How to Reset Bose Earbuds: The Ultimate Guide

How to reset Bose wireless earbuds
How to reset Bose wireless earbuds

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A comprehensive guide on how to reset any Bose earbuds model.

Bose earbuds are some of the best on the market, but sometimes users can experience issues with their connectivity or functionality. These include earbuds not pairing with the mobile device, spotty Bluetooth connection, and the touch controls not working as expected.

While a reset will easily fix most of these problems, resetting Bose earbuds is a tad complicated.

For one, you’ll need to navigate the devices’ controls rather than the mobile device or app settings. Plus, the reset process varies across different Bose earbud models, making it all the more confusing!

To help you figure it out, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to resetting Bose wireless earbuds. Read on to learn how to reset your Bose earbuds, whether they’re QuietComfort, SoundSport Wireless, Sport Open or Sport! And what to do if you can’t reset them. Let’s dive in!

How to Reset Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

As Bose’s first-ever wireless, noise-canceling earbuds, the IPX4-rated QuietComfort Earbuds are known for their excellent all-round performance.

Made of soft silicone, boasting high-fidelity audio, and available in three sizes of StayHear Max ear tips, the QuietComfort are great for listening to music, getting through phone calls, workouts, and more!

If you are, however, experiencing connectivity issues, resetting your earbuds is often the way to go.

Resetting the QuietComfort Earbuds will clear the previously connected devices from the product’s memory without restoring the factory default settings, so the earbuds won’t lose all of your customizations.

Here’s how to reset Bose QuietComfort Earbuds:

  1. Plug in the charging case and place the earbuds inside it.
  2. Close the case lid for around 5 seconds, then open it.
  3. Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the case for 30 seconds.
    The LEDs on the earbuds should blink, glow white, then blink blue.

    Press and hold the Bluetooth button for 30 seconds.
    Press and hold the Bluetooth button for 30 seconds.
  4. Next, go to the Bluetooth settings of any previously connected devices and remove the QuietComfort Earbuds from their memory.
  5. Your earbuds are now reset, and the problems you’ve been having with connectivity are hopefully cleared up!

How to Reset Bose SoundSport Wireless Earbuds

The weatherproof, tangle-resistant Bose SoundSport Earbuds are a popular choice for athletes, and it’s easy to see why. With their comfortable, secure fit and sweat-resistant design, the SoundSport earbuds are great for working out at the gym or going for a run out in the elements.

For the SoundSport Wireless earbuds, Bose partnered with Tile to make the earbuds impossible to lose. This makes the SoundSport pretty secure if you’re prone to misplacing your earbuds.

With so much tech crammed into a pair of wireless earbuds, it’s not surprising to sometimes experience glitches with the buds’ functionality or even the Bluetooth connection. If that is the case with you, a reboot could be what you need.

Rebooting your SoundSport Wireless earbuds will not revert them to factory settings but will reset the pairing list.

Here’s how to reset Bose SoundSport Earbuds:

  1. Place your earbuds in the charging case and connect the case to a power source.
    Do not use a computer for this power source.

    Placing Bose SoundSport Wireless Earbuds inside the case (From: Youtube/Tech Zilla)
    Placing Bose SoundSport Wireless Earbuds inside the case (From: Youtube/Tech Zilla)
  2. Wait 5 seconds, then disconnect the charging case from the power source.
  3. Wait one more minute, then remove the earbuds from their case.
  4. Your SoundSport earbuds should now be reset!

How to Reset Bose Sport Open Earbuds

As the first-ever wireless earbuds that aren’t in-ear, the Bose Sport Open Earbuds are a revolutionary product. Offering outdoor athletes a safer way to listen to music without blocking outside noise, the Bose Sport Open Earbuds are a great step forward in the wireless earbuds category.

However, as the first of their kind, they might inevitably experience glitches and bugs. As with the earlier Bose earbuds on this list, initiating a reset here might help.

This method will reset your earbuds to their factory default.

Here’s how to reset your Bose Sport Open Earbuds:

  1. Snap the earbuds onto the charging stand. Ensure that the earbuds’ status lights flash to indicate a strong connection.
  2. Press the button on the right earbud for 10 seconds or until the status light blinks twice.

