10 Best Earbuds with Microphone That Are Great for Calls [2021]

Best Earbuds With Microphone

Check out the best earbuds with mic in the market today and learn how to choose what’s right for you.

NameForm FactorMic Noise ReductionMic PositionPrice
Jabra Elite Active 75t Editor's pickTrue WirelessJabra Noise Blackout™On EarbudsBUY
Anker SoundCore Life P2 Strong Runner-upTrue WirelessCVC 8.0On EarbudsBUY
ULIX Rider Best Budget #1WiredCVC 8.0InlineBUY
Mee Audio M6 Pro 2nd Generation Best Budget #2Wired-InlineBUY
Discover D714U Best for Conference CallsWiredDSPInlineBUY
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Best for SamsungTrue WirelessVPU Jawbone DetectionOn EarbudsBUY
Airpods Pro Best for AppleTrue WirelessApple H1 ChipOn EarbudsBUY
1More Quad Driver Best Sound QualityWired-InlineBUY
Turtle Beach Battle Buds Best for GamingWired-InlineBUY
EarFun Air Pro Best Noise CancellingTrue WirelessDSPOn EarbudsBUY

How to Pick the Best Earbuds With Mic

As earbuds are small and can fit snugly inside the ear, they are perfect for just about any situation. You can use them while working out, on your daily commute, or even on a lazy day at home. Plus, the best earbuds with mic allow for easier, hands-free communication.

However, not all earbuds’ microphone (mic) is of great quality and some can be downright crappy. This is mostly because the mic feature is mostly an afterthought for most manufacturers – a nice-to-have, instead of a necessity.

That’s why choosing the best earbuds with mic for you can be difficult, especially if you can’t test them yourself.

Don’t worry! We came up with a list of the different factors you should look into when choosing earbuds with mic. Read on to learn more.

How do earbud mics work?

How a mic works. (From: Quora)https://www.quora.com/How-can-one-control-sound-levels-effectively-while-playing-in-a-small-room-with-a-band
How a mic works. (From: Quora)

A microphone works by converting sound waves (acoustic energy) into audio signals. This conversion process may vary based on the type of microphone, but they all have one common feature — the diaphragm, a thin membrane that vibrates in reaction to external sound waves.

Without it, the microphone cannot fulfill its function as a transducer — converting energy from one form to another. The vibration from the diaphragm causes the other components to vibrate, which then convert into electrical currents that become the audio signal.

The loudspeaker through which that person hears your voice is also a transducer, converting the transmitted audio signal back into acoustic energy. This conversion happens rapidly so it just seems like you’re hearing each other’s voices, which in fact a series of ultra-fast conversions are taking place in real-time.

A microphone’s diaphragm picks up sounds and converts them into electrical currents, similar to how we use our diaphragm to sing.

Types of mics used in earbuds

There are two most popular technologies used for microphones on earbuds. These are:

  • Electret Condenser Microphones (ECM)
  • Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS).

Both operate by causing a shift in electrical properties through the deflection of the diaphragm, which acts as a capacitor plate. For ECM, the converted energy is then amplified to deliver an audio signal which is picked up by the host system. In the case of MEMS microphones, however, the variation is converted and encoded.

Difference Between ECM and MEMS

Despite the operational similarities, ECM and MEMS technologies are actually quite different. Here are a few major differences:

  • MEMS microphones are newer to the market and come in smaller package sizes, making them ideal for smaller devices. This enables true wireless earbuds to have internal mics.
  • MEMS also feature relatively lower output impedance, which makes them the ideal choice in electrically noisy environments.
  • The larger size of ECMs make it easier to facilitate design upgrades and source solutions for dust and moisture protection.

MEMS microphones have more advantages, which is why they are used across several products today, such as smartphones, headphones, tablets, hearing aids, and cars among others.

It’s easy to identify whether your earbuds have ECM or MEMS. For one, if you have compact true wireless earbuds, then chances are that the built-in mic utilizes MEMS technology. On the other hand, most wired earbuds that offer more flexibility in how you adjust the mic typically come with ECM mics.

Also, you can conduct a simple test in a noisy environment. Use your earbuds with mic to record audio either on your Smartphone or PC. Then, playback the audio and listen for voice clarity. MEMS mics offer better noise filtering technology that isolates your voice from the background noise. ECM mics may pick up a lot of background noise and static.

What makes a good earbuds mic?

There are few things as frustrating as having to repeat yourself because the other person on the phone can’t hear what you said. This typically lies on the earbud mics’ voice pickup quality, or their ability to pick up voice with appropriate volume and clarity. That’s why it’s important to understand the factors that define a good mic. These include:

  • Frequency range: This refers to the interval between the lower and upper-frequency limit of sound the mic receives and processes. The wider the frequency range, the more the sound matches the user’s actual voice.
  • Sensitivity: Simply put, mic sensitivity refers to how well the mic can pick up low-volume sounds. A mic with high sensitivity can pick up quiet or distant sounds. This makes it easier to whisper in environments where you need to keep your voice down or to make calls even in a crowded environment.
Sensitive mic can have downsides because it can pick up a lot of surrounding sound especially in a noisy environment. This is where the importance of a noise filtering mic comes in.

