(Last Updated On: February 1, 2020)

Fink already has plans for Epos products moving forward.

The Borg is one of FinkTeam's flagship products (From: FinkTeam)
The Borg is one of FinkTeam’s flagship products (From: FinkTeam)

Epos is going through another transition in terms of ownership. FinkTeam’s Karl-Heinz Fink has formally announced that he acquired the British audio brand, and he’s ready to launch new speakers under its umbrella.

This is the biggest change since Epos was acquired by Michael Creek of Creek Audio in 1999. Fink finalized the deal, effectively giving him ownership of the brand and its intellectual properties. Former Epos Sales Director David Jefferys will still be a part of the team.

New Ownership, Fresh Possibilities

Fink and his team already have a clear goal, and they want to respect the legacy of Epos founder Robin Marshall. With that in mind, unconventional ideas are definitely in the pipeline:

“I’m happy to continue a well-established British brand that started its life with some great products, showing the unusual ideas of the founder, Robin Marshall. When he started Epos, it was not just a brand like many others, but unique in many ways. Be prepared to see more unconventional ideas in our new Epos loudspeakers,” Fink said.

Both Creek and Jefferys also have high hopes for the future of the Epos brand, saying that they believe in Fink’s ability to continue the company’s traditions.

”I am very happy to have placed the Epos brand with a company that I know will honor its traditions,” said Creek.
”Epos was an important part of my experience in the hi-fi industry; excellent loudspeakers that were acknowledged as being very special. I am very pleased to be able to be involved in revitalising the brand with Karl-Heinz,” said Jefferys.
Karl-Heinz Fink plans on continuing the traditions of Epos while injecting his own signature touches (From: FinkTeam)
Karl-Heinz Fink plans on continuing the traditions of Epos while injecting his own signature touches (From: FinkTeam)

Coming from a Storied Background

FinkTeam considers itself “backroom boys,” which means they favor confidentiality when working with clients for audio products. The team only takes credit when the clients decide to mention them.

The WM-4 is FinkTeam’s top product; they call it the “best loudspeaker we currently know how to make.” It was followed by the Borg, which is smaller in size but packs the same high-quality punch the company is known for.

There are currently no specific details on what products to expect from the revitalized Epos. Judging from what FinkTeam currently offers though, we’re sure to see lots of heart and dedication in their upcoming loudspeakers.

For current Epos owners, Creek Audio will still handle the aftersales support of all models prior to this acquisition.