These Noise-Cancelling DJ Headphones Can Silence A Noisy Club

Black and White NC-Q1 Headphones (from
Black and White NC-Q1 Headphones (from

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NC-Q1 may mark the start of a new era in headphone monitoring

DJs can look forward to yet another innovative addition to Korg’s products arsenal with the launch of the NC-Q1 the company says can silence a noisy club. The firm, also known for its headphones and musical instrument bundles, unveiled the active noise-canceling headphones ahead of this year’s National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), an annual event for music products, pro audio, and event tech industry.

DJs have a lot to anticipate from the new gear, with this long list of features all cramped into what Korg has said is one dream tool.

NC-Q1 Black Headphones (from
NC-Q1 Black Headphones (from

Active Noise-Cancelling

The device uses feed-forward and feedback technology that allows it to withstand high levels of sound in monitoring environments. According to Korg, the microphones inside and outside the ear cups automatically adjust to the sound environment while suppressing a wide range of frequencies.

Users can also expect the NC-Q1 to handle extreme noise better than most headphones with its attenuation function that removes distortions.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The NC-Q1 is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 which allows for good data transfer and better device power management. The headphones are also compatible with a variety of Bluetooth codecs (SBC, AAC, aptX, APTx-HD).

Foldable NC-Q1 Headphones (from
Foldable NC-Q1 Headphones (from

Smart Monitoring/Sound Enhancing Functions

With these functions, users can customize their hearing of external sounds. They can select an EQ preset, tweak the volume balance, and even pick the ear from which to monitor (whether right, left, or both).

They can monitor sounds without having to remove any part of the headphones that protect the ears. If they want to switch off the monitoring function, they can do so through the on-board controls on the device.

Multi-Function Switch

Users can activate play/pause/rewind/fast-forward/skip functions easily with just a click of a switch.

Automatic Play/Pause Feature

The automatic play/pause feature activates when the headphones are removed from the head and put back on. Once removed, the audio stream automatically pauses. Once they are put back on, the music restarts.

White NC-Q1 Headphones Lying Down (from
White NC-Q1 Headphones Lying Down (from

Hands-Free Call Function

Users can receive calls without having to physically touch their phones. Korg says a dedicated beamforming processing also allows for very clear voice signals.

Virtual Assistant Access

The NC-Q1 incorporates both Google Assistant and Siri, which Apple and Android users can take advantage of.

36-Hour Battery Life

The NC-Q1 takes pride in its 36-hour battery life, after charging fully for approximately 3.5 hours. This means users can enjoy their favorite music continuously for even more than one whole day!

Black and White NC-Q1 Headphones (from
Black and White NC-Q1 Headphones (from

Where To Buy

The NC-Q1 will go on sale in February for $350.

Apart from DJs, drummers and sound engineers should keep a look out for the wireless noise-cancelling headphones.

If Korg pulls it off, then the NC-Q1 ushers in a new era in headphone monitoring.

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