How can I test my earphone mic?

There are different ways to test the mic on your earphones. The simplest way is to connect it to your phone and make a call. If the other person on the end of the line can hear you clearly, then you’re all set. You can also test the mic on your computer or use this online mic test to confirm that your mic has been set up properly.

If you are a gamer or need to use your earbuds’ mic for conference calls, you could try using a mic monitoring feature. It allows you to hear how your voice sounds in real-time through your earbuds when you are speaking into the mic. You can enable it from your PC, Mac, or gaming consoles such as Xbox or PS4.

Noise filtering in earbud mics

A noise-filtering mic not only helps to filter out background noise, it also isolates your voice, allowing the receiver to hear you clearly without having to raise your voice.

Noise filtering at the chip level

Even at the chip level, the type of mic (ECM or MEMS) can help with noise filtering. As previously mentioned, the relatively lower output impedance of MEMS microphones allows for better noise filtering than ECMs.

Advanced mic noise reduction technology

Manufacturers employ different types of microphone noise canceling technologies, but the most common (and affordable) is Clear Voice-Capture (CVC) technology.

CVC is a noise suppression technology developed by Qualcomm that enhances the clarity of your voice when making calls by filtering background noise.

It also reduces acoustic echo so your conversation can be more natural sounding. This technology uses an algorithm that separates your speech from other background noises. It then creates a sound profile, which it uses to cut out other external sounds whenever you make calls. It can reduce background noise by up to 40 decibels.

Since CVC is a software solution, it can be used in any device (even ones that don’t originally have it) that uses a microphone and speaker, including Bluetooth headphones, smartphones, and laptops.

You could also opt for Krisp.ai, which is a real-time noise-canceling app that does the same job as CVC.

Yet, for a more effective noise cancellation when using your earbuds’ microphone, you could choose earbuds that come with more advanced noise reduction technologies such as Digital Signal Processing (DSP).

DSP is a microprocessor that can identify a noise waveform and generate an opposite sound wave to cancel out the noise. This helps to offer real-time cancellation of white noise and makes calls clearer.

Careful not to confuse noise-canceling in mics with Active Noise Canceling (ANC) in headphones. Some manufacturers tend to advertise one feature while referring to the other, which can mislead users. Be sure to read the product description and reviews to determine what specific feature the headphones really offer.

Earbud mic position

This varies with the design of the earbuds. The premise here is pretty straightforward — the closer the mic is to the mouth, the clearer the voice pickup would be and lesser ambient noise is received. Some earbuds have mics that are positioned inline on the cable, while others have mics on the earbuds themselves. 

While in-line mics offer more versatility when it comes to how close you can place them to your mouth, they are prone to grounding or absorbing ruffled sound whenever the cables are touched.

Read our detailed guide on how to adjust the mic position to make the mic sound better no matter what type of earbuds you have.

Comfort and fit

If you are looking for in-ear headphones with a mic, chances are that you’d want to wear them for long periods of time, so a comfortable and snug fit is crucial. If the earbuds sit poorly or uncomfortably, there is a high chance that they will fall off with any movement.

Also, if they are a poor fit, then you will need to constantly adjust the earbuds when you’re on calls. This can cause loud scratchy noises for the person at the other end of the call.

Earbuds with a great fit usually also provide a better seal, which allows the listener to hear and communicate clearly.

Consider the design and weight as well. For instance, if you’re using wired earbuds with mic during your workouts, then you’ll have to be wary about entangling the cable with your movements. In that case, a true wireless earbuds would be more suited for your use. In terms of the weight; ideally, the lighter the earbuds, the comfier they will be.

10 Best Earbuds With Microphone (2021)

Here are our picks for the best earbuds with microphones that are great for calls:

Jabra Elite Active 75t

Editor’s Pick
Close look at Jabra Elite Active 75t (From: Amazon)
Close look at Jabra Elite Active 75t (From: Amazon)

Key features

  • Enhanced 4-mic setup with MEMS technology
  • Ergonomic shape and smaller form factor
  • 4th generation true wireless connection
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Up to 24 hours of battery time with ANC on
  • IP57 waterproof rating
  • 2-year warranty

Other earbuds often focus on enhancing the audio quality and forget about the other important factor – call quality. But the Jabra Elite Active 75t prove you can have the best of both worlds. With Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), a better battery, and an upgraded design, these earbuds are an upgrade from the older Jabra Elite Active 65t.

The newest model, Jabra Elite 85t, is also available. However, even though these are much pricier, they have almost the same features as 75t. The main difference is that the 85t earbuds come with a 6-mic setup while the 75t have a 4-mic setup.