    Press the button on the right earbud for 10 seconds.
    Press the button on the right earbud for 10 seconds.
  3. Do the same for the left earbud. Once this step is complete, the status light should indicate that the earbuds are charging or fully charged (the LED will glow solid white when fully charged).

    Now, press the button on the left earbud for 10 seconds.
    Now, press the button on the left earbud for 10 seconds.
  4. Wait 10 seconds more, and remove the earbuds from the stand.

Your earbuds should now be reset, and hopefully, the problems you were experiencing are now fixed.

How to Reset Bose Sport Earbuds

With their excellent durability and water-resistant properties, the Bose Sport Earbuds are a popular choice for anyone looking to listen to music or podcasts while working out.

They come in three different ear tip sizes for maximum comfort and a flawless fit and are a favorite with athletes, due to their sturdy in-ear grip. What’s more, there’s a double-tap shortcut on the earbuds that you can use to activate Spotify!

However, despite their high-end features, there are times when the earbuds won’t connect, or even if they do, you might still experience audio issues. Fortunately, Bose recommends several solutions for these issues, with a quick reset being one of those many fixes.

Resetting Bose Sport Earbuds will clear their linked device memory but will not revert them to factory default settings.

Here’s how to reset Bose Sport Earbuds:

  1. Plug the charging case into a power source, and place the earbuds in the case.
  2. Close the case lid for 5 seconds, then open it.
  3. Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the case for 30 seconds, then release it. The LEDs on the earbuds should blink, turn solid white, then blink blue.

    Press Bluetooth button for 30 seconds, before releasing it.
    Press Bluetooth button for 30 seconds, before releasing it.
  4. Remove the earbuds from the Bluetooth memory of the connected devices. Your earbuds are now reset.

What to Do When Bose Earbuds Won’t Reset

If you tried following the steps listed above for your model of Bose earbuds and still could not get them to reset, there’s no need to worry! There could be several reasons why your earbuds won’t reset. Here’s what you should do if your earbuds won’t reset:

Check your Bose earbuds’ battery level

If your earbuds are running out of charge, they might not have the power to reset.

Here are a few ways to check your battery level:

  1. Put the earbuds in your ears and power them on. A voice prompt will announce the battery level.
    If the voice prompt doesn’t happen, you might have disabled it in the settings. You can toggle this on and off in the Bose Music or Bose Connect App > Settings > Voice Prompts.
  2. Use the Bose Music App or Bose Connect App. If your earbuds are still connected to your phone, their battery level should be on the app’s home screen.
    If you use Bose SoundSport Wireless Earbuds, the device they are connected to will display their battery level at the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Check the status LEDs on the earbuds. If you use Sport Open or SoundSport earbuds, the light will blink red if the charge is low. If you use Sport or QuietComfort earbuds, only one of the five LEDs will glow if the charge is below 20%.
If you use Sport or QuietComfort earbuds, you can set the shortcut function to a voice prompt that will announce the charge left in your earbuds. You can set this in the Bose Music App > Settings > Shortcut. Select ‘Hear Battery Level,’ then touch and hold the left earbud.

If your earbuds have low power, you should charge the earbuds, then repeat the steps in the appropriate section above. Now your earbuds should be able to reset.

Update your Bose earbuds

Updating your Bose earbuds will ensure they’re using the most recent software. This will mean that the Bose tech team will have fixed any bugs and glitches reported by users or have added new features to make your earbuds easier to use.

If your Bose earbuds aren’t resetting because of a common glitch in their software, then updating your earbuds will likely fix it.

The most recent firmware versions for each model of earbuds are:

QuietComfort Earbuds2.0.7
SoundSport Earbuds2.8.0
Sport Open Earbuds1.1.2
Sport Earbuds2.0.7

To check the current model of your earbuds, you can use the Bose Music or Bose Connect app. Got to Settings > Support > Technical Info. The current model of your earbuds should be at the top, in the section titled either ‘Firmware Version’ or ‘Software Version.’

You can update your Bose earbuds in two ways: from your PC or the mobile app.

Make sure that you never interrupt or turn off the earbuds while updating, as this can cause corruption, thus introducing more issues.

