How to See Spotify Wrapped: Past and Upcoming Playlists

Spotify Wrapped 2022 is here!
Spotify Wrapped 2022 is here!

Access your Spotify Wrapped year-round with these simple hacks.

Spotify Wrapped presents the most intriguing listening habits from the last year in an easily shareable package and has become an annual trend on social media.

However, some users reportedly can’t access Spotify Wrapped when it’s released. To make things worse, Spotify Wrapped is only accessible for around two months, so missing it may mean losing out forever.

Fortunately, there are some workarounds you can use to access your Spotify Wrapped year-round— from the announcement banner to the playlist archives. And this article serves as a comprehensive guide through all that. Let’s dive in!

How to See Your Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped feature is only available in its story-mode format for a limited time. It usually drops at the end of November or the start of December, and lasts until the end of the year or the start of January.

You’ll get a notification when Spotify Wrapped is released. But in case you missed it, there are two ways you can see your Spotify Wrapped after the notification has been dismissed:

Let’s take a look at the different methods below.

Spotify Wrapped is only available on Android and iOS. You can’t access your Wrapped through the desktop app or the web player, even if you use the search bar.

See Spotify Wrapped through the announcement banner

If Spotify Wrapped has just dropped, you can access it easily from the mobile app. Here’s what to do:

  1. Open the Spotify mobile app, and go to the homepage. You should see a box that reads Your Wrapped is here.
  2. Tap on this box to access your Spotify Wrapped.

    Spotify 2022 Wrapped. (From: Youtube/Gauging Gadgets)
    Spotify 2022 Wrapped. (From: Youtube/Gauging Gadgets)
  3. You can now swipe through a story of your listening habits from the past year.

    List of listening habits from Spotify. (From: Youtube/Gauging Gadgets)
    List of listening habits from Spotify. (From: Youtube/Gauging Gadgets)
By selecting Share, you can share the current slide with your friends on various social media platforms. Alternatively, you can wait until the end of the Wrapped to get a summary card, letting you share your top artists, songs, genre, and the total minutes you’ve spent listening over the year in a single image.

However, if the Your Wrapped box isn’t on your homepage, you might have timed out of the Spotify Wrapped story function. You can check this by following the next method.

Unlike the previous method, using the search bar works regardless of the time of year. However, the results are dependent on the date.

If the Wrapped has just been dropped, you’ll get the story feature. If you’ve missed the date, you’ll get a playlist of your top 100 tracks from the past year.

Here’s how to use the Search bar to find your Spotify Wrapped:

  1. Open the Spotify mobile app and go to the search page.
    You might have to tap again on the tab at the bottom if you have an active search open.

    Spotify search bar.
    Spotify search bar.
  2. Under the Browse All heading, there should be a Spotify Wrapped box. You can tap on this to be taken to the Best of the Year from the whole platform.

    Spotify Wrapped box. (From: Youtube/CYBER Ustad)
    Spotify Wrapped box. (From: Youtube/CYBER Ustad)
  3. Scroll down to the Your Year in Review heading.
  4. Your Spotify Wrapped story will be available here if you’re still within the limited timeframe. If not, you can find your personalized Wrapped playlists here.

    Spotify Wrapped story. (From: Youtube/CYBER Ustad)
    Spotify Wrapped story. (From: Youtube/CYBER Ustad)

If the Spotify Wrapped box isn’t here, you’ll need to go through your web browser.

  1. Open a browser on your phone and search for Spotify Wrapped. Click on the official Spotify Newsroom Wrapped page.

    Spotify Newsroom Wrapped page.
    Spotify Newsroom Wrapped page.
  2. You can scroll down and tap on the horizontally scrolling Your Wrapped Here banner to open your Spotify Wrapped.

    'Your Wrapped Here' banner.
    ‘Your Wrapped Here’ banner.
If you’re looking for your 2022 Spotify Wrapped, you might be directed to a Top Hits of 2022 playlist. If this happens, open Spotify and search for Spotify:special:2022 to open your personal Spotify Wrapped playlist.

How to See Your Past Wrapped Playlists

During the Spotify Wrapped period, you have access to your Wrapped stories and personalized Wrapped playlists. The playlist contains your top 100 songs of the year and is usually accompanied by another playlist of similar songs that you missed out on during the year.