The Jabra Elite Active 75t exceed expectations with their 4-mic setup enabling clear conversations no matter where you are. Two of the four microphones are dedicated to block ambient noise, while the rest are focused on amplifying your voice. So even when you’re outdoors, there’ll be little to no wind distortion.

Paired with Bluetooth 5.0, the Jabra Elite Active 75t promise a stable connection with no calls being dropped mid-convo unlike other true wireless earbuds

For better idea of how well Jabra Elite Active 75t’s mics perform, here are two sample recordings:

The Jabra Elite Active 75t also boast of being engineered to ensure a cozy fit. Their smaller, more compact, and lighter design than 65t and ergonomic shape fits most ear types. So being able to comfortably put them in place won’t be an issue.

On top of that, Jabra developed MySound. This innovative feature customizes the sound quality to your specific hearing profile. You just need to take a short hearing test, and you’re good to go!

Jabra’s very own Jabra Sound + app also makes your experience with the Jabra Elite Active 75t even better by allowing you to change the sound EQ and touch functions.

While the Jabra Elite Active 75t offer top-of-the-line features, these only support AAC and SBC codecs. So you won’t get to experience the higher-quality codecs like aptX, aptX-LL, and aptX-HD. Additionally, while these earbuds can connect to multiple devices simultaneously, switching between them can sometimes take longer than expected.


Anker SoundCore Life P2

Strong Runner-Up
Close look at Anker SoundCore Life P2 (From: Amazon)
Close look at Anker SoundCore Life P2 (From: Amazon)

Key features

  • 4 microphones and cVc 8.0 technology
  • Graphene drivers for a wider soundstage
  • BassUp technology
  • 40-hour playtime
  • Fast charge (10 minutes of charge for 1 hour of playback)
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Fast automated pairing with PUSH AND GO technology

For great value-for-money, the Anker SoundCore Life P2 is a clear winner. The great sound clarity, cVc 8.0 technology, quick charge feature, and durability, put this pair of earbuds with mic as one of the top contenders on this list.

With 2 microphones per earbud, the Anker SoundCore Life P2 ensure that you are heard clearly during a call. These microphones are also strategically placed at the bottom tip of the earbuds. This makes them closer to the user’s mouth for better voice pick-up.

These earbuds are also powered by Graphene Drivers resulting in clear and accurate sounds and a noticeably wider soundstage. Plus, the BassUp Technology of the Anker SoundCore Life P2 increases the bass by up to 43 percent. For calls, this tech also boosts vocal frequencies so you can better hear the person on the other end.

While these earbuds may not be the most premium-looking with their all-plastic build, they are extremely durable. With an IPX7 waterproof rating, you won’t have to worry when you’re suddenly caught in the rain. The Anker SoundCore Life P2 can even be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes!

The charging case also has an IPX3 water resistance rating.

Moreover, you can also enjoy these for around 7 hours of straight playback. While it’s not the best on the list, it extends for up to 40 hours with the charging case.

Despite looking a bit bulky, the Anker SoundCore Life P2 is actually very lightweight. However, we can’t really praise them for their comfortability because of the physical buttons. These buttons tend to press against the users’ outer ears, causing pain and irritation. They also require a bit more force to press, which could be unfavorable to some.


ULIX Rider

Best Budget #1
Close look at ULIX Rider (From: Amazon)
Close look at ULIX Rider (From: Amazon)

Key features

  • Wired-in-ear design
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • Dynamic sound drivers
  • Built-in MEMS microphone
  • 3.5mm audio plug

The ULIX Rider wired headphones are great for anyone who is looking to make clear hands-free calls without breaking their bank. Despite being budget-priced, they still come with a few convenient features that are typical with high-end earbuds.

For one, they include an in-line MEMS microphone that helps with noise reduction for crystal clear conversations. The mic is intentionally fitted several inches away from the earbuds to maintain a decent distance from your mouth so it doesn’t pick up breathing sounds.

Besides making calls, you can use them as your everyday earbuds for playing music. They are fitted with dynamic sound drivers that are optimized for deep bass. You can also connect them to any PC, iOS, or Samsung device with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

To help curb the problem with most wired earbuds, the cables are reinforced with TPE thermoplastic rubber so they don’t tangle up when you place them in your backpack or pockets.

What’s more, the manufacturer includes a convenient carrying pouch and additional rubber ear tips of different sizes for a comfortable fit.

However, perhaps because of the low cost, these earbuds are not exactly something that can last through much wear and tear. Accidentally pulling and tugging on the cord can add static noise to the audio. Fortunately, these come with a 3-year warranty so you can ask to replace the product if this happens within that time frame.


