How to Find Your AirPods Case: A Step-by-Step Guide

Locating lost AirPod Case
Locating lost AirPod Case

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Is your AirPods case missing? Here’s how to find it without breaking a sweat.

The portable AirPods case protects your earbuds and ensures they’re always charged and ready for use.

However, its small size makes it easy to misplace, causing users frustration over the cost and hassle of replacement.

This article comes to the rescue with practical steps specifically designed to help you track down your lost AirPods case. Let’s dive in!

Using ‘Play Sound’ & ‘Find Nearby’ Features

The Find My app’s Play Sound and Find Nearby features can locate your AirPods case under certain conditions.

Most AirPods require an open case with at least one AirPod inside to access these features, as their case lacks Bluetooth or a speaker. However, AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) users can trigger a sound from the case itself, even without the AirPods.

Here’s how to find your AirPods case using these features:

Steps on how to use ‘Play Sound’ & ‘Find Nearby’ Features.
Steps on how to use ‘Play Sound’ & ‘Find Nearby’ Features.
  1. Launch the Find My app and tap Devices.
  2. Select your AirPods.
    For AirPods Pro 2, you’ll see these options: Case, Left Bud, or Right Bud. Choose Case.
  3. Click Play Sound to make your AirPods emit a tune that will help you locate the case. You can stop the sound after it’s found.
  4. Select the Find Nearby option if you can hear the sound but still can’t find your AirPods case.
    Your proximity to your AirPods case will appear onscreen, so follow the instructions to locate it. The AirPods Pro 2 display an arrow and distance reading, while other models only indicate if you’re getting closer or farther.

If only one of your AirPods is in the open case, you can mute the other while locating the missing earbud and case. Turn off Play Sound on one side of your AirPods and select Left or Right while the tune plays.

Using the Directions

If your AirPods case is out of Bluetooth range, you can use the Directions feature. However, this feature’s functionality depends on whether your case is open or closed.

Here’s how to locate your missing AirPods case:

Steps on how to use the ‘Directions’ Feature.
Steps on how to use the ‘Directions’ Feature.
  1. Open the Find My app and click Devices.
  2. Select your AirPods. A map will show the location of your AirPods where you last opened the case.
  3. If your AirPods case is open, it’ll appear on the map with full functionality. If closed, they’ll go offline, so you’ll only see their last known location and won’t be able to track them using Play Sound and Find Nearby.
  4. Click on the Directions icon to find the quickest route to this location.
Again, this method only works if an AirPod is inside the lost case. The AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) case doesn’t have this limitation due to its U1 chip, though.

Using ‘Lost Mode’

Apple’s Lost Mode lets you send a custom message with your contact details to anyone who connects to your lost AirPods while alerting you of their location. This feature is handy if you’ve lost your case in a crowded place since AirPods can’t be blocked. But, it only activates if at least one AirPod is inside.

Here’s how to turn on Lost Mode on your iPhone:

How to use Find My app's Lost Mode.
How to use Find My app’s Lost Mode.
  1. Open up Find My app, and tap Devices.
  2. Select your AirPods that are in the missing AirPods case.
  3. Under ‘Mark As Lost,’ tap Activate > Continue.
  4. (Optional) Add a phone number and email for the AirPods case’s finder to contact you.
  5. Tap Activate.

How to Find an AirPod Case Without AirPods in It

If you’re using the AirPods Pro 2, you can use the Find My app’s Play Sound, Find Nearby, and Directions features to track your missing AirPods case even without the AirPods inside. Otherwise, you’ll need to search for your AirPods case manually.

When I can’t find my case, I methodically retrace my steps to narrow down the possible places I may have left it. Panicking makes it harder to remember where I might have left it, so staying calm is essential.

How to Replace Your Lost or Stolen AirPods Case

If your AirPods case is beyond finding, you can get an official replacement case from Apple.

All AirPods models include a one-year Apple Limited Warranty covering manufacturing defects. However, it doesn’t cover lost AirPods or accessories, requiring you to buy replacements. Depending on the model, replacement costs range from US$59 to $99.

Check out our in-depth guide to learn more about replacing lost AirPods.

Once you’ve received your replacement case, follow these steps to set them up with your old AirPods and iOS device:

  1. Go to Settings > Bluetooth.
  2. Tap the Information icon (i) beside your AirPods’ name and select Forget This Device.
  3. Place your AirPods inside the case, close the lid, and charge it for 20 minutes.
  4. Open the lid and ensure that the indicator light is blinking in an amber color.
  5. Close the lid. Then, hold the setup button at the back of the charging case until the status light flashes white.

    Press and hold the setup button on AirPods' case
    Press and hold the setup button on AirPods’ case
  6. Try connecting your AirPods to your iOS device to see if it works.


How can I avoid losing my AirPods case?

Use anti-loss straps or clips for easy bag attachment. Alternatively, choose cases with Apple AirTag or Tile tracker holders, which have precise location-tracking capabilities.

Personally, I keep track of my AirPods by using a distinctive case and storing it in one place at home or the office.

Is it okay to get third-party AirPods cases?

Third-party replacements are okay as a last resort. However, these third-party cases may not work well with genuine Apple AirPods, potentially causing charging issues due to voltage differences. The Apple H1 chip might also recognize non-Apple-certified accessories, leading to unstable connections or pairing errors.

How to find missing AirPods?

As discussed in this article, you can track your missing AirPods with Find My’s Play Sound, Directions, and Lost Mode features. For more detailed guidance, see our separate guide on finding missing AirPods.

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  1. In all honesty, this FindMy app hasn’t proved useful to me. It was totally useless on 2 occasions when I tried to locate MacBook Pro’s that were stolen from me; one at gunpoint and the other minutes after my car was broken into.
    I tried it again when I was looking for my AirPods with the case about a minute ago, although I was convinced that they were somewhere around the house. The FindMy app couldn’t pick up their location, which was inside the pocket of one of my jackets that I wore briefly yesterday.
    It hasn’t helped me altogether.

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