(Last Updated On: April 22, 2019)

When you hear about Bluetooth headphones for TV, you may quickly question why on earth they’re necessary.


Well, in the ideal world free of noise pollution complaints or sleeping roommates, that’s a reasonable question.

But we don’t live in an ideal world.

Bluetooth headphones designed especially for TV actually have great utility and offer a superb entertainment experience.

With Bluetooth TV headphones, you won’t wake roommates when up late at night. You can experience the full rainbow of textured sounds from your new entertainment center or high-end television with the volume high without having the neighbors call the police.

All of this can be done without the constraints of a cable. With a pair of Bluetooth headphones, you’re given almost total. You’re no longer a dog on a leash but an independent person! Liberty is yours to enjoy, accompanied by a clear sound signal, within the transmission set of whichever headphone pair you so choose.

In short, experiencing TV with a pair of headphones is a richer experience.

Quick Tip: Your TV does have Bluetooth capabilities, right?

Before clicking on one of our delicious links to purchase your favorite headphone pair, please check that your television has built-in Bluetooth transmission capability. Major brands like Samsung and LG will already have this Bluetooth capability. 

You can most likely check it under Settings > Connectivity or something similarly named.

If your TV doesn’t support Bluetooth, then there are still ways around this. Bluetooth transmitters like the Avantree Priva III or Trond BT DUO S can be purchased, but sound quality will depend on the caliber of the device.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Pick a Pair of Wireless Bluetooth TV Headphones?


We’d be silly to suggest that the features and forms of absolutely any type of headphone work well for TV viewing. Of course, like any other activity, TV viewing has its own requirements.

Not a single pair of headphones we’ve picked is an in-ear design.

Every headphone set on this list is either an on-ear or over-ear design. We’ve decided this for reasons of comfortability; when you’re sitting for hours without the need to move, non-in-ear headphones tend to provide a higher level of cozy, head-hugging warmth.

While on-ear and particularly over-ear headphones tend to be bulkier and are potentially heavier, they’re not so cumbersome for motionless television viewing that their larger size becomes a problem. The comfort factor more than makes up for any potential weight issue.

Why be limited to the length of a cable when we live in a wireless world.

Bluetooth headphones are superior to their wired counterparts for television watching for one main reason: they allow you to wander wherever you like, within a radius to the television – with a typical range of 30 feet or more.

Finding a pair of headphones with an audio cable long enough for easy television viewing is enough of a bother itself. And that’s not to mention the general irritation of cable care; making sure this extra-long cable is store correctly, that no one is tripping over it, etc., etc., etc.

When Bluetooth is freely available then going wireless is a no-brainer.

A sharp-looking pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones. Don’t they look superb without the awkward cable?

Transmission range

So you’re never likely to be far from your television set up, but nevertheless, transmission range is a point to be considered.

Though TV viewing is usually done within a few feet of the set, sometimes you’ll want to move further away or into another part of the house.

Most Bluetooth wireless headphones now offer a fairly decent transmission range – at least 30 feet without interference – while high-end devices can reach 150 foot and beyond.

If you’re looking for headphones that offer multi-purpose use, transmission range may well be important for you.

Stylish wireless headphones are now a foundation accessory for modern living

Regardless of the cost or brand of Bluetooth headphones, they’ll all need to be charged at some point.

But high-end Bluetooth headphones tend to last longer. That’s a fact. While the battery life of high-end, big budget headphones offer beyond 30 hours of listening time on a single charge, cheaper versions may cut that time in half.

If you don’t like to regularly charge your headphones then this is an important point.

Thanks to their size, over-ear headphones tend to house larger and longer-lasting batteries.

Do you need total immersion when watching a movie or gaming? Then noise isolation technology is a vital feature of your Bluetooth headphones.

Technology hasn’t advanced far enough to offer absolute silence quite yet, but most noise isolating headphones do a good job of blocking out external noises to offer a more immersive viewing experience.

Headphones utilize either passive or active noise isolating technologies. While passive cancellation relies mainly on design and won’t drain the battery, active noise cancellation will impact battery life.

Stylish charging cradles turn wireless headphones into a room feature
Comfort should be a primary concern for anybody looking to purchase Bluetooth Headphones for TV.

Though you’re not going to be on-the-move or working out with these headphones, you’ll still be spending several hours with them clamped over your head. Any need to move or reposition headphones can reduce your viewing or gaming pleasure, and headphones that aren’t built ergonomically can make your ears throb.

Comfort really does count, so make sure you know the best fitting for you before you buy.

8 Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones For TV 2019

So here you have it – our 8 best Bluetooth headphones for TV.

We believe this selection offers a variety of different options to fit all noise requirements, style preferences, and budgets.

Our four main areas of concern – transmission range, battery life, noise isolation, and comfort – were the barometers we used to gauge the suitability of each headphone set for top TV viewing.