Mee Audio M6 Pro 2nd Generation

Best Budget #2
Close look at Mee Audio M6 Pro 2nd Generation (From: Amazon)
Close look at Mee Audio M6 Pro 2nd Generation (From: Amazon)

Key features

  • M6 PRO customizer to design your own M6 Pro earbuds
  • Improved sound with ultrathin 5µm driver diaphragm and aluminum voice coil
  • Built-in ECM microphone
  • Noise-isolating design
  • Sweat-resistant build with detachable, replaceable cables
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz

Just like the ULIX Rider, the Mee Audio M6 Pro 2nd Gen are another set of affordable earbuds that are also worth looking at. Aside from their in-ear monitor (IEM) design, the around-the-ear memory wire conforms to the shape of the user’s ear for a secure fit.

On top of that, the earbuds are fitted with Comply T-Series memory foam tips for sound isolation so you don’t have to turn up the volume when making calls. The ECM mic is also built into the headset cable so it’s always at a reasonable distance from your mouth for clearer calls.

To get a better idea of this, here are our mic recordings for the Mee Audio M6 Pro 2:

Moreover, the headset cable of the Mee Audio M6 Pro 2nd Gen is detachable from the earpieces, so you can easily replace them should any trouble arise. This also means you can easily switch to a single-ear monitoring mode, by simply detaching the stock stereo cable and attaching the earpieces with a stereo-to-mono cable.

While the Mee Audio M6 Pro 2nd Gen already has a sturdy body to withstand daily use, Mee Audio takes the customer experience further by offering lifetime replacements.

If your Mee Audio M6 Pro 2nd Gen gets damaged or lost, you can simply contact Mee Audio and they’ll send you a new pair at half the price. Visit MEEaudio.com/LRP to learn more.

While the M6 Pro 2nd Generation showcased sound upgrades for smoother, more natural treble, the sound signature could definitely do with some more bass to deliver a more balanced sound. Still, at its budget price, the Mee Audio M6 Pro 2nd Generation delivers great value.


Discover D714U

Best for Conference Calls
Close look at Discover D714U (From: Amazon)
Close look at Discover D714U (From: Amazon)

Key features

  • Wired earbuds
  • Detachable and flexible boom mic
  • Noise reduction in mic
  • 3.5mm audio plug
  • In-line call control
  • Shark-fin tips

The Discover D714U Wired Earbuds are designed to reduce the loss in sound transfer when making conference or personal calls. They come with a detachable noise-canceling mic that isolates your voice from the background noise.

The mic is also flexible so you can curve it further away from your mouth so it doesn’t pick your breathing sounds or bring it closer if you are in a noisy environment. Plus, the earbuds are integrated with a soft rubber shark fin tip that offers a secure fit for all-day wear.

Since earbuds are inserted in the ear canal, it’s not advisable to have them on all day as they can be bad for your ears. Observe the 60/60 rule where you maintain the maximum volume at 60% and only play audio for 60-minute intervals

The cable is integrated with an in-line call control that lets you easily mute/unmute calls or adjust the volume. It’s also certified to work with apps like Zoom, MS Teams, RingCentral, or Avaya.

When the mic is detached, you can use the earbuds just like any other headphones and connect them to smartphones, laptops, or PCs that come with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

While the addition of the detachable mic is a great idea, it obviously made an impact on the price, making these one of the most expensive models on this list. The mic also makes the earbuds a bit heavier so it may introduce some fatigue after a few hours of wear.


Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Best for Samsung
Close look at Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro (From: Amazon)
Close look at Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro (From: Amazon)

Key Features

  • True wireless earbuds
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Touch sensors
  • IPX7 water resistance
  • 22-hour battery life

Available in four color options, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are designed to offer better hands-free communication for Samsung users. This is because they are designed with intelligent ANC technology that cuts out ambient sounds by up to 20 dB.

This ambient mode can also be adjusted by up to four settings. The low setting lets in a little background noise so you can concentrate on your environment while the highest setting cuts out more ambient noise and lets you concentrate on your call.

The Airpods Pro’s transparency mode works just the same way but is more seamless at cutting out background noise.

The earbuds are further integrated with noise-canceling microphones that isolate your voice from other background noises. This ensures that your voice comes out crystal clear on the other end of the line.

Best of all, these earbuds also offer an immersive audio experience. Each earbud is fitted with a built-in 11-mm woofer for deep bass and a 6.5mm tweeter for enhanced highs.

Additionally, the Touch sensors on the earbuds let you access different functions such as: reducing the background noise with just a single tap, or pause, play, or skip songs by simply tapping the earbuds.

As for the design, these earbuds are IPX7-rated for water resistance and can survive being submerged in 3-feet of water for half an hour. This means that you don’t have to worry about rain or sweat ruining your earbuds.

While the earbuds may come in an attractive design, these are not recommended if you have small ears. That’s because they won’t be comfortable or you’l find it hard to find a good fit, even with the 3-differently sized ear tips in the package. Their glossy and smooth design also sometimes make them easily slip out of the users’ ears.


