Man Tries Every Sennheiser Headphones – and Found the Best One

Man tries every Sennheiser Headphone
Credit: /u/a1200i

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A dedicated Reddit user, u/a1200i, recently undertook a unique challenge at the Sennheiser Experience Brasil. He allegedly tested every headphone model by the acclaimed Sennheiser, offering an exhaustive evaluation of their entire portfolio.

With a systematic approach, he scrutinized essential aspects like sound quality, comfort, and design. While the HD800s earned accolades for their extraordinary soundstage and balanced acoustics, offering an immersive listening experience, not all models were met with the same enthusiasm. The 660s2, for example, was criticized for its heavy bass and lackluster clarity, a stark contrast to the well-rounded performance of the HD650.

However, one pair of headphones stood above the rest – the Sennheiser HD650.

Celebrated for its harmonious blend of audio excellence, comfort, and affordability, the HD650 stood a notch above the rest. Its superior sound profile and ergonomic build were highlighted as the critical elements behind this choice.

“my conclusion was: HD650 is the real king here, best quality for the price, of you have the money, then, go 800s but the 650 is way more comfortable than the 800s. The 800s is very lose, it will definitely fall off if you look down, you need a HUGE head for to be fit, if we consider comfort +sound + prince, then 650 is the king” – u/a1200i

The review sparked active engagement from the Reddit community and audiophiles. /u/oratory1990 joked that “he felt called out” when the OP suggested they’re only snug for those with a “HUGE head.

Another Redditor called out the OP for not strictly testing “every” Sennheiser headphones:

“you lied, you didn’t test the HE 1” – csch1992

This casual yet informative review by u/a1200i provides essential insights for Sennheiser enthusiasts and prospective buyers. Highlighting key strengths and weaknesses of each model in a straightforward manner, it assists consumers in making informed choices that align with their specific audio preferences.

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  1. If you talk about the HD650 it has to be in comparative context with both the HD6XX, which most people think are nearly identical, and also the HD600, which is THE reference headphone in the series.

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