always seem to mean something better. You’d expect significant improvements, like better sound quality or accessories, over their predecessors.

However, despite the upgrades, most new headphones only come with standard features and nothing else worth drooling over. If you’re looking for unparalleled design or features among popular brands, you’ll likely end up disappointed.

No worries – we’ve done all the digging to show you some of the most awe-inspiring headphones ever created. We’ll show you what’s to love (or not) and throw in a few budget-priced options. Let’s go for it!

Top 5 Most Stylish Headphones

We’ve rounded up a few headphones with attractive designs that will turn heads when you have them on. Read on to learn more about the most stylish headphones you’ll find today!

  1. The Vérité
  2. Master & Dynamic MH30 by Carolyn Rowan
  3. Pryma 01
  4. Pioneer SE-L40
  5. Napa Leather Rhinestone Headphones With Crown

1. The Vérité

Close look at ZMF Vérité Open headphones (From: ZMFHeadphones)
Close look at ZMF Vérité Open headphones (From: ZMFHeadphones)

What makes the Vérité so cool?

  • Sapele wood ear cups
  • Vapor Deposed Beryllium drivers

Designed by ZMF Headphones, the Verite features elegant wooden ear cups made from Sapele. This material has a balanced tonal quality and excellent clarity.

As such, it’s typically used to design other instruments, like guitars and violins. On the Vérité, this translates to a richer timbre, less sound decay, and a more punchy and detailed overall sound.

The Vérité comes in Closed and Open options that you can customize on the website. This includes everything from the chassis material to the headphone cable plug.
The Vérité Closed by ZMF Headphones (From: ZMFHeadphones)
The Vérité Closed by ZMF Headphones (From: ZMFHeadphones)

The ear cups have polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) dynamic drivers vapor deposed with 20% Beryllium. This lends the drivers a certain stiffness that improves the headphones’ frequency response to deliver accurate sound.

They’re also strategically positioned inside the housing to ensure they deliver the “true audio Vérité experience.”

And with custom airflow porting, they receive optimal airflow, resulting in sharper highs and deeper lows.

If you like the classic look of wooden headphones, the Audio-Technica ATH-WP900 are a great lower-priced option. These feature large Maple wood chambers that provide more room for sound vibrations to get a smooth, natural, and distortion-free sound.

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2. Master & Dynamic MH30 by Carolyn Rowan

Master & Dynamic MH30 by Carolyn Rowan headphones. (From: MasterDynamic)
Master & Dynamic MH30 by Carolyn Rowan headphones. (From: MasterDynamic)

What makes the Master & Dynamic MH30 so cool?

  • Designer headphones
  • Crystal-beaded headband
  • Limited edition set

New York City-based audio company Master & Dynamic teamed up with renowned luxury accessory designer Carolyn Rowan to create this premium set of the MH30 – a pair of Swarovski-embellished headphones.

These exquisitely-designed headphones feature gunmetal ear cups and a headband bedazzled with black Swarovski gems. Those looking to add a touch of elegance and sparkle to their overall look will surely stand out with these cans.

Also, they’re comfortable to wear since the headband and earmuffs are made of luxurious lambskin leather.

Given that they’re fashionable headphones, they’re steeply priced at around US$1,000. But don’t worry; they’re still equipped with features that make Master & Dynamic headphones great, so you’ll get your money’s worth. This includes 40 mm neodymium drivers that deliver crystal clear sound.

The only problem is that while the bass is decent, it can sometimes be overwhelming. However, adjusting your equalizer settings can help alleviate the problem.

As a limited edition set, the designer Master & Dynamic MH30 headphones are only available on the company’s official website and in select stores in the US and France. These include The Webster (Miami and Bal Harbor), Forty-Five Ten (Dallas), Fred Segal LAX (Los Angeles), and Colette (Paris).

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3. Pryma 01

Pryma 01 headphones in different colors. (From: Klappav)
Pryma 01 headphones in different colors. (From: Klappav)

What makes the Pryma 01 so cool?