Of course, we also looked at the quality of the sound which will be talked about below.

Model NameTransmission RangeBattery Life on Single Charge 
150 feet20 hoursBuy
GOgroove BlueVibe DLX30 feet14 hoursBuy
Sennheiser RS 175 RF328 feet18 hoursBuy
AudioMX HG-21B Wireless98 feet5 hoursBuy
Sharper Image OWN ZONE
(Budget Pick)
100 feet10 hoursBuy
Artiste Wireless100 feet20 hoursBuy
2018 Avantree HT4189 Wireless
(🏆Top Pick)
100 feet40 hoursBuy
Noontec Hammo30 feet50 hoursBuy




  • »Great transmission range means moving while viewing won’t be a problem.
  • »A smooth, natural sound that comes with the quality you would expect from Sony.


  • »Lackluster style allows them to fade into the background.
  • »Slightly higher than average price range could be a problem for some.

Buy Sony MDRRF995RK on Amazon

Wireless? Check. Specialized home theater headphones? Check. Long list of technical-looking letters and numbers in place of simple name? Check. The Sony MDRRF995RK (that was a mouthful…) appears to have everything a top level pair of headphones requires!

Transmission Range

Up to 150 feet. If you went any further, you’d barely be able to see the television screen. A range of 150 feet is certainly enough to meet even the most demanding home theater users.

Battery Life

Sony boasts a battery life of “up to 20 hours.” However, this does take 7 hours charge time to reach and, in reality, we’ve seen mixed reports on how long the battery on these babies can go on for.

Noise Isolation

Sony has offered consistently solid noise isolating abilities to consumers for on high-end headphones, and the MDRRF995RK does not disappoint. Enjoy your favorite movie in calm silence.


The MDRRF995RK is nicely cushioned headphone set that you won’t need to take off for hours. They’re also very light – just 275g – so weight impact is minimal. You won’t be building a thick neck with featherweight set.

Sound Quality

Though there is no balance control with the MDRRF995RKs, the default settings offer a clear tone and quality of sound from highs to lows; ideal for offsetting crisp dialogue against thunderous background commotion in the latest Netflix blockbuster.


The MDRRF995RKs are a solid and well-built pair of headphones that offer a really good listening experience. With a frequency response of 10 – 22,000 Hz and a 100 dB/mW sensitivity, they provide everything needed for a superb pair of Bluetooth headphones for TV.

Though an excellent headphone choice, they’ve achieved the runner-up pick based on their slightly higher than average price range and lackluster style. That said, neither of these criticisms may be deal breakers for many folks out there.

2. GOgroove BlueVibe DLX



  • »They shouldn’t break any budgets with their price.
  • »White plastic option lets the headphones stand out from the crowd.


  • »While solid, the listening experience is also forgettable.
  • »Bluetooth dongle is a big hassle.

Buy GOgroove BlueVibe DLX on Amazon

A little left-field in terms of appearance, GOgroove’s BlueVibe DLX is an arresting pair of headphones. They come in towards the bottom end of the price range yet they still offer quality.

Transmission Range

At a transmission range of 30 feet, they’re not pushing the scales. But for lots of people, that won’t matter. This one is for you to decide.

Battery Life

A 3-hour charge should see you enjoying 14 hours of primetime television viewing or solid sound-fueled gaming. Though the BlueVibe DLX model is wireless, a cable is also included when battery charging is a viable option. Handy.

Noise Isolation

A pair of nice thick ear pads are the extent of noise isolating capabilities of this headphone set. Those who want total immersion in their listening experience might want to look elsewhere.



In the BlueVibe DLX, GOgroove has created an ultra lightweight pair of headphones, weighing just 108 grams. You won’t even feel them on your head. And the padding is sufficient. That said, this model is a little ungainly in design and doesn’t offer great flexibility.

Sound Quality

Solid without being spectacular, the BlueVibe DLX won’t disappoint anyone looking for an improved TV viewing experience.


A great option for someone wanting Bluetooth TV headphones without a huge price tag. The Bluetooth dongle that the BlueVibe’s use may be off-putting for some, however.

3. Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System


  • »Impressive sound that should satisfy even the hardest to please audiophiles
  • »Huge transmission range grants total freedom


  • »The quality is accompanied by a hefty price tag
  • »A little on the heavy side

Buy Sennheiser RS 175 RF on Amazon

Sennheiser is one of the big-name players in the headphones world and is the go-to brand of many major audiophiles. So what do they have in their locker with the RS 175 RF Wireless Headphone System?

Transmission Range

With a range of a staggering 328 feet, you should never experience signal loss with this headphone set. This is, however, is only when the headphones have a true line of sight. Real-world variables, like the thickness of walls and material, do reduce this range.