Airpods Pro

Best for Apple
Close look at Airpods Pro (From: Amazon)
Close look at Airpods Pro (From: Amazon)

Key features

  • 2 microphones in each earbud
  • Active noise cancellation for immersive sound
  • Quick access to voice assistant (Siri)
  • Adaptive EQ
  • Sweat and water resistance
  • Transparency mode for hearing and connecting with the world around you

The previous AirPods were a smashing success with their true wireless form factor and seamless connectivity, but the AirPods Pro take the entire experience up a notch. For one, the AirPods Pro come with a vent system designed to equalize pressure and minimize discomfort.

Coupled with the IPX4 water and sweat resistance rating, the AirPods Pro are stylish companions for a light workout. Additionally, the adaptive EQ feature is designed to automatically tune music to the shape of your ear and deliver balanced sound output whether you’re listening to hip hop, R&B, classical, rock, pop, or podcasts.

Each earbud has two microphones — the one outside detects incoming noise and cancels it out with the anti-noise feature, while the one inside also filters outside noise and analyses how your music is responding to your ear geometry and adjusts it accordingly.

Plus, the shorter, curvy stems of the earbuds aim the microphone a bit more squarely at the mouth for improved voice pick up and overall call quality.

AirPod Pros also come with a built-in Transparency mode that you can turn on even with Active Noise Cancellation. Essentially, this lets you enjoy your music while still tuning into the environment around you.

While you can connect them to your PC or Android devices, these earbuds are more iOS-focused. Some features such as single ear listening or automatic ear detection are lost when connected to non-iOS devices.


1More Quad Driver

Best Sound Quality
Close look at 1More Quad Driver (From: Amazon)
Close look at 1More Quad Driver (From: Amazon)

Key Features

  • In-line MEMS Microphone
  • Four drivers in each earbud for unsurpassed dynamic power and definition
  • Comfortable ergonomic design with noise isolation
  • Expertly tuned by Luca Bignardi, a Grammy award-winning sound engineer
  • Frequency Range: 20-40,000 Hz

The 1More Quad Driver make a compelling case to stick with wired earbuds in a world gradually being taken over by their wireless and true wireless counterparts.

Like the name suggests, the 1More Quad Driver feature four drivers, equivalent to four speakers,(1 carbon dynamic driver + 3 balanced armatures) in each earbud, designed to deliver unmatched dynamic power and definition.

1More claims the acoustic quality of the Quad Driver is so crisp and clear that you can hear musical elements you’ve never heard before, like a singer’s breath during a song or the delicate shimmer of a cymbal.

The 1More Quad Driver come with a MEMS microphone and a built-in chip that automatically identifies your device’s operating system so you can easily make calls, adjust the volume and skip between tracks. The microphone is also conveniently located near the mouth for easier voice pick up and clarity.

Here’s how their microphones sound like:

The build quality is also great with the Kevlar core cable, oxygen-free wires, and L-shaped plug. However, these upgrade made them a bit heavier than typical earbuds, so comfort can be an issue.


Turtle Beach Battle Buds

Best for Gaming
Close look at Turtle Beach Battle Buds (From: Amazon)
Close look at Turtle Beach Battle Buds (From: Amazon)

Key features

  • Wired earbuds
  • Detachable boom microphone
  • Built-in inline microphone
  • 10mm speakers
  • 20Hz – 20 kHz frequency response

Turtle Beach is an industry leader when it comes to gaming headsets and the Turtle Beach Battle Buds wired earbuds are a portable offering from this company.

These are only one of the rare wired gaming earbuds with a detachable, high-sensitivity boom mic.

Thanks to that, these earbuds make your voice come out as crystal clear as possible to the other gamers. The mic isolates your voice from ambient sounds. Better still, the earbuds include a built-in inline mic so you can still make calls when you are on the go.

The inline mic is is automatically activated once you detach the boom mic

An inline controller lets you adjust volume and mute the mic. It also includes an additional multifunction button that works as a master volume control or a call-answer button for select supported devices. The earbuds are compatible with the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and most PCs with a 3.5mm audio jack.

While the earbuds are fitted with 10mm speakers for enhanced audio, these earbuds are not built for music and don’t offer surround sound as with most high-end gaming headsets. So, they may not bring the best out of your favorite tunes.


EarFun Air Pro

Best Noise Canceling
Close look at EarFun Air Pro (From: Amazon)
Close look at EarFun Air Pro (From: Amazon)

Key Features

  • Hybrid active noise canceling
  • 6-mic setup with ENC technology
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Tap sensor technology
  • 32-hour playtime

From the outward appearance, EarFun Air Pro may seem just like any other true wireless earbuds, but the cherry on top is that they offer active noise canceling at an affordable price.

