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As we try to create good content, we want it to reach our audiences too.

What’s the point of crafting interesting articles if there’s no one reading it?

We currently have 3 distribution channels for Headphonesty:

All of them have their flaws in some ways or another.

Web Push Notification is an inconsistent experience depending on what browser you are using.

Social Media’s algorithm has made it a pay-to-play distribution channel. You want your readers to see stuff that they intentionally subscribe to? Sure, pay up!

As for email newsletters, I usually only send out an email once I consolidated enough articles. It is more of a round-up. And over-zealous email hosts can place our email in the spam folder. You would have never received a single email from us while staying subscribed.

Hence, we launched our 4th distribution channel – Telegram.

Telegram is ad-free and secure. They are essentially a messaging app so messages are all in chronological order.

You can get real-time updates of our latest content today. Join our channel on Telegram now.

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