  • Handmade in Italy
  • Interchangeable headband
  • Detachable ear pads
  • Unique ear cup shape and belt-like design

The Pryma 01 (pronounced ‘pree-mah’) is a product of Sonus Faber, an Italian manufacturer of handcrafted audio equipment. These handmade headphones feature a combination of Italian leather, carbon fiber, and metallic accents for a luxurious look.

These headphones have exceptional versatility as they come with an interchangeable headband and several color combinations, including pure black, rose gold, and dark gray. This makes it easy to match your headphones with your personal style and create a fashion statement.

Those looking for an alternative should consider the Meze Empyrean. These headphones have the same chic-looking leather and carbon fiber design as Pryma 01. But, they cost much higher, at around US$3000, and sport innovative planar magnetic drivers.

Designed for comfort, Sonus Faber created ear-conforming pads that ensure they can be easily worn for long periods. Additionally, the headband has four notches that buckle into the ear cups, making it easier to get a comfortable fit.

The attention to detail doesn’t end with the outward design. The headset also delivers rich sound quality thanks to 40 mm dynamic drivers. And while the bass may not be as intense as most high-end headphones, the overall sound quality feels natural and well-balanced.

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4. Pioneer SE-L40

Close look at Pioneer SE-L40 headphones (From: SpringAir) https://www.springair.de/en/pioneer-se-l40-headphones/h76750
Close look at Pioneer SE-L40 headphones (From: SpringAir

What makes the Pioneer SE-L40 so cool?

  • Vintage look
  • Durable metal ear cups
  • Classic brown leather dual headbands

If you are a fan of anything vintage-looking, then you will want these stereo headphones from Pioneer. First released in the 1970s, the Pioneer SE-L40 feature golden ear cups, a braided cord, and dual leather headbands, which you can move apart for optimal comfort and better ventilation.

The SE-L40 headphones feature a mostly all-metal build, which you might think will weigh heavily on your head. However, you’ll be glad to know that they’re quite lightweight, at only around 0.5 lbs (230 grams).

The ear pads also offer pillow-like comfort, so you can keep them on for many hours.

It isn’t just all aesthetics with this headset, though. They also sound quite good; perfect for listening to almost any music genre as they can deliver an accurate sound across all frequencies. These may not be the best option for bass heads, but the bass is tight and punchy enough to deliver an impressive sound.

Moreover, the ear cups have an open-back design to allow air to pass through the rear of the speaker. This helps reduce the build up of low frequencies for a more natural sound.

These headphones aren’t sold in stores nowadays, but you can find pre-owned pairs on Ebay.

Where to buy:

  • Check price on Ebay

5. Napa Leather Rhinestone Headphones With Crown

Napa leather Rhinestone Headphones With Crown
Napa leather Rhinestone Headphones With Crown

What makes the Napa Leather Rhinestone Headphones with Crown so cool?

  • A crystal and pearl crown
  • US$9000 price tag on release
  • Sold out in a day
  • Rihanna

Lest you think that audio quality is everything, the last headphones on the list are Dolce & Gabbana’s US$9000 crown headphones. They became famous for selling out the day after Rihanna posted a photo of her wearing them.

Rihanna's tweet about the D&G’s Crown headphones (From: Twitter)
Rihanna’s tweet about the D&G’s Crown headphones (From: Twitter)

Needless to say, these headphones certainly make a statement. Other than a lambskin-padded metal headband, they have a full crown embellished with Swarovski crystals and pearls, plus golden ear pads. They even come in a black velvet-lined box when you purchase them.

Moreover, D&G’s Crown headphones actually function as headphones should. They feature a wired audio stereo connection with volume control and are compatible with MP3 readers, smartphones, and audio playback devices. However, it may be too much of an ask to expect audiophile-level sound quality, even at that price point.

If you want something less crown-y, there’s also D&G’s US$7000 Red Embroidered Nappa Leather Headphones. These look more like traditional headphones but are similarly decked out in Swarovski crystals, gems, and pearls.

Unfortunately, the D&G Crown headphones aren’t available for purchase anymore, thanks to Rihanna selling them out within 24 hours of her tweet. However, you can try your luck on online stores like Ebay, which sells a few other D&G headphones.

