Can Toddlers Wear Headphones?

Little boy using headphones (from
Little boy using headphones (from

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A parent’s guide to headphones and their child’s ear health.

So you’ve noticed your toddler just loves listening to music and watching videos. Although you don’t mind your phone being in those tiny hands, what concerns you are the noises – especially when you have to concentrate on things like work. If you’ve heard of headphones as a win-win solution for you and your little one, but are not so sure about safety, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will clearly answer the following questions:

  • Can toddlers wear headphones or earbuds?
  • If so, what factors do parents need to keep in mind when choosing a pair?
  • Where can a parent find headphones for toddlers?

Let’s find out!

How Loud is Too Loud For Your Toddler?

Little boy using headphones (from
Little boy using headphones (From

Sounds are measured by the amount of sound energy and intensity in a confined space. This is known as the decibel (dB) scale. The scale begins at 0 dB, being near-total silence. The World Health Organization (WHO) has determined that the safe volume level is a maximum of 85 dB for eight hours a day.

Anything above 85 dB can be damaging to the ear.

High volume levels are dangerous – especially for young people. This is because they are still growing and their ears have not yet fully developed. In children, high volume levels can cause ear damage or, even worse, hearing loss over time.

So what’s the solution? Volume limiting headphones, which limit the decibels to safe levels, may just do the trick. But the question remains: are headphones safe for toddlers?

Are Headphones Safe For Toddlers?

Toddler watching something on IPAD wIth headphones (from
Toddler watching something on IPAD wIth headphones (From

Headphones don’t actually pose a danger for toddlers as long as the following factors are made a priority:

Volume limiting

Volume limiting headphones are a godsend for parents. The volume’s maximum is typically set at 85 dB. In short, with these headphones, you can be assured your child is listening to music that does not go beyond the safe volume levels.

Ear cup size

For babies and toddlers, avoid earbuds or any listening device that is inserted into the ear canal. This can damage their ear health. Instead, choose between on-ear or over-ear headphones. Whichever you choose, make sure the ear cups fit your child’s ears. You wouldn’t want the headphones to fall or slide everytime your toddler wears them.

Look for headphones with soft ear cups, perhaps made of plush leather, so that they provide your little ones with enough cushion and protection.


Your kid’s headphones should also have a headband that is adjustable so you can fit them on your toddler’s head comfortably. If the headband can be adjusted, the headphones can grow when your child does.


Wireless headphones are the ideal choice for little ones. Without a wire, toddlers, who love using their mouths and new teeth, will have nothing dangerous to chew on.

If you do choose wired headphones, make sure the wire is durable and made of safe material. A nylon-coated audio cable is tangle-resistant and can survive rough treatment.

Apart from these essential factors, there are additional points that need to be taken into consideration:


Although there are attractive styles of headphones available for both boys and girls, you should choose a style your kid wants.

Headphones for kids typically come in bright and loud colors. Some also are available in different themes – animal, princess, and pirate themes among others.

Although many headphones only need to be placed over the head, others are made with Velcro and can be wrapped around the head like a handkerchief.


When choosing those headphones for your child, make sure the price is within your budget. Keep in mind that your toddler has a lot of growing ahead of them; a pair of headphones, expensive or cheap, won’t fit forever.

Ultimately, though, no matter how safe the headphones are, parents are still advised to supervise their kids.

For instance, you should set a limit for your child’s listening time. Remember that 85 dB is only safe if the child listens for no more than eight hours. Another option is to have your child take breaks in between listening sessions.


A dad and his toddler using headphones (from
A dad and his toddler using headphones (From

It is safe for a toddler to wear headphones as long as their pair have the proper features that provide sufficient protection. But parents should not solely rely on the headphones’ characteristics. They must additionally supervise him or her while they use devices to ensure they are being used safely.

So now that you’re assured of your toddler’s safety, what are you waiting for? Do your research on the best kids’ headphones and then head to the store or shop online! We are confident that you find the right pair of headphones to suit you and your child’s needs.

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