Gaming headsets are headsets that are tailored for gaming purposes. With the proliferation of professional gaming, gaming headset has become an integral part of a gamer’s setup.

As wireless technology continue to improve,  wireless gaming headphones are making headway into the gaming market. Wired gaming headsets are still the popular choice for gamers, especially in the professional scene.

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A full look of the MPOW Air SE

REVIEW: Mpow Air SE Gaming Headphones – Quality at an Affordable Price

With their price-to-performance ratio, the MPOW Air SE will exceed your expectations. No doubt these gaming headphones deliver more than …
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Audio Technica ATH-G1WL (left) and ATH-G1 (right)

Comparison Review: Audio Technica ATH-G1 vs. ATH-G1WL – For Gamers. By Audiophiles.

Audio Technica is killing two birds with one stone by releasing the ATH-G1 series of gaming headphones for gamers who …
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Close look at Bose QuietComfort® 35 II Gaming Headset​ (From: Amazon)

5 Best Noise Cancelling Gaming Headsets [2021]

Hear nothing and nothing but the game with the best noise cancelling headsets for gaming that you can buy today …
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Gamer wearing gaming headphones while playing (From: Pxfuel)

Mic Monitoring: What Is It and How It Is Relevant to Gaming

An explanation and exploration of microphone monitoring — its benefits and how you can start using one of the most …
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11 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets For PC, PS4, Xbox One [2021]

We rounded up the best wireless gaming headsets on the market today. Today’s wireless gaming headsets are just as good …
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How to connect gaming headset to your PC

How to Connect a Gaming Headset to Your PC Easily

If you play video games using your computer, it’s important to know how to connect your gaming headset to your …
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Gaming Headset

Ultimate Guide to Picking The Right Gaming Headset For You

Learn how to choose an amazing gaming headset with this checklist of just 9 surprisingly simple steps. Gaming headsets offer …
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Best Professional Overwatch Players and Their Gaming Headsets

10 Best Professional Overwatch Players and Their Gaming Headsets

If you want to succeed in a shooter like Overwatch, you need a competent gaming headset, and who better to …
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Apex Legends Streamers

10 Best Apex Legends Streamers and Their Gaming Headsets

If you’re looking for the best gaming headsets for Apex Legends, then look no further than what these Apex Legends …
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