Where to buy:

  • Check price on Ebay

Top 5 Most Interesting Audiophile Headphones

Having headphones that not only sound great but also look cool while also having a fascinating backstory is a huge plus. Check out the list below for a selection of headphones that are worth having as collectibles:

  1. Sony MDR-R10
  2. AKG K1000
  3. STAX SR-009
  4. Sennheiser HE1060 (He 1) – Orpheus 2
  5. Bang & Olufsen U70

1. Sony MDR-R10

Close look at Sony MDR-R10 (From: HeadAmp) https://www.headamp.com/blogs/news/hifiman-he-r10
Close look at Sony MDR-R10 (From: HeadAmp

What makes the MDR-R10 so cool?

  • Cost US$2500 in 1989 (the most expensive headphones in that era)
  • Only 2000 ever made
  • 50mm bio-cellulose dome diaphragms
  • Zelkova wood enclosures

In the 1980s, Sony Electronics could do no wrong. They ruled the portable market with the Walkman and eventually looked to dominate the headphone market with the Sony MDR-R10.

Since 1989, only 2000 pairs of the Sony MDR-R10 have been made. And with a price tag of US$2500 on its release, the scarcity and reputation of these headphones mean that the few that come up for sale these days have price tags often over US$5000.

But what’s so great about these 34-year-old headphones?

In a nutshell, they’re the pinnacle of closed-back headphones.

The MDR-R10 sound is effortless, highly detailed, and extremely clear. They deliver an exceptional soundstage and a superbly natural sound profile.

Experts attribute the extraordinary sound quality to the 50 mm bio-cellulose dome diaphragms, which the MDR-R10 used first.

Ear cups furnished using 200-year-old Zelkova wood also contribute to the headphones’ natural sound quality

Sony MDR-R10 with its case
Sony MDR-R10 with its case

The fit and finish of the MDR-R10 are equally top-notch. And despite their bulk and weight (400 grams), they’re well-balanced and often touted as one of the most comfortable headphones many audiophiles have ever worn.

Where to buy:

  • Check price on eBay

2. AKG K1000

AKG K1000 headphones. (From audiofanatyk.pl https://www.audiofanatyk.pl/recenzja-sluchawek-panoramicznych-akg-k1000/)
AKG K1000 headphones. (From: Audiofanatyk)

What makes the K1000 so cool?

  • Just look at them!
  • AKG’s flagship headphones
  • Swivel adjustable drivers
  • They can only be driven by a stereo power amplifier

AKG K1000 headphones are instantly recognizable, with unique square ear cups and bright red headband strips. Priced at almost US$1500, they’re more expensive than AKG’s previous top-of-the-line models and often compared to STAX’s square-framed Lambda ear speakers.

These headphones have an open-air transducer design, with the drivers suspended roughly 20 mm from the ears on swivels. This lets you rotate them almost perpendicular (~70 degrees) to the ears, making music sound more open, spacious, and diffused.

The arrangement also allows for some time-delayed crosstalk of signals between the ears, like in a traditional speaker stereo playback.

AKG K1000’s swiveling drivers (From:  fujiya-avic.jp)

However, the K1000 cannot be driven by a headphone amplifier, as the cables aren’t terminated. Rated at 74 dB sound pressure at 1 watt, they will perform best with traditional stereo amplifiers providing 60 to 70 watts per channel.

Although they aren’t particularly comfortable due to the clamping force of the stand-off pads, many audiophiles still consider this pair of headphones near the pinnacle of personal sound quality.

If you’re interested in this type of headphone design, check out the MYSPHERE 3, which features a similar look.

Where to buy:

3. STAX SR-009

STAX SR-009 headphones. (From amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004W1S0BY/?tag=headphonesty0420-20)
Close look at STAX SR-009 headphones. (From: Amazon)

What makes the SR-009 so cool?

  • Top-of-the-line STAX (cost US$5200 at launch)
  • Spectacular fit and finish
  • Extremely refined sound
  • Analytical more than fun

The STAX reputation is synonymous with excellent sound quality, top performance, and distinctive design. This is seen in their premium Stax SR-009 headphones, priced at US$5200 upon release in 2011.

