AirPod Speaker Hack: Does It Really Work?

Trying out Tiktok's AirPods Speaker Hack
Trying out Tiktok’s AirPods Speaker Hack

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We find out the truth behind the viral hack that claims to turn any pair of AirPods into a portable speaker.

If you’re a regular on TikTok, you may have already stumbled upon the viral AirPod speaker hack which has amassed almost 5 million views in just over four months of its release. This sparked several other videos claiming to do the same.

In fact, TikTok and SnapChat star Cam Casey quite famously tried this hack in one of his recent videos, causing equal parts curiosity and skepticism among his followers.

If you’re one of those who are questioning whether this actually works, worry no more! To save you some trouble, we’ve tested out the technique ourselves so you don’t have to. Plus, added a few tips and tricks you need to know about turning your AirPods into speakers.

Let’s dive in!

How to Do the Viral AirPod Speaker Hack

Several videos have gone viral claiming to offer instructions on how you can turn your AirPods into a speaker using only the case they come in. As simple as this hack sounds, the different methods shown in these videos can contradict one another.

Among the methods that we tested, we found that the one demonstrated by Tiktok user shanrizwan, is the most convenient and perhaps the most effective.

We also tried the AirPod speaker hack of Tiktok user teckhackguy, also known as the “AirPod tripod hack”. Unfortunately, after countless tries and frustrations, we can’t even make our AirPods (both AirPods Gen 2 and AirPods Pro) stand the way theirs did. So we’ll save you the trouble!

It’s easy enough to try out yourself at home, so if you want to experience this method’s full benefits, we encourage you to follow along!

  1. Remove your AirPods from their case.

    Removing AirPods from case
    Removing AirPods from case
  2. Insert each of your AirPods to the opposite slot: Left Airpod goes into right slot, then the Right Airpod goes to the left slot.

    Placing AirPods in case the opposite way
    Placing AirPods in case the opposite way
  3. Plug your AirPod lightning charger, turn the volume to max, and press play.

    Plugging the AirPods case
    Plugging the AirPods case

So, Does the AirPod Speaker Hack Work?

Yes, the AirPod speaker hack technically does work, but not as well as some influencers claim.

While you can make your AirPods play music out loud with this quick trick, the audio will be muffled and tinny, unlike the quality of sound displayed in these viral videos.

Some influencers might actually be playing the sound from the speakers on their phones for exaggerated effect. You’d be better off just using the speakers built into your phone!

How to Turn AirPods Into Actual Speakers

While the method described above might not work as well as some influencers claim, there are two different methods you can use to turn your AirPods into speakers.

However, you will need to invest a little more time and resources in the speaker with this trick than with the one mentioned previously. The latter is even only recommended to be tried on an old pair of AirPods that you’re willing to risk breaking/discarding.

How to turn AirPods into speakers temporarily

Here’s the easy and less invasive method to temporarily turn AirPods into speakers. In fact, this can also work with any pair of earbuds.

This method works by increasing the surface area of the speakers inside the AirPods with the base of the paper cup. This simulates a larger speaker diaphragm, which means that the taut paper of the cup will vibrate with the sound waves coming out of your AirPods.

This larger diaphragm will be able to move more air as it vibrates, making the sound louder.

For this, you will need:

  • Scotch tape
  • Two styro cups
  • Paper clips
  • Your AirPods

To turn your AirPods into a speaker, you should:

  1. Put one AirPod into each cup and tape it to the bottom so that the speaker is pressed against the paper.

    Placing AirPods at the bottom of paper cup
    Placing AirPods at the bottom of paper cup
  2. Attach the paper clips to the outside rim of the base of each cup and use them to make the makeshift speakers stand upright.

    Angling paper cups
    Angling paper cups
  3. Turn the volume to max and press play!
For this method to deliver full volume, you should turn off the volume limits and ear detection in your AirPods. You can also adjust the equalization (EQ) to boost the volume.

How to turn AirPods into speakers: The invasive approach

If you want something more permanent, there is a DIY method to turn your wireless earbuds into a functioning pair of speakers. However, this method can be challenging to successfully accomplish. Not to mention, the risk incurred in damaging your AirPods for good.

This method involves opening your AirPods, something that even professionals have trouble with and that will instantly void any warranty you have on your earbuds.

AirPods are not designed to be opened, and cutting into the plastic case in the wrong place can destroy the technology inside. It is also nearly impossible to put a pair of AirPods back together once you have taken them apart, so only try this out on a pair you’re willing to sacrifice.

However, despite these risks, this can be a great way to upcycle an old pair of AirPods and save a little money on buying a new speaker.

If you’re curious about this method, this video tutorial under the YouTube channel “DIY Perks” explains this technique.

We wouldn’t recommend trying this trick on your current pair of AirPods, in case it goes wrong.


AirPods that you can enjoy like a mini speaker? Who doesn’t want to get more for less?

And so, if you’re a devoted AirPod user looking to get more bang for the buck, we hope this article will have helped you make sense of the many different videos available on this speaker hack.

With the tips shared, we hope you’ll now be able to try it yourself and perhaps, even improve upon the process shared in our temporary method! Now you can hopefully play music out loud without having to buy a speaker.

Did we miss anything in this article? Do tell us how well these methods worked for you in the comments below! Even better, if there’s a secret hack you tried that deserves a mention, share it with us.

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