However, you won’t be able to see your Spotify Wrapped stories and cards beyond the Wrapped period, usually until the end of December or the following January.

Instead, you’ll only be able to see your Wrapped playlist.

The good news is that these playlists will remain, and you can access them anytime.

To access these playlists, simply log in to Spotify and click on the links below, depending on the year you’re looking for:

You’ll find the 2016 Wrapped playlist under Wrapped 2019. The same link will also present you with Your Decade Wrapped. This contains your top songs and podcasts from the 2010s.

You can also save the playlists to your Spotify library for easier future access. To do so, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click on the links above to go to your Wrapped year of choice.
  2. Double-click on the playlist to open it.

    Your Spotify Wrapped 2021: Top Tracks & Artists
    Your Spotify Wrapped 2021: Top Tracks & Artists
  3. Once open, tap the heart button to save it to your library.
    Looking for a great Spotify playlist name? Check out our comprehensive list of Spotify playlist name ideas for inspiration.

    Saving the old Spotify Wrapped playlist into library
    Saving the old Spotify Wrapped playlist into library

Why Isn’t My Spotify Wrapped Working?

Some users may have trouble accessing their Spotify Wrapped stats. For instance, there were complaints of the app crashing when attempting to view Spotify Wrapped in 2021. Some may even find that their Wrapped is not showing up.

If you’re unable to access your Spotify Wrapped, there are a few quick fixes you could try out:

Make sure you check at the right time

If you’re looking for your Spotify Wrapped for the current year, you might be too early!

Spotify Wrapped for the current year won’t show up until the app-wide release at the end of the year.

Even then, it might not appear for everyone simultaneously, as the app needs to be the latest version for Wrapped to appear.

So, if Spotify Wrapped has dropped but still isn’t showing up for you, it’s worth ensuring the app is updated.

You can also try waiting a few days more, as the feature is reported to have a gradual rollout, so you might just be on the tail end of the update.

Don’t wait too long, though, as you might miss your Wrapped altogether. You can try out the other troubleshooting tips while you wait.

Clear the Spotify cache

The stored cache data on the Spotify app may be causing an issue with loading your Spotify Wrapped. Follow these steps to clear the cache:

  1. Open the Spotify app on your mobile and tap on the gear icon at the top right-hand corner to open settings.

    Gear icon
    Gear icon
  2. Go to the Storage section.

    Storage section
    Storage section
  3. Tap on the Clear cache button.

    Clear Cache
    Clear Cache
While this process covers most iOS and Android smartphones, the exact steps may differ based on your device.

Log out and log in again

If you still have trouble accessing your Spotify Wrapped, follow these steps to log out and log back in:

  1. Open the Spotify app and tap on the gear icon at the right corner to open settings.

    Gear Icon
    Gear Icon
  2. Scroll down and tap on the Log out button. A pop-up will appear asking if you want to log out. Tap Log out or Yes.

    Log out button
    Log out button
  3. Once logged out, enter your credentials to log back in and check to see if you can access Spotify Wrapped.
If Spotify Wrapped still isn’t working for you, you might want to check out The Pudding’s ‘Judge My Music’ in the meantime. It offers a fun, no-holds-barred look at your Spotify listening habits that you’re sure to enjoy.

When Can You Expect Spotify Wrapped 2023?

There’s no way to know for sure when Spotify Wrapped 2023 will be released. But, since it dropped on December 1st in 2021 and the 30th of November in 2022, we can expect it around the same time in 2023.

The data for Wrapped is collected from the 1st of January to the 13th of October. This means that what you listen to in November and December won’t impact your stats, for better or worse.

The first week of December is always a safe bet for Spotify Wrapped. However, the 2022 release on the 30th of November means that Wrapped could start to creep slightly forward in the year, giving you more time to appreciate and share your stats.

Yet, it’s unlikely to drop much earlier than this. That would shorten the time available for the service to collect your data, leading to a less accurate Wrapped.


Spotify Wrapped has become a year-end fixture that people eagerly look forward to. It reflects your past year in music and other audio experiences.

Now that you can access your Spotify Wrapped, you can download it, so you always have a unique item to remember the year by. You can also share interesting stats like your listening personality or audio day with friends and followers.

For another way to discover your Spotify stats, check out our review of Stats for Spotify.

Did we miss out on anything? Have you seen your Spotify Wrapped already? Please let us know in the comments section below!


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