The build quality of the Stax SR-009 is outstanding, featuring an attractive aluminum and leather design. Being electrostatic headphones, they require a special amplifier to be used. But they’re more efficient and easier to drive than the older Stax SR-007A.

But what makes the SR-009 special is their sound. With a 5-42,000 Hz frequency response and a maximum sound pressure level of 118 dB/400 Hz, they deliver refined, highly-resolved, and impactful music reproduction.

They can accurately reproduce every musical nuance and are described as incredibly detailed, uncannily realistic, and strikingly transparent. As such, they’re best for critical listeners looking to analyze every part of the music.

For better or worse, there is no house sound, flavor, or coloration. These terms are usually applied to “fun-sounding” headphones, not the almost perfect linearity of the SR-009 playback. They’re often compared to the Sennheiser HD800, but the SR-009 gets the audio quality nod as they sound less harsh and sibilant than the HD800.

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4. Sennheiser HE1060 (He 1) – Orpheus 2

Sennheiser HE1060 (He 1) – Orpheus 2 headphones. (From engadget.com https://www.engadget.com/2015-11-03-sennheiser-new-orpheus-headphones.html)
Sennheiser HE1060 (He 1) – Orpheus 2 headphones. (From: Engadget)

What makes Orpheus 2 so cool?

  • Out-of-this-world design
  • Costs as much as a luxury car (US$55,000)
  • Integrated 8-tube amplifier and headphone storage
  • Made of Michelangelo’s Carrara marble

What do you get when the Sennheiser designers unleash their unbridled creativity? Sennheiser’s US$55,000 Orpheus 2.

The Orpheus 2 HE1060 headphones and integrated HEV1060 amplifier were launched in 2015 for Sennheiser’s 70th anniversary. Each pair requires 400 hours to make, considering the base is made from a block of Carrara marble. As such, Sennheiser only sells 250 units per year.

The headphones feature solid aluminum ear cups and handmade leather, velour, and microfiber ear pads. The 8-tube amplifier, on the other hand, is housed in a dustproof storage box set into a marble base.

This electrostatic design requires high voltage from the amplifier, which can be lost during transmission to the drivers. To resolve this, Sennheiser moved the high-voltage amplifier stage into the headphones themselves, improving efficiency by 200%.

For those who have experienced the Orpheus 2, the consensus is that it delivers the most realistic imaging of any headphone available. This is thanks to eight internal SABRE DAC, capable of handling high-resolution audio up to 32bit/384 kHz.

Additionally, there are four parallel channels per ear for reduced distortion and noise. You also get balanced and unbalanced connections, plus digital optical, coaxial, and USB inputs.

Where to buy:

5. Bang & Olufsen U70

Close look at Bang & Olufsen U70
Close look at Bang & Olufsen U70 (From: Reddit/Jensway)

What makes the Bang & Olufsen (B&O) U70 so cool?

  • B&O’s first pair of headphones
  • Minimalistic, industrial design that’s way ahead of its time
  • Designed by the renowned Danish designer Jacob Jensen
  • Cost US$40 in 1979 = US$191 in 2023

Before Jonathan Ive, the prior generation had Jacob Jensen. The Danish product designer had the vision to create sleek and unapologetically minimal products. The B&O U70 headphones were one of his finest achievements and captured what he stood for.

The headphones were manufactured in 1978-1984 and cost up to US$40 at the time (about US$191.17 in 2023). They were eventually added to the Design Collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in 1979. Today, you can find them in thrift stores for as low as US$6 if you’re lucky.

Bang & Olufsen U70's designer, Jacob Jensen
Bang & Olufsen U70’s designer, Jacob Jensen

Despite looking rather bulky, the planar magnetic U70 weighed only 300 g. The headphones prioritized ergonomics with individually adjustable ear cups and a sliding headband. Unfortunately, the leatherette ear pads didn’t last, and it’s hard to find a pair with well-preserved ear pads.

