Buying Spotify Plays? Here’s Are The Top 5 Safest Sites

Buying automatic plays on Spotify
Buying automatic plays on Spotify

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The best apps for buying Spotify plays and whether or not it’s worth the risk.

Getting discovered in the music industry is tough, and many artists resort to buying Spotify plays to boost their visibility.

Unfortunately, buying Spotify plays can be complicated. And with horror stories about artists getting banned for bot activity, you want to ensure that you’re using the best service out there.

To help you navigate this practice, we’ve compiled a guide to five services you can use to buy Spotify plays. Read on to figure out which option is best for you.


Viewsexpert landing page
Viewsexpert landing page

ViewsExpert offers packages from $4 for a thousand plays to $745 for half a million, with 1-2 days delivery and 24-hour customer support. It guarantees that your account and tracks will never be put at risk, making this an option for the more cautious artist.

You can also buy up to 5,000 Spotify followers, though the price of $148 is quite steep compared to the price range for Spotify plays.

Viewsexpert says that its service is safe because it employs a team of marketing experts. These experts can utilize their network of websites and ad placements to drive engagement to your track until it reaches the promised number of plays. It even offers a 30-day re-delivery policy on packages of followers in case anyone unfollows.

However, its site links to more information about the company are currently empty, including the links to the privacy, trust, and refund policies. Additionally, according to customer reviews on sites like TrustPilot, customer support is poor, and the service sometimes fails to deliver fully on the numbers promised.

Viewsexpert’s guarantee of account safety is nice, but be cautious if you’re planning to buy a more expensive package.


UseViral landing page
UseViral landing page

UseViral offers Spotify plays from 1,000 for $10 to 250,000 for $250.

You can also buy packages of Spotify followers, monthly listeners, playlist followers, and song saves.

With UseViral, you can choose a targeted region or demographic for the plays to originate from. This can help boost your statistics in your target market. However, there have been customer reviews complaining that this didn’t seem entirely accurate.

You also get a tracking number, which you can use to watch the progress of your order in real-time.

There is a 7-day money-back guarantee, which will provide you with a full refund if your order isn’t completed within a week of purchase. However, refunds aren’t offered after seven days of purchase.

There is also a 30-day refill policy if you’re buying packages of followers or likes, in case the bot accounts get banned and their likes are removed. But, according to customer reviews, it’s common for accounts to be deleted, so even with the refill policy, you likely won’t get more than a temporary boost.


Famups landing page
Famups landing page

Famups offers Spotify plays in packages ranging from $12 for 2,000 to $250 for 100,000 plays.

Larger packages take longer to deliver. For instance, the 100,000 plays package takes 7-20 days to complete, compared to the 2,000 plays package that gets delivered in 1-3 days.

Famups has a 30-day refund policy, offering a complete refund if the promised numbers aren’t reached within thirty days of placing the order. It also offers free refills for thirty days after the order, meaning it’ll top up your numbers if any accounts unfollow or are banned.

You can also buy up to 50,000 Spotify followers for $140.

There are some negative reviews of Famups. However, its customer service team is very responsive and prioritizes failed orders to ensure the promised numbers are reached.

Sides Media

Sides Media landing page
Sides Media landing page

Sides Media offers Spotify plays from $10 for 1,000 to $79 for 10,000. Followers, monthly listeners, playlist followers, and saves are also available, with a 7-day refund guarantee and a 30-day refill policy.

In their FAQs, Sides Media claims that it doesn’t use bots to fulfill its orders, so you’ll be getting plays and engagement from real people. However, some customer reports claim that their followers dropped off quickly after the order was fulfilled, which is a good indication that they were bot accounts.

Additionally, while the customer reviews on their website are positive, reviews on sites like Reddit are less favorable. Customers from r/digital_marketing have claimed that Sides Media failed to deliver the promised numbers and that customer service was poor when requesting a refund.

The website states that it has never had a user get banned from using its services. But, it does not guarantee that your account will be safe and doesn’t offer a refund if it is removed.


Getviral landing page
Getviral landing page

On GetViral, you can buy packages of Spotify plays from $6.99 for 1,000 plays to $750 for 500,000. The bot plays come from multiple countries, which can help convince Spotify that your music suits a worldwide audience.

Additionally, the site offers a tracking number with every purchase, which will let you track the completion of your order in real-time.

You can also buy up to 5,000 Spotify followers for $149.