These earbuds can reduce ambient noise by up to 38dB so you can solely focus on the person talking at the other end of the line. On top of that, they come with a 6-mic setup that also features noise-canceling technology. The microphones can lock out 80% of background noise while making your voice up to 3 times clearer.

This combination is enough to cocoon you in your own world when making calls even when you are in public places.

Besides that, the earbuds are fitted with 10mm composite dynamic drivers that improve the frequency bandwidth by up to 25%. Such a wide frequency response helps to offer clear treble and improves the bass for an immersive sound with minimal distortion.

A built-in accelerometer sensor lets you easily answer calls or control music by simply taping the earbuds. In addition, an in-ear detection system automatically pauses the music when one earbud is removed and resumes playback when you put your earbuds back on.

When charged with any Type-C charger, it can give you 9 hours of playtime on a single charge and 7 hours of playtime on ANC mode. However, if you use the Type C charging cable provided by the manufacturer for rapid charging, it can extend the playtime by up to 32 hours.

The main downside of these earbuds is that the touch controls aren’t the most responsive, which can get frustrating for the user.


Notable Mentions

While these options didn’t make it to the top 10, we think these are still worth checking out, especially if you’re still unsure of the listed models above.

Jabra Elite Active 65t

Close look at Jabra Elite Active 65t (From: Amazon)
Close look at Jabra Elite Active 65t (From: Amazon)

Key features

  • Snug and secure fit
  • 4 MEMS mic
  • Wide frequency range in mic (100 Hz to 10 kHz)
  • Wind noise protection
  • Solid connectivity with integrated Bluetooth 5.0
  • Long battery life (up to 15 hours with charging case)
  • Voice command ability

The Jabra Elite Active 65t true wireless earbuds blaze the trail with its sleek design and array of features engineered for a truly wireless experience. With an IP56-rated design and a 2-year warranty against damage from sweat and dust, these are perfect for people with an active lifestyle.

Jabra Elite Active 65t’s Mic Test

Jabra Elite Active 65t are equipped with 4 MEMS mics, allowing for better voice pickup and active noise canceling during calls or voice commands. They also feature an acoustic open chamber design for wind noise protection.

The Jabra EarGels aim to increase comfort and provide the secure fitting and dependable in-ear stability needed for when you’re on the move. With three sets of EarGels available in different sizes, you get to choose the best fit for your listening comfort.

The Jabra Sound+ app also customizes the way your earbuds transmit and receive sound to suit your surroundings. Want to enhance your music experience? Use the app’s advanced equalizer to listen to your music the way you want to hear it. You can also modify your call settings from the app for a more superior calling experience.

Connect instantly to Siri®, Google Assistant™ or Alexa and get things done on the go. Whether you need to search a new location on the map, get a traffic update, or even have messages in your inbox read back to you, enjoy a seamless connection with your Jabra Elite Active 65t.

However, there is a learning curve to mastering the earbud controls since each earbud has a unique function. The right earbud controls the music, activates the voice assistant, and also acts as the power button. The left earbud controls the volume.


Hifiman TWS600

Close look at HIFIMAN TWS600 (From: Amazon)
Close look at HIFIMAN TWS600 (From: Amazon)

Key features

  • Topology Diaphragm Technology for more natural and detailed sound quality
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Voice command ability
  • Extra-long battery life
  • Long-range transmission distance for clear communication at 490 feet (150 meters)

HIFIMAN stakes its claim in the True Wireless market with the TWS600 HiFi Earbuds. Featuring its proprietary Topology Diaphragm driver, these earbuds come with a unique nano-coating to manipulate the sound signature and characteristics to achieve specific sound outputs.

HIFIMAN TWS600’s Mic Test

The mic quality of the HIFIMAN TWS600 delivers crisp clarity even over long distances. HIFIMAN even made a video showcasing its long-range Bluetooth connectivity and clear communication.

The HIFIMAN TWS600 supports most voice assistants, including Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Voice Assistant. It also features a single-channel option so you can use only one earbud for calls, listening to music and other related functions.

However, the bulkiness of its charging case means that it isn’t as portable as other earbuds on the list. Additionally, there is an apparent dearth in of sub-bass presence in the sound output. Lastly, this diaphragm requires a burn-in period for the earbuds, so it’s best to let them run for a couple of hours before evaluating its sound performance.


Taotronics SoundElite 72

Close look at Taotronics SoundElite 72 (From: Amazon)
Close look at Taotronics SoundElite 72 (From: Amazon)

Key features

  • Noise-canceling mic with cVc 8.0 technology
  • 3 EQ Settings (Normal, Bass & Treble)
  • Splash-proof earbuds with an IPX6 rating
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Secure fit with different sized hooks and tips

Taotronics specializes in reasonably priced electronics but the SOUNDELITE 72 wireless earbuds could stand up to higher-end earbuds with mic on this list. They feature a “better-than-CD” sound output thanks to the aptX HD codec technology, which is designed to deliver uncompromised sound performance and exceptional clarity.