From BeoWorld:

Bang & Olufsen’s U70 headphones were probably the most useful accessory you could buy at the time of their introduction, for your Hi-Fi system. They not only provide a private world for the person who wants to listen without distraction, they also allow others in the household the freedom to talk – or watch TV – uninhibited by the music.

Where to buy:

  • Check price on eBay

Top 5 Headphones With the Coolest Features

If you’re looking for headphones that don’t just look cool but also offer never-before-seen features, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some of the funkiest headphones we’ve found with unique, extraordinary features you don’t typically expect to find on a pair of headphones. Enjoy the list!

  1. Woojer Strap 3
  2. Inmergo Headphones
  3. Soundsight Headphones
  4. Dyson Zone
  5. Human Headphones

1. Woojer Strap 3

Close look at the Woojer Strap 3 (From: Woojer).
Close look at the Woojer Strap 3 (From: Woojer)

What makes the Woojer Strap Edge so cool?

  • Haptic transducer lets your body physically feel the bass in music and games.
  • Customizable haptic feedback settings via the Woojer app.
  • Highly adjustable strap ensures comfortable wear for different body sizes.

The Woojer Strap 3 is a wearable audio device that utilizes newer OSCI™ V2 TRX transducers to translate audio signals into tactile vibrations. This innovative device is worn like a belt or seatbelt and connects to various audio sources to enhance music, gaming, movies, and more.

While the Strap 3 sounds more like a want than a need, it comes with some interesting features for a more personalized listening experience.

First, the haptic transducer technology has a 0-250 Hz frequency response range, which is higher than the older Strap Edge. It also supports multichannel THC and DSP haptics via the Vest 3 for a more immersive audio experience.

The Strap 3 has USB-C, 3.5mm, and Bluetooth input and output. This essentially allows you to connect the Strap 3 to any audio source, including smart TVs, VR headsets, and computers. And with the Woojer app, you can configure Bluetooth latency, audio-haptic synchronization, vibration intensity, and an LED color display.

Despite its innovative features, some people may find the vibrations uncomfortable or distracting, especially for long-term use. Some genres and soundscapes benefit more from the device’s tactile experience than others.

Where to buy:

2. Inmergo Headphones

Close look at the Inmergo Headphones (From: Dezeen).
Close look at the Inmergo Headphones (From: Dezeen).

What makes the Inmergo so cool?

  • Two words – ultrasonic gel!
  • Bone conduction technology

The Inmergo headphones look like something straight out of an old-school sci-fi movie. Designed by Rocco Giovannoni, an MA in Design Products graduate from the Royal College of Art, these silicone headphones use bone conduction technology and ultrasonic gel to deliver a unique audio experience.

“InMergo is a novel patent-pending audio technology availing of bone conduction through liquid and gels as sound media. It generates an omnidirectional surround effect and gives richness and vibrotactile feedback to the low-end enhancing a more immersive perception of sound.” – Rocco Giovannoni

These headphones currently come in two types – a two-driver and a five-driver unit. The former resembles typical over-ear headphones with two ear cups. On the other hand, the latter is more eye-catching, with five drivers that go over both ears, on the back and top of the head, and on the forehead.

Each headphone driver is immersed in ultrasonic gel (From: Dezeen).
Each headphone driver is immersed in ultrasonic gel (From: Dezeen).

Each driver unit is submerged in ultrasonic gel, which best delivers “immersive omnidirectional” audio to the listener. And while they don’t compare to audiophile-quality headphones, people who have tried earlier Inmergo prototypes are floored by how good they sound.

The Inmergo won the Snowdon Award for Disability in 2019 as a product that “meets the needs and aspirations of people with diverse abilities.” Currently, the headphones have yet to be patented and funded for further development.

3. Soundsight Headphones

Close look at the Soundsight Headphones. (From: Uncrate)
Close look at the Soundsight Headphones. (From: Uncrate)

What makes the Soundsight headphones so cool?

  • Hands-free video recording
  • Night recording
  • 1080-pixel quality

Remember all the beautiful but fleeting moments you failed to capture because you took forever to get your phone out of your pocket? Well, the Soundsight headphones ensure you capture those brilliant moments by simply tapping the earcap. They’re kind of like Google Glass but with better camera quality.

