Review: VJJB V1s


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Even before I got my hands on the VJJB V1s, I’m already impressed by the product picture. But these things are too pretty to be true right? For anyone who had bought budget headphones, you learned to bring your expectation a couple of notches down.

But when it finally arrived, I ripped off the packaging to reveal an IEM that looks exactly like the product picture. This has to be hands down the most beautiful IEM that you can get at this price range. Anyone who saw this VJJB V1s was convinced that it is way more expensive than it was retailing for.

So, the VJJB V1s is winning big in the visual department but does it pass our test as a quality budget IEM? Let’s find out.



Budget headphones that looks high-end and comes with shockingly great design details.

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What We Like 😍

  • Luxurious design
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Great noise isolation
  • Good seal resulting in little sound leakage
  • At 8Ω impedance, it is super easy to drive
  • Mid range is lush and clean
  • Treble can extend without graininess or screech
  • Very affordable

What We Don't Like 🤢

  • Rubber cable causes microphonics
  • Plenty of bass but lacks attack and definition


Since VJJB does not distribute their own IEMs, you will have to purchase them from distributors. However, different distributors give different types of accessories. The safest bet will be to buy from ActionPie.

VJJB V1s packaging

For an IEM that cost less than $20, I did not expect the generous numbers of ear tips provided. A hard carry case is included too.

Build Quality and Comfort

The drive unit is made up of a plastic case and a chromatic gold casing. You can see the gold-plated dual dynamic driver through the transparent plastic case.

The strain reliefs at the important areas are done well and you can see the design aesthetics are extended to the jack and the y-splitter.

Overall, I’m pleased to say that the VJJB V1s is an eye-catcher that did not neglect function over form.

Due to the blocky design of the driver unit, you will not be able to fit the ear tips fully into the ear canal but this is not an issue. I find that the ear tips fit snugly and it forms a good seal.

The cables are made from rubbery texture and this cause quite a bit of microphonics.

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Noise Isolation

Since the VJJB V1s is a loud headphone and has a tight seal, you can get good passive noise isolation at around a third of the max volume.

Sound Leakage

There aren’t any significant sound leakage from the VJJB V1s. If you listen hard enough, you can hear some sound leakage at around half of the max volume (this is considered as high volume for this IEM).

VJJB V1s Sound Quality

With two dynamic drivers, the VJJB V1S has no lack of powerful bass. However, if you compare it to the Tennmak Pro or the Carbo Tenore, bass effects like kick snare lacks definition and tightness of the above two mentioned IEM.

The sub bass reproduction is quite good though. You can feel the rumble of the sub bass in Intro in Yoshi Horikawa.

The mids are great on the VJJB V1S. Vocals are clean and clear in ballads and rap songs. The body maintains its richness and details. Tracks like Creep by Radiohead sounds really intimate.

Despite other reviewers’ complaints about the VJJB V1S’s treble, I found no issue with it. The treble is able to extend without sounding screechy or grainy. It can even handle electronic guitar distortion without muffling it.

The VJJB V1S has a decent soundstage but it’s not comparable to what you get in the Carbo Tenore. Nothing fantastic with the imaging too. Often in songs with multiple layers, it gets slightly congested and each layer does not have enough room to shine.

Overall, I would say the sound quality exceeds my expectation for its price range. There are still flaws but at the end of the day, you get plenty of bass, lush mids and also good treble response from an IEM that costs less than $20. That’s quite a steal if you ask me.

Technical Specs

  • Resistance: 8Ω
  • Sensitivity: 110 dB
  • Frequency Response Range: 20-24000Hz
  • Drivers: Two 6.0mm dynamic drivers

If you think the Tennmak Pro is loud, wait till you hear the VJJB V1S. At a half of the max volume, I couldn’t listen to rock music for more than 5 mins. With a low impedance of 8Ω and a high sensitivity level of 110dB, almost all mobiles devices can easily drive the IEM up to 110 DPSPL. You can easily check this with the Headphone Power Calculator.


The VJJB V1s offers a high-end looking headphone with shockingly great design details. You do have to accept some of the flaws with the bass but the sound quality that you are getting for this price range is really good.

Overall, the quality of the VJJB V1s exceeds its price tags and my expectation. I will recommend it to anyone who is buying it for their personal use or as a gift to their friends.