Another endearing feature of the Taotronics SOUNDELITE 72 is the 3 EQ settings — normal, bass, and treble — which let you customize your in-ear sound experience. The sleek magnetic build design also lets you attach the earbuds together and comfortably hang them around your neck when not in use.

The Taotronics SOUNDELITE 72 wireless earbuds come with a built-in microphone and advanced cVc 8.0 noise cancellation technology so you can enjoy clear hands-free calls on the go. cVc technology is responsible for suppressing background noise and enhancing your voice clarity for the person on the other end of the line.

The microphone of the Taotronics SOUNDELITE 72 is located along the cable connecting both earbuds. This gives it an edge over some true wireless earbuds since it means the mic is closer to the mouth, which allows for clearer calls.

Do note that there are consumers who complain about the ear hooks of the SOUNDELITE 72 earbuds, which may feel like they are digging into the ear after prolonged use. However, Taotronics has provided 2 extra ear hooks of different sizes, so users can choose a pair that feel most comfortable.


Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Close look at Samsung Galaxy Buds Live (From: Amazon)
Close look at Samsung Galaxy Buds Live (From: Amazon)

Key features

  • Jawbone Detection for voice pick-up
  • Tuned by AKG
  • Six EQ Presets and Gaming Mode
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
  • Unique and comfortable design
  • Wireless charging
  • Direct voice access to Bixby
  • Direct Spotify Access

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live have a rather unique look. These “beans”, as dubbed by many users, are surprisingly comfy and secure when worn. More importantly, they bear Samsung’s best microphone system to date. So this pair definitely sits on the top of our list, compared to the previous Galaxy Buds and Buds Plus.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live’s Mic Test

The Galaxy Buds Live have the best microphone setup Samsung has to offer, yet. Each bud has three microphones. Two of which are beam-forming while the third one faces inwards.

But what makes this stand out more, is that the third mic uses bone conduction technology.

This means they translate your jawbone’s vibrations into audio signals. The technology results in clear voice transmissions minus the bothersome background noise.

The earbuds’ firmware can also be updated via the Galaxy Wearables app. This means the call quality may even improve more over time.

The Galaxy Buds Live are equipped with high-quality 12mm drivers by AKG, bass duct, and air vents. Together, they produce good sound clarity with punchy bass, and a wider, more natural soundstage.

And if you don’t find the out-of-the-box sound quality satisfying, you can also use different EQ presets on the Galaxy Wearables app. This lets you choose from the following sound modes:

  • Normal
  • Bass Boost
  • Soft
  • Dynamic
  • Clear
  • Treble Boost

You can also access the experimental Galaxy Labs on the app. This feature lets you switch to Gaming mode for zero sound delays, and Ambient Mode to relieve pressure while not using ANC.

Despite their unique design, these kidney bean-shaped earbuds actually provide a snug fit. They’re stable enough for you to withstand vigorous workouts and comfortable enough to be worn for hours.

For the best fit, make sure to follow this guide on how to wear Galaxy Buds Live properly.

These earbuds also allow all-day voice access to Samsung’s smart assistant, Bixby. This means you can book your schedule, make calls, or ask for anything Bixby can do, anytime without pressing any button.

Lastly, if you want easy access to your Spotify playlists, simply touch and hold the earbuds, and you can access all your playlists or favorite podcasts on Spotify.

While the Active Noise Cancellation is a good addition, they still can’t compare with earbuds with more advanced ANC. The ANC on Galaxy Buds Live can only reduce low frequencies and not higher ones. These also don’t have ear tips so they don’t seal the ears as much as others would. Therefore, there’s no passive noise isolation. Enabling the ANC will only decrease the noise but not completely mute them.


Powerbeats Pro

Close look at Powerbeats Pro (From: Amazon)
Close look at Powerbeats Pro (From: Amazon)

Key features

  • Dual beam-forming microphones for enhanced phone call performance
  • Balanced sound with noise isolation
  • Auto play/pause whenever you remove or put on the earbuds
  • Fast charging (5-minute charge can deliver 1hr+ playtime)
  • Reinforced design for sweat & water resistance

The Powerbeats Pro earbuds represent the next logical step for Apple’s series of true wireless premium workout earbuds. Featuring Apple’s proprietary H1 Chip, these earbuds are designed to deliver a faster and more stable wireless connection from a distance.

In addition to providing protection against sweat and water, the Powerbeats Pro comes with adjustable, secure-fit ear hooks to stay on even during vigorous workouts.

Powerbeats Pro’s Mic Test

Activate Siri on the go using your Powerbeats Pro with a simple “Hey Siri” voice command. For non-Apple devices, you’ll need to tap the button on the earbud to activate your voice assistant. The sensitivity of the microphone ensures a clear voice pick up and hassle-free activation.