Battery Life

A full 18 hours will be more than enough to cover all bases.

Noise Isolation

The RS 175 RF has no active noise isolation component, but it’s beautifully fitted ergonomic design goes a long way to cutting out background noise and let the sweet honey sounds carry through.


Fits like a crown for any Bluetooth wireless headphone king. Ergonomic and well-padded. At just over 300 grams they’re not the lightest headphones, but the exceptional quality they offer makes up for this.

Sound Quality

Top quality. Rich sounds with an organic, natural quality that allows the viewer to forget about the headphones completely. Clear highs and sweet mids mean nothing gets lost.


Exceptional but with a cost that matches performance. The headphone charging stand included in the box looks superb. While this set is for those with deep pockets, they’re unlikely to be disappointed.

4. AudioMX HG-21B Wireless


  • »Attractive charging dock means these headphones can be room furniture too.
  • »Very comfortable and good for drowning out background noise


  • »The requirement for three AAA batteries is tiresome.
  • »Poor battery life.

Buy AudioMX HG-21B Wireless on Amazon

The AudioMX HG-21B offers both wired and wireless connection to your home theater set up. A nice matte finish gives these headphones a great look, too.

Transmission Range

A range of 98 foot offers freedom for any home theater viewer. More than enough in terms of distance.

Battery Life

The AudioMX HG-21B uses AAA rechargeable batteries which are a little irritating and add weight. There is a charging dock and charging pins built into the headphones meaning you don’t have to take the AAA’s out. Charge lasts an unconvincing 5 hours.

Noise Isolation

The closed-back over-ear design helps cut out outside noise while the headphones’ snug fit also combats background bother.


Despite the inclusion of AAA batteries, the AudioMX HG-21B remain comfortable for lengthy viewing. Not stand-out comfortable, but absolutely fine for a good series binge.

Sound Quality

The 2.4 GHz range gives the HG-21Bs a constant, accurate sound well-suited to TV viewing. Anyone wanting an improved Netflix experience will be happy.


A good all-around performance from a lesser-known brand; anyone looking for quality without a hefty price tag should be pleased.

5. Sharper Image OWN ZONE Wireless TV Headphones (BUDGET PICK)


  • »The silver color. Some people might like the retro 90’s vibe.
  • »Lightweight means you won’t be fatigued


  • »The silver color. Some people might not like the retro 90’s vibe! There is always the black version!
  • »Not the best sound you’ll ever experience. But they are a budget pair, so…

Buy Sharper Image OWN ZONE Wireless TV Headphones on Amazon

Sharper Image OWN ZONE headphones come in a black/silver color combo that promises to make the user look as sharp as the sounds they’re listening to.

Transmission Range

A substantial range of 100 feet means you’ll never be bothered by distance with the OWN ZONEs.

Battery Life

Sharper Image touts the OWN ZONEs as packing 10 hours listening on a full battery charge. This set requires three AAA batteries.

Noise Isolation

Nothing active here but the cupped ear pads offer a fine barrier to the noise outside.


As already stated, the ear pads offer a snug on-ear fit that lets you listen for hours. A lightweight design means they don’t tax your head or neck.

Sound Quality

Bluetooth quality is good, with punchy mids. The OWN ZONEs use a 2.4 GHz channel but can be connected via AUX, RCA and Optical cable should you require it.


A fine choice for a budget pair of headphones. The grey color may not be for everyone and the 10-hour battery charge doesn’t come close to the higher-budget models. And while they sound good for a budget pair of headphones, they are just that. Therefore, you can’t expect the level of sound quality from higher-end products. However, the OWN ZONEs work straight out the box and can be connected to other headphones for shared viewing and listening.

6. Artiste Wireless TV Over Ear Headphones


  • »Modern, slick look makes them an attractive pair of headphones.
  • »The style continues to the charging station.


  • »Bass can be a bit cumbersome.
  • »Design is a bit chunky so may not be suited for smaller people.

Buy Artiste Wireless TV Headphones on Amazon

Artiste enters the fray with an over-ear headphone set that comes with a stylish charging cradle.

Transmission Range

An ample 100 foot in range means you can listen wherever in the house – or outside – you may find yourself.

Battery Life

A superb 20 hours of use with one full battery charge leaves no room for complaint. Take them on holiday without the cradle!

Noise Isolation

No active noise isolation technologies but the headphone pads help cut down background noise.


The Artiste model’s over-ear design means comfort won’t be a source of irritation while watching movies or gaming.

Sound Quality

Surprisingly good. These are great for bass lovers as it can be heavy at times. But crisp highs and reasonable mids are sufficient for any movie.


A little chunkier than other wireless sets but a great all-around deal for those not wanting to break the $100 barrier.