A nice feature of the Getviral site that helps increase customer trust is its Tips and Tricks section at the bottom of each order page.

This offers customers some good advice on how to grow their audience on whichever site they want more engagement on.

While Getviral will provide a refund in the case of non-delivery, the refund request must be sent within 72 hours of placing the order. If you wait too long, you might be out of luck.

How to Choose a Service for Buying Spotify Plays

To help you narrow down which service to choose, here are a few factors you should consider when choosing a service:

  • A safe website: The website should be secured with SSL encryption, which shows up as a closed padlock icon in the address bar. This means that any payments you make to the website are secure, and your data is shared safely.
  • Visible pricing: The exact price should be immediately visible upon choosing a package. You could be scammed out of your money if it’s not.
  • A natural delivery time: If your plays arrive too quickly and unnaturally, your account could be flagged for bot activity. A good company will have a delivery time of over twenty-four hours to ensure the safety of your account.
  • Customer reviews: Though not every company will have reviews on their website, it’s always a plus if there are a few customer testimonials.
  • Information and FAQs: As buying Spotify streams can be risky, any reputable company will be transparent about their methods and practices to assuage any concerns about the process.
  • Safe payment gateways: The service should use a secure and reputable payment gateway such as PayPal, CashApp or another similar service, or a direct bank transfer. You shouldn’t need to enter your details into a sketchy service.
If you upload music on Spotify using CDBaby as the distributor, you automatically have 100 free plays.

How to Buy Spotify Plays

Steps on buying Spotify plays
Steps on buying Spotify plays

When you’ve decided on the service you want to use, here’s how to buy the Spotify plays:

  1. Navigate to the Buy Spotify Plays page on their website and select the package you want.
    If you doubt the site’s validity, consider trying a small package, often under $10, before purchasing a pricier one. This way, you can evaluate the service without taking a significant financial risk.
  2. Click on Buy Now and wait for the page where you can fill in the information about the song you want to promote to load.
  3. Enter the URL for the track or album you want to promote and your email address, then click on Continue to Checkout.
    This should be the only information needed when buying Spotify plays. If the site asks you for your account details, it’s likely a scam trying to steal your information.
  4. Fill in your payment details and confirm the purchase. The plays should be delivered over the next few days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is buying Spotify plays safe?

Buying Spotify plays is never entirely safe. Spotify has measures in place to detect bot activity and can punish artists who buy bot plays.

Additionally, buying streams or followers can affect your reputation and isn’t exactly a valuable technique if you want to be recognized, say via a Gold or Platinum certification. A record label or even a savvy listener can usually notice when your engagement and streaming numbers don’t match up, which can put them off.

You might not even be safe from the service you’re using. Buying plays should not require you to share your passwords or account details, so it could be a scam if a site asks for these information.

Will I earn royalties from buying Spotify plays?

Technically, yes. If Spotify doesn’t notice that you’re purchasing the streams, they will be treated like natural streams, and you will receive the royalties. While this likely won’t cover the price of buying the streams in the first place, it could help you make back a portion of the expenses.

But if Spotify discovers that you used a site that uses bots for plays, they may refuse to pay you royalties.

Can buying Spotify plays get you banned?

Yes, buying plays can get your account permanently removed. This can be disastrous for a growing artist, as you will lose all the real streams and fans you’ve already built up.

However, the chance of this happening is low if you don’t go overboard with the number of streams you buy.

For example, if a track that previously had less than 10,000 streams shoots up to over a million in just a few days, it will be obvious that the artist has been buying plays.

Are there alternative ways to get more plays without buying them?

If buying streams this way doesn’t appeal to you, there are still some ways to spend money to increase your numbers without using artificial plays. Here’s how:

  • Spotify ads: While advertising on Spotify is more expensive and takes far longer, you will get organic plays from real people, who might become fans and stream more of your work. They might even add your tracks to playlists, which can spread your reach.
  • Other ad networks: Ads on sites like Instagram and Facebook don’t have a minimum spending cap like Spotify, so you can spend less while still advertising your music. However, you might get fewer returns, as users aren’t in the mindset of listening to music.
  • Influencer marketing: Many influencers will promote your song to their audience for payment. While the numbers aren’t guaranteed in the same way as other advertising networks, it can also be very successful. For instance, many charting songs originally blew up on TikTok.
  • Spotify Discovery Mode: If you accept a lower royalty rate on your streams– essentially paying Spotify a portion of your profits– Spotify will promote and recommend your songs to more people.

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