The downward-facing microphones in the Powerbeats Pro are surprisingly good for a set of true wireless earbuds. This Reddit user even rated the mic quality over that of the Sony WF-1000XM3. Of course, while that’s only an opinion, it is still a testament to Powerbeats Pro mic quality.

However, one of the first things you’ll notice about the Powerbeats Pro is its chunky charging case, which weighs at around 4.58 ounces. You’d also expect workout earbuds from Apple to have higher protection against dust and water, but alas, they’re only IPX4 rated.



  1. I’m looking for ear buds with good quality mic for singing on my karaoke music app. I am currently having great sound but when I join in to sing my voice sounds extremely rough .which it ain’t. I bought them of net .cheap .as i said sound is good but mic is awful .please can you help .

  2. I’m a piano teacher that, like many others, had to switch suddenly to online lessons. I’ve been using my iPad for audio and mic, and it’s ok. But I’m looking for earbuds with mic to help improve the sound of the piano to the student and also to help save my voice. Any suggestions?

    1. I bought the Anker Soundcore P2s based on this article and the mic quality was SO disappointing. I had my husband try them, and he thought they were fine, until he realized that the wired earbuds I already had were amazing and had an outstanding mic. I say this not because I think you guys are wrong, but to add that Skullcandy’s Ink’d wired earbuds with inline mic are phenomenal, especially for those of us doing remote teaching. I would love for you all to do mic tests on all these!

  3. I could care less about listening to music on earbuds I’m looking for wireless earbuds that have a great mic So people can hear me clearly with no problems I don’t listen to music or anything else but calls

      1. the jabra 65t background is too noisy due. it picks up 100% of your background noises(from 4 mic) when you are in a call. nobody can my voice clearly

  4. “Don’t confuse the ANC for mic and the ANC technology in headphones such as Bose QC35 and Sony WH-1000XM3. Those are used to reduce noise so that they can enjoy their music in piece”

    You guys should change this. “Piece” is the spelling for a piece of something e.g. piece of pie or piece of cheese.

    You want ‘peace’ and in tranquility. Just a small mistake (and I really like grammar) so I thought I’d let you know so that you can change it.

    Thanks for the information. It was helpful.

  5. Thank You For publishing such a informative article.
    I am Game Lover, in that case i needed crystal clear sound system and good battery backup with wireless. i got some ideas from your article.

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      Need to have a great mic So people can hear me clearly with no problems.
      Wired and Wireless please . Mostly laptop doesnt have proper wireless reception , latency is high in laptop . what do you guys think about connecting wireless to laptop

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      Oneplus wireless Z .
      Both cant connect to laptop for webex/zoom . Receving end is having problem . Please suggest me / good wired and wireless earphones.

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    2. Hello LH, did you find any good earphones with great mic ? I’m still searching them, because of my job I need to call a lot of people all day.

  7. Hi, I’m looking for ear buds with exceptional quality for on-line singing. I have a powerful “broadway belting” voice, and all my recordings end up with much distortion as the mic can’t absorb the power of my voice.
    Would you have specific recommendations?
    Thank you!

  8. If you’re only a hobbyist for online singing then check out mics https://www.bluedesigns.com/products/yeti/#
    And I’d get a closed headset from Beyerdynamics or Sony around the $150-190 range.
    Otherwise if you’re a pro use only pro gear, and that would be higher in price.

    I have a dynamic voice too, as a singer and as a sound engineer I have specialized in dynamic voice recordings. If you need more help message me.

  9. Hello there very informative thanks, I currently have Apple AirPods 2019 and want to upgrade. I teach dance online with Zoom so I share my playlist through the computer to myself and clients. I hear the music through the headphones and speak at the same time through the mic. This is working ok but the mic volume is low and all settings on Zoom and computer are set to the best possible outcome. Im hoping an upgrade will boost my voice, even a little. After reading your article Im trying to decide the best possible option. Maybe the Jabra Elite Active 65t or the AirPods Pro. I use a Mac and iPhone but does not need to be Apple if the better result is the Jabra, apple does not pay my bills. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  13. I have had the Plantronics 5200 for phone only for 3 years and they are BY FAR the best for calls. I needed something for zoom calls though, stereo, and tried the Soundcore Liberty Air 2. OUCH! Horrible call quality for people hearing me. So what about the PLT Backbeat Pro 5100 vs the Jabra 65T?

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  16. I’m wondering of “mechanics” of how “headphone” is fed to the device when input to device is one jack – wouldn’t it be lovely to have a single plug into the headphone jack and then a split with one jack for the headphones and a jack for “line in” or mic. Many headsets have a built-in mic, but usually it is low quality for (good enough)voice and hopelessly bad music. The whole industry just doesn’t get “the microphone idea” – if you want to sing, they haven’t got a clue!

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    Its a constant battle trying to keep it aligned with the small opening that it is meant to have.

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