How to Update Bose earbuds via PC

To update your earbuds using your PC, you should:

  1. Install the Bose Updater. Follow this link to install the app (or open it if the app is already installed).

    Install Bose Updater.
    Install Bose Updater.
  2. Connect your Bose earbuds to the computer via a USB cable. This should automatically prompt the updater to recognize your earbud model. If not, click ‘Supported Products’ in the top right of the screen to select your earbuds.
  3. If an update is available, you’ll be taken to the update page. From here, you can download the update for your earbuds.

How to Update Bose earbuds via App

Different Bose earbuds are compatible with different Bose apps.

 Here’s how to update your earbuds in either app:

Via the Bose Connect app
  1. Open the Bose Connect app. If an update is available for your product, then a downwards-facing arrow will appear over the image of your earbuds.
  2. Tap on the arrow and wait for it to download.
  3. Once the update has been downloaded, the arrow will disappear and be replaced with a button labeled ‘Update.’ Tap the button and wait for the earbuds to update.

    Tap 'Update' on the top-right corner of the app screen. (YouTube/HardReset.Info)
    Tap ‘Update’ on the top-right corner of the app screen. (YouTube/HardReset.Info)
  4. When finished, a tick will appear beneath the image. Your earbuds are now updated.
Keep in mind that closing the app, powering off the earbuds or phone, or removing the earbuds from the required Bluetooth connection distance during the download and update process will pause the progress, and could lead to corruption.
Via the Bose Music app
  1. When an update is available for your product, the Bose Music App will automatically download it. Once downloaded, the app will transfer the update to your earbuds.
    This process can take up to 40 minutes, and the earbuds must be connected to the device and within Bluetooth range for it to take place. Additionally, you can minimize the app, but take care not to close the app as that will pause the transfer.
  2. Once the update has transferred, you should have the option to ‘Install Update.’
  3. A prompt will appear asking you to ‘Update Now.’ Ensure to power on your earbuds, then tap this. The update should begin.
  4. The update can take up to 15 minutes to complete, during which the status light on your earbuds should blink white. Ensure that the earbuds are powered on during the process. You’ll know the update is done when the lights return to normal.

Contact Bose Product Support

If you still can’t figure out why your Bose earbuds won’t reset, then you should contact edited this link, was a UK support page..

You can call an agent for support if you are within the working hours listed on their webpage. This will cost you the usual fee. Alternatively, you could also contact them through Whatsapp or chat directly from the site.

However, as Bose is a smaller company with fewer employees, this option might not always be available.

To make the experience as efficient and stress-free as possible, it would be a good idea to lay out the specific problems you’re facing with your earbuds and the steps you’ve already taken to resolve the issue. This would help the agent narrow down the actual issue.

If you choose to message the agent, it could help to link them to any support articles you have already used, whether those articles are from within the Bose Support page or not. That will help them understand what steps you’ve already taken to address the issue. You could even link this article if you’ve found it helpful!


Despite their niche design, robust noise-canceling capabilities, and a slew of other power features, Bose earbuds aren’t perfect. So, being faced with earbuds and Bluetooth connectivity issues is inevitable.

That said, referring to Bose’s product manuals (for your specific model) will usually solve most of these issues. But, if you were looking for answers without having to pore over large amounts of information in a user guide, we hope our article will have helped you quickly find the relevant solutions!

There! Your earbuds are now reset and working again! Did our tips work? Did you find something we’ve missed? Make sure to tell us in the comments below!

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  1. I purchased used QuietComfort Bose earbuds. They are paired with someone else’s phone. I need to remove that pairing with the reset. Please help. They obviously don’t show up in my software.

  2. My Bose Sport earbuds all of a sudden started flashing red. After updating the software and doing the reset it didn’t fix it. Bose said I was out of luck but could replace them for $115. They’re not even a two years old. I’m aware that this sin’t an isolated incident. Bose has been irresponsible in addressing this issue. There should be a way to clear this problem. Very dissappointed in these earbuds. The latency is really bad and they only stay charged for 2.5 hours. You can’t a movie with them.

  3. My BOSE FREE SOUNDSPORT earbuds and base accept a charge, but when I remove the right ear-bud from its case, I hear only a loud, strobe-like tone. The earbuds will not connect via BlueTooth to anything. What should I do next?

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