7. 2018 Avantree HT4189 Wireless Headphones (🏆TOP PICK)


  • »They look fantastic! Those blacks and browns really go well together.
  • »40 hours battery life from a single charge


  • »No Dolby action!
  • »Could the 100-foot transmission range be improved upon?

Buy “2018 Avantree HT4189 Wireless Headphones” on Amazon

The Avantree HT4189s are, in the opinion of this humble reviewer, the best-looking headphones of the bunch. Comes with its own transmitter to link with your TV.

Transmission Range

With a range of 100 feet, these Bluetooth TV headphones exceed all reasonable requirements in range.

Battery Life

A somewhat ridiculous 40 hours from a single, full charge.

Noise Isolation

The cupped ear pads do wonders at reducing outside interference, though there is no active noise canceling component to this set.


The Avantree HT4189’s classic rounded design offers sweet comfort and lightweight, adjustable body for a variety of head sizes.

Sound Quality

Loud, rich and clear sounds make these headphones a good choice. One flaw is that Dolby doesn’t work for this set. Bummer.


The classic look of the Avantree HT4189s makes them a simple pick for audiophiles who also value style. With a strong sound performance, a solid transmission range and a battery life that borders on the ridiculous – all stuffed into a mid-range price – the Avantree HT4189s are our Top Pick for the best Bluetooth headphones in this list!

8. Noontec Hammo TV Wireless Headphones


  • »Foldability makes them easy to transport and keep safe.
  • » 50-hour charge will keep you set for days!


  • »30-foot transmission range is really poor considering the price.
  • »Sound profile is a little forgettable for an expensive pair of headphones.

Buy Noontec Hammo TV Wireless Headphones on Amazon

Despite the silly name, Noontec’s Hammo headphones break our battery life barrier with a stunning 50 hours of listening.

Transmission Range

The range of 30 feet should be ample for sitting on the couch but is restrictive for most other activities.

Battery Life

50 hours. The best of the bunch by a distance.

Noise Isolation

Nothing active but the cups do a good job of reducing outside noise for undesirable and interrupted listening.


Lightweight and well padded, they’re a comfortable set that feels well made. The fact that the Hammo is foldable also makes them transportable.

Sound Quality

The neutral sound profile offers a strong audio performance that suits all movie watching and gaming.


Equipped with a holding bracket that allows owners to show the headphones off, the Hammo is a solid headphone set. But whether it does enough to justify its price tag is another question. For $150, the 30-foot range is disappointing.

Who should buy?

Anyone Who Wants a Superb Sound Environment for Home Theater Viewing

Comfortable Bluetooth headphones offering exemplary audio quality are the best way to create a superb sound environment for home theater viewing.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones with great sound help block out background noise and build a personal boundary between your viewing at that of the outside world to generate an all engrossing, immersive viewing experience.

Why spend money on a great home theater if the sound lets you down?

Anyone Who Doesn’t Want to Disturb Other People

Bluetooth headphones are fantastic for those, like students, who share living quarters with other people. Or maybe you’re the member of the family that likes to stay up late to watch movies.

When you want to watch TV with full sound without waking or disturbing those you live with, then headphones are the only option.

Anyone Watching in Noisy Environments

Sometimes, a noisy environment restricts you from engaging fully into TV viewing. This can be a real cause of upset when the usual immersive experience is ruined. Perhaps you live in a shared dorm or construction work is going on outside – whatever it is, it’s a nuisance!

Wireless headphones for TV do a great job of blocking outside sounds and constructing the expressive, intimate sound environment needed to really enjoy your favorite film or sports match.

Anyone with hearing difficulties

People who are hearing impaired or have hearing difficulties are helped to watch the TV properly with Bluetooth headphones for TV viewing.

Rather have sound emitted by the TV compete with other background noises, headphones help deliver sound right into the viewer’s ears.


Sound quality can be the forgotten half of an immersive and pleasurable movie watching, series binging or video game playing experience. While a great image from a top-end TV very obviously improves a movie, sound quality is a little more subtle.

The Avantree HT4189 Wireless Headphones garnered the Top Pick prize as the best all-round Bluetooth headphones for TV. They offer great sound quality, look sublime and can be picked up at an excellent price.

Just missing out on the top stop are the Sony MDRRF995RKs. They’re a great pair of TV headphones that offer the quality in build and comprehensive sound fidelity one would expect from Sony. Their slightly higher price and lack of “wow” meant they were pipped to first place.

Meanwhile, the best budget pick goes to the Sharper Image OWN ZONE model. Though they might not be everyone’s first choice for style, they offer a great transmission range and battery life, all for under $60.

Made sure sound isn’t a secondary concern for you. The depth and added detail that a good pair of headphones brings really enhances viewing pleasure. And now, with modern technology, Bluetooth is really the only way to go. Not only do you have the freedom to move and freedom from cable irritations, these headphones can also be used with music.

Be prepared to be blown away once more!