This Smartphone With THX Spatial Audio Lets You Hear 3D Sound With Any Headphones

Two ZMBIZI Smartphones (from
Two ZMBIZI Smartphones (from

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Check out the ZMBIZI smartphone for your ultimate listening, watching and gaming experience

ZMBZI has partnered with audio industry luminary THX to unveil the very first smartphone that supports spatial audio, regardless of what headphones are being used. The unveiling came only about a year and a half after THX introduced to the world the Razer’s Kraken Tournament Edition headset, the very first product that features the audio firm’s new spatial audio format that promises a 360-degree sound.

The ZMBZI smartphone is basically your standard phone packed with the following features:

THX Spatial Audio

Two ZMBIZI Smartphones (from
Two ZMBIZI Smartphones (from

The phone makers say spatial audio immersion is taken to a whole new level with the THX Personal HRTF, which uses a cloud-based deep learning system that generates a personal Head Related Transfer Function based on a simple ear photo. The result is a 360-degree sound with incredible realism within any headphones.

Android 9.0

With Android 9.0, the smartphone is powered by artificial intelligence that carries additional features. These include App Actions, which automatically suggests actions based on the user’s habits, and a more powerful lock screen on Pixel phones. The Android Dashboard also helps the user track the amount of time he or she spends on the phone.

Media Tek Helio P70 Octa-Core Processor

With this hardware that builds on the P60’s global success, users can expect longer battery life. The faster clock speeds also produce up to 13 percent more performance. There is also support for 20:0 displays at Full HD+ resolution to allow for a beautiful smartphone design.

ZMBIZI Smartphone With Woman On Screen (from
ZMBIZI Smartphone With Woman On Screen (from

4G LTE Dual Sim

4G LTE allows for faster Internet, with speeds of up to 86 Mbps for download speeds and 28 Mbps for upload speeds. It also allows for faster network reaction times due to lower latency and better quality coverage.

The dual sim feature, on the other hand, enables the user to incorporate two sim cards in the phone. The ZMBZI smartphone can be a work and personal phone in one!

4GB Ram

This is good for multi-tasking using the smartphone, so you can have multiple Chrome tabs, music playing, and downloads in the background at the same time. Apps you open in the noon may be accessible even at night, without any lag.

128 GB Storage/free cloud storage

The smartphone’s in-built storage is more than enough for the user to download movies and songs, even with the operating system taking up about 5 GB to 10 GB. The phone also comes with free cloud storage for more secure user’s files.

Rear Fingerprint Sensor

The user can be assured of phone safety with this feature that recognizes his or her fingerprint to unlock the device.

NFC For Contactless Payments

With this feature, you can tap any card on the phone to accept payments on the go. The phone becomes your payment acceptance terminal.

By and large, the ZMBIZI smartphone is pretty much your basic standard phone.

When to Buy

The ZMBIZI smartphone is currently not available in the market, but pre-orders can be done through the ZMBIZI website. The phone costs $389 but if you pre-order, you can pay $25 and then pay the rest later in one lump-sum or in monthly installments.

Shipping, which will take place at the end of February, is free to anywhere in USA.

Although a basic phone, gamers, and avid music and movie fans can do well to purchase it for that ultimate experience.

That spatial audio technology that is incorporated for the first time in one smartphone is nothing short of revolutionary, after all.

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