Soundsight describes them as “Beats meets Instagram and GoPro.”

These headphones have a 1080-pixel camera fitted on the earpad. You can activate the camera with a simple button tap, and they start recording. They also come with four built-in mics that let you record clear audio. And best of all, they can record at night!

With the Soundsight app, you can edit videos by trimming or adding music, filters, and effects. And with up to 16 GB of onboard storage, you can record up to 30 minutes of video.

These Bluetooth headphones don’t sleep on their main job, either. They’re designed with a Hi-Fi sound system that offers real acoustic volume and studio-quality audio. With active noise cancellation technology and a frequency response range of about 16-20,000 Hz, you will surely have a good feel of the highs, mids, and lows.

Where to buy:

4. Dyson Zone

The Dyson Zone Headphones (From: Dyson)
The Dyson Zone Headphones (From: Dyson)

What makes the Dyzon Zone so cool?

  • Built-in air purification system
  • Eight active noise-canceling mics
  • Contact-free visor
  • And they look pretty damn cool!

If the Inmergo headphones look like old-school science fiction, then the Dyson Zone is their more modern cousin. With their vibrant metal accents and unique build, these newly-released headphones look like a character in Star Wars could easily wear them.

The standout feature of the Dyson Zone is the magnetic contact-free visor, which was undoubtedly created in response to the global pandemic. It basically funnels air from the built-in accelerometers and electrostatic filters in the ear cups, giving you clean air without the stifling feeling of typical face masks.

The Dyson Zone filters are replaceable, and you can easily find out if they need changing via the pink LED light on the ear cup or the MyDyson app.
The Dyson Zone funnels air from the built-in accelerometers and electrostatic filters in the ear cups (From: Dyson).
The Dyson Zone funnels air from the built-in accelerometers and electrostatic filters in the ear cups (From: Dyson).

What’s even cooler is that flipping the visor downward immediately activates Conversation Mode while pausing your music and the headphones’ airflow.

The Dyson Zone headphones have eight active noise-canceling microphones to reduce distortion and minimize background noise by up to 40 dB.

You also get touch and voice controls that you can customize in the MyDyson app, along with your EQ levels. The app even lets you track your air quality and filter life. The future is here!

We got so curious about these headphones, we decided to try them out ourselves! Check out our full review of the Dyzon Zone here.

Where to buy:

5. Human Headphones

Close look at Human Headphones. (From: HumanHeadphones)
Close look at Human Headphones. (From: HumanHeadphones)

What makes Human Headphones so cool?

  • Comfort fit
  • Band-free design
  • Turns into a portable speaker

Human Inc. developed the world’s first-ever true wireless over-ear smart headphones — the Human Headphones. They are designed to look like earmuffs so they can feel more natural on the ears than conventional headphones.

“We founded Human to completely redesign both the form and function of modern headphones. Our goal was to create all-in-one headphones that are compatible with every aspect of a user’s day, whether they’re at home, commuting, or in the office.” – Human Inc. co-founder Benjamin Willis.

The earmuffs weigh only one-fifth the weight of conventional headphones, ensuring a natural feel. They also have memory foam padding that comfortably hugs the ears, making them easy to wear for long periods.

Each ear muff is touch-sensitive, so you can simply tap and hold the ear muff to block or let in ambient noise. To top it off, they feature an innovative hybrid design that lets you convert them into a Bluetooth speaker.

You only need to clasp them together to form a capsule, and they automatically switch to speaker mode.

The main caveat with the portable speaker is that it doesn’t have the best audio quality, as is the case with most portable Bluetooth speakers.

Where to buy:


As you can see, there’s more to the audio world than the simple closed-back headphones you find on the market. Depending on your budget, you can now choose from a range of cool, budget-friendly designs to shockingly expensive options that might be too hard to justify.

If you find these headphones a bit out of reach, we also have a selection of affordable yet excellent headphones you can check out.

How’d you find our list? Did we miss out on any other cool, funky, or funny headphones? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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