Sennheiser Finally Made Bluetooth Wireless Headphones That Are Affordable

Man Using HD 350BT Headphones (from
Man Using HD 350BT Headphones (from

Introducing the HD 350BT and HD 450BT

Sennheiser has done it. The audio giant has just unveiled the HD 350BT and noise-canceling HD 450BT, two Bluetooth wireless headphones that come, yes, you’ve read it right, in way more affordable prices. These over-ear cans were released in CES 2020.

They are the successor to the HD 4.40BT and HD 4.50BTNC and are a more affordable alternative to the Momentum Wireless, Sennheiser’s wireless over-ear headphones that come with a hefty price tag of approximately $400.

You’d be surprised at how much you can get for around half the price or more. Check out the HD 350BT and HD 450BT jampacked features:

Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity

Man Using HD 350BT Headphones (from
Man Using HD 350BT Headphones (from

Both the headphones take pride in this technology that allows for reduced power usage and longer battery life (more on this later). What’s cool about Bluetooth 5.0 is it also allows you to play audio on two connected devices at the same time. How about playing that favorite music on the two headphones at the same time? Or on two speakers at the same time?

AAC, AptX and AptX Low Latency Support

Both devices have AAC support, one of the most commonly supported Bluetooth codecs in the wireless headphone and speaker markets. With AptX and AptX low latency support, video and audio are expected to be so seamless together users can say goodbye to what looks like a poorly dubbed foreign movie!

USB-C Charging

The HD 350BT and HD 450BT can be charged with USB-C, the latest connector developed by industry leaders within the electronics community such as Apple, Intel and Dell. This makes them compatible with most of the USB cables consumers already have.

Up to 30 Hours of Battery Life

Man Listening to Music With HD 350BT (
Man Listening to Music With HD 350BT (

Battery life in the HD 350BT and HD 450BT is way extended than battery life in their predecessors, the HD 4.40BT and HD 4.50BTNC. From seven hours, users can use the headphones for a whopping straight 30 hours!

Instant Voice Assistant Access

The headphones also allow for instant access to a voice assistant of choice thanks to a dedicated button.

Smart Control App

HD 350BT Smart Control App (from
HD 350BT Smart Control App (from

A Smart control app will also allow the user to tweak the sound a user listens to to his liking. It also comes with a podcast mode to improve the intelligibility of podcasts, audio books and other speech content.

But wait, there’s more.

The HD 450BT comes with two additional features.

Noise-cancelling Feature

Woman Using HD 450BT Headphones (from
Woman Using HD 450BT Headphones (from

Users can expect reduced unwanted ambience noise in these top-of-the-line headphones with this feature.

Option to Be Used in Wired Mode

If a user wants a more direct connection and avoid disturbances to the Bluetooth connection in a public place where there are many wireless headphones, he will also be able to easily switch to the wired mode.

White and Black HD 350BT (from
White and Black HD 350BT (from

Note that both the HD 350BT and HD 450BT, which are foldable, come in white and black colors.

So a user won’t just be stuck with one color when he purchases his own.

Where to Buy

Audiophiles who wish to purchase any of the HD 350 BT and HD 450 BT will have to wait as the headphones are still unavailable. The good news is, they can pre-order at the Sennheiser website. Shipping is free.

The HD 450BT will be available mid-February, and will retail for just $199.95 plus applicable sales tax.

The HD 350BT, on the other hand, will be available mid-January, at a lower price of $119.95, plus applicable sales tax.

We all can’t wait.


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