Sonarworks’ True Fi App Brings Recording Studio Quality to Headphones

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But does the app live up the hype?

Sonarworks claims to bring professional recording studio level quality to your headphones. (Credit: Unsplash)

If the True Fi App from Latvian-based Sonarworks lives up to its billing then this might be the end of the road for the headphone industry as we know it.

The app, which promises users can “experience what your favorite artists hear in their studios with the headphones you already have”, has recently been released on iPhone and Android platforms. If it does what it claims, why would people continue to buy high-end headphones with precise sound signatures when any budget pair would do?

Over 280 headphones supported

True Fi App attempts to fix the fact that few affordable and easily-available headphones are able to produce the playback that artists intend their music to be heard through. By using their own patented technology and applying it to the acoustic properties of over 280 of the most popular headphones on the market, Sonarworks believes they can process the audio to delivery unprecedented sound quality on standard market cans. To see for yourself, check out the demo on the Sonarworks website.

There is an undeniable difference in sound when True Fi is in use.

Without the duller default audio setting that is standard for most headphone sets, songs come to life far more.

The app’s HUD. The app’s calibration process flattens the noise profile of each headphone to heighten noise quality. (Credit: Gizmodo)

Definition, clarity and a fresher feel

Take the rhythm-guitar in Johnny Stimson’s “Time Machine”. When True Fi is not in use, the rhythm-guitar is difficult to pick out, its mid-range notes lost in a mix of vague sounds in the same range. But with True Fi turned on the guitar can be clearly defined from the other instruments.

With the app’s calibration process, each instrument can be heard with more clarity having been given a thorough polish. The song seems more immediate, fresher and really “pops” out of the headphones. The bass, too, is more defined. This may or may not be to your tastes but True Fi undoubtedly sharpens the overall sound.

True Fi also offers groundbreaking audio calibration for the specific use of age and gender-related hearing loss.
Audio adjustment for age is a nice touch. (Credit: Perfect Circuit)

The app is ideally suited for the major musical genres, including rock, pop, and EDM.

True Fi is already available on desktop and mobile and you can buy the full license at a price of €79 or roughly $90 USD.

Here’s what you get with your True-Fi licence:

  • Age and Gender related hearing loss compensation 
  • Unlimited access to our 272 + supported headphone profiles 
  • Access to all future updates and features 
  • Up to 3 devices simultaneously 
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS*

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  1. I tested the app after seeing this post, i have a mid-range headphone IDK if the headphone is actually bad our really good, but I only see a very small difference in audio, said that the default spotfy app seems to have way better audio quality.

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