FiiO Releases the FA19 IEMs With 20 Balanced Armature Drivers for ‘Better Audio Energy’

FiiO just released its new flagship IEMs, the FA19. (From: FiiO)
FiiO just released its new flagship IEMs, the FA19. (From: FiiO)

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The FiiO FA19s have enough drivers to start a micro orchestra.

FiiO has officially launched its newest flagship model, the FiiO FA19 IEMs.

What makes these earbuds special is their array of 10 balanced armature drivers per ear. That’s a total of 20 BA drivers working on different frequencies for a unique sound quality.

According to FiiO, the FA19 are designed for audiophiles and professionals in mind. They’re for people who won’t settle for anything less when it comes to precision and quality.

FiiO FA19 Features

FiiO’s FA19 IEMs feature 20 drivers total. (From: FiiO)
FiiO’s FA19 IEMs feature 20 drivers total. (From: FiiO)

The FA19 IEMs claim to “boost their overall energy” by improving airflow throughout the drivers.

They do this in a few key ways:

  • More Drivers: With 20 BA drivers per pair (10 per ear), the FA19 IEMs increase the energy density within specific frequency ranges. More drivers mean higher energy density in each frequency range. This way, the sound remains uncompressed during dynamic musical sequences and you’ll hear every nuance and transient detail.
  • Enhanced Bass: FiiO teamed up with Knowles to create custom bass-balanced armature (BA) drivers just for the FA19. These drivers are designed to maximize airflow, cranking up the energy, especially in the bass frequencies. The result? Bass that hits hard and deep but still stays detailed.
  • Advanced Crossover Design: The FA19 use audiophile-grade Rubycon film capacitors in the crossover with extremely low error tolerance. This delivers exceptionally accurate frequency separation and allows each driver group to perform optimally within their designated frequency ranges. With this, you can expect clearer highs, well-defined mids, and deep, impactful lows.
  • Mid-Frequency Notch Filter: Aside from the film capacitors, the FA19 have a special mid-frequency notch filter at the bottom of the two mid-range BA drivers. This filter helps avoid harsh, “s” sounds that can make the listening experience fatiguing. By cutting out the 8kHz peak, the FA19 can deliver smoother, more natural mids.
The notch filter also shifts the crossover point between the mid and treble drivers to 3.5kHz. This way, each driver can shine in its own frequency range without interfering on others.
FiiO’s FA19 IEMs have an S.Turbo patented acoustic design and Rubycon film capacitators. (From: FiiO)
FiiO’s FA19 IEMs have an S.Turbo patented acoustic design and Rubycon film capacitators. (From: FiiO)

The IEMs also have an S.Turbo patented acoustic design. This is a specially shaped tube that makes low-frequency sounds better. It filters out unwanted high frequencies and smooths the transition between lows and mids.

This patented design also improves overall sound clarity and comfort while making the listening experience more immersive.

FiiO threw in a dual listening mode too.

Monitor mode gives you a clean, detailed sound that’s perfect for audio production. HiFi mode bumps up the energy in the mids and bass for a richer sound signature.

A close look at the FiiO FA19 shells. (From: FiiO)
A close look at the FiiO FA19 shells. (From: FiiO)

When it comes to the design, the FA19’s shell is DLP 3D printed shell made with photosensitive resin.

This material is ideal for precision 3D printing, allowing for intricate designs essential for optimal sound quality. Its lightweight and smooth properties also ensure comfort and skin safety during extended use.

Finally, the FA19 come with a premium 8-strand, 224-wire pure silver cable. Each wire is individually insulated and arranged in a Litz structure to minimize signal loss and ensure top-notch signal transmission. The transparent, eco-friendly TPU sheath resists yellowing and stiffening, keeping the cable flexible and looking good as new.

Technical specifications

Here are the complete specifications of the FA19 IEMs for easy reference:

Form FactorIn-ear and around-the-ear
Driver TypeBalanced Armature
Number of Drivers10 (four bass, two mid, four treble)
Impedance100 Ohm at 1 kHz
Sensitivity106 dB/mW at 1 kHz
Frequency Response20 Hz to 40 kHz
CableEight strands totaling 224 high purity pure silver wires
Cable Length1.2 meters
Weight7 g (excluding cable)
Earphone ConnectorExpanded MMCX
Audio PlugsStraight twist-lock swappable plugs (3.5mm standard and 4.4mm balanced)
Shell MaterialPhotosensitive resin, DLP 3D printed
Additional FeaturesNegative feedback bass enhancement system
Rubycon audiophile-grade crossover capacitors
Dual listening modes (Monitor and HiFi)
S.Turbo patented acoustic design
CertificationsHi-Res Audio certified by the Japan Audio Society and Consumer Electronics Association

Where to Buy

The FiiO FA19 IEMs are available starting May 2024. Interested buyers can pre-order them at FiiO’s official store for US$999.

The box also comes with some accessories to enhance your experience:

  • Magnetic clip to secure the cable
  • Cleaning brush & MMCX quick-release tool
  • Variety of eartips (foam, SpinFit, bass, balanced) in different sizes for a custom fit
  • HS18 eartips (S/M/L) for even more options
  • FiiO HB5 leather case to store and protect your IEMs

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