iPhone 11 users still experiencing audio issues with Apple’s CarPlay

CarPlay is having trouble working with the latest iPhone (From: Apple)
CarPlay is having trouble working with the latest iPhone (From: Apple)

Apple can’t seem to fix this yet.

CarPlay is having trouble working with the latest iPhone (From: Apple)
CarPlay is having trouble working with the latest iPhone (From: Apple)

Even the latest and greatest smartphone of Apple isn’t immune to glitches this far into its lifespan. Users of the iPhone 11 and a few older models have been reporting issues relating to the audio connectivity with CarPlay, and it’s been going on for a few months now.

The problems arise specifically when connecting wirelessly to the car’s audio system. Multiple users have reported that their music skips or the connection drops completely. This isn’t limited to certain automotive models either; complaints from BMW, Honda, Subaru, and Nissan owners prove that this isn’t an isolated occurrence.

No Shortage of Problems Since September

The earliest signs of this issue began when iPhone users shared their frustrations on the official Apple forum last September. The thread has since grown to 15 pages with nothing but troubleshooting and figuring out the exact cause.

The thread was later spotted by 9to5Mac and more disgruntled users chimed in. While some users have already resolved the glitch with a recent firmware update on their iPhone, others are still enduring the inconvenience to this day.

”I have reported this to Apple through the feedback app at least daily since October 2019. Not only have I never gotten a response, emails to support have been ignored. Several times I’ve called and been told they have never heard of this issue, which I know is a lie,” said Apple forum user seanstaggs.
”They just need to come up with an update fix. They know this is a problem and not just for us Mini owners, some people are submitting logs to them. I’m traveling so couldn’t participate. This is extremely frustrating because it’s been going on for months without an update,” said user Terri612.
”I’m having two problems with my Kenwood Excelon DMX906S and my iPhone XS Max running iOS 13.3. About half the songs played on Pandora repeat the first roughly one second of the song or ad,” wrote user Clarkspack.

Fortunately, other users had a proper chat with Apple support and got to the bottom of the case. This one in particular worked with the Singapore branch and laid out a few clarifications:

”I have been having the same issue as well, and have been trying to isolate the issue with an Apple support case office. The Apple support case officer has been working with one of their engineering teams in Singapore to assist as well,” said user andyv90. “Apple have been really helpful in trying to isolate this so I thought I’d go through the issues that I reported, and what we’ve been trying to do to mitigate them.”

He goes on to explain that the firmware of some cars may also be causing the wireless disturbance, and that it’s not just the iPhones’ fault. But when trying to contact his car dealer for assistance, no resolution came out of it.

Temporary Fixes for Now

CarPlay when it's working properly (From: Apple)
CarPlay when it’s working properly (From: Apple)

Sadly, no official statement or fix has been issued by either Apple or the automotive manufacturers as of writing. While some users were able to resolve this issue with recent firmware updates, more cases seem to be popping up.

There’s no better way than the old-school method.

In the meantime, connecting an iPhone using a 3.5mm cable is the simplest solution if drivers and their passengers simply want to listen to music or podcasts while on the road. Until Apple or auto brands figure out the exact cause, there’s no better way than the old-school method.

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