10 Wild Headphone Thrift Store Finds That Will Have You Rushing to Your Nearest Goodwill

These audiophiles show that you can find real headphone gems in thrift stores if you're patient enough!
These audiophiles show that you can find real headphone gems in thrift stores if you’re patient enough!

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BRB. Just driving to Goodwill.

Thrifty audiophiles have hit the jackpot at some local Goodwill stores. Who knew you could get rare vintage models and professional-grade gear for the same price as a Big Mac?

These lucky finds prove that your local thrift shop might be the audiophile haven you need if you’re patient enough!

1. Sennheiser IE80 for $14.99

Sennheiser IE80 IEMs. (From: vxOblivionxv/Reddit)
Sennheiser IE80 IEMs. (From: vxOblivionxv/Reddit)

Redditor u/vxOblivionxv initially went thrift shopping for an iPod nano but stumbled upon a pair of 15 dollar Sennheiser IE80 headphones instead.

Despite not knowing what he’d found at first, he quickly discovered the headphones’ superior quality and sound. These ultimately added a much-needed bass head IEM to his collection.

2. Beyerdynamic DT 770 (250 Ohms) for $3.50

Beyerdynamic DT 770s. (From: MyPokemonRedName/Reddit)
Beyerdynamic DT 770s. (From: MyPokemonRedName/Reddit)

Imagine finding professional studio headphones for less than the price of a coffee.

That’s exactly what happened to u/MyPokemonRedName, who found a pair of DT 770 250 Ohms mixed in with children’s headphones.

After replacing the original ear pads, this setup turned into an exceptional audio experience, especially when paired with a Schiit Vali 2 amp.

3. Sony MDR-V6 for $2

Sony MDR-V6 headphones. (From: spvcebound/Reddit)
Sony MDR-V6 headphones. (From: spvcebound/Reddit)
Price on Amazon: $494.85

In an amazing stroke of luck, u/spvcebound unearthed a pair of Sony MDR-V6 headphones for $2 at a Goodwill store.

Praised for their neutral sound profile, which suits any music genre, these headphones became an instant favorite for the OP. He also noted that the addition of velour ear cups made them one of the most comfortable pairs he’s owned.

4. Sennheiser HD 598SE for $21.50

Sennheiser HD 598SEs. (From: Nhblackdc5/Reddit)
Sennheiser HD 598SEs. (From: Nhblackdc5/Reddit)
Price on Amazon: $250-$325 (Discontinued)

u/Nhblackdc5‘s discovery of Sennheiser HD 598SEs for $21.50 at a SoCal thrift store was met with disbelief.

One user even commented, saying, “Holy f**k that’s a steal. You pretty much robbed them.”

Another commenter noted that the HD 598SEs are often counterfeited.

So, the OP spent two hours to validate the headphones by checking for specific markers like the unique wire lock and foil sticker under the ear pad. In the end, the OP confirmed their Sennheiser HD 598SEs were genuine despite the absence of a box.

5. Vintage 70’s Jana BJ2034 for $15

Jana BJ2034 headphones. (From: TPODmacdaddy/Reddit)
Jana BJ2034 headphones. (From: TPODmacdaddy/Reddit)
Price on Amazon: N/A

u/TPODmacdaddy bought these unique, retro headphones from the 70s for just $15. There’s little information available online, except the headphones are Japanese-made. But they’re proof that there are hidden gems in thrift stores for those with a taste for vintage audio gear.

6. Sennheiser HD 650s for $15

Sennheiser HD 650 headphones. (From: handsome666/Reddit)
Sennheiser HD 650 headphones. (From: handsome666/Reddit)
Price on Amazon: $499.95

Discovered by u/handsome666 in a Value Village in Ontario, these Sennheiser HD650s were snagged for an astonishingly low price of CAD$19.99 (around US$15).

Despite the subpar custom cable, the find was a dream come true for a professional live audio engineer who had long coveted this model.

7. AKGs for $5

AKG K92 headphones. (From: bobroscopcoltrane/Reddit)
AKG K92 headphones. (From: bobroscopcoltrane/Reddit)

This entry perfectly exemplifies the adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Initially mistaken for fake AKG K92s, these headphones turned out to be genuine and in nearly new condition, all for the astonishing price of $5.

The OP u/bobroscopcoltrane currently uses it with his Harman Kardon.

8. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro for $22

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones. (From: chum_slice/Reddit)
Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones. (From: chum_slice/Reddit)
Price on Amazon: $169.00

u/chum_slice never expected to score a pair of DT 990 Pros for CAD$29.99 (around US$22) at a thrift store. The OP was concerned about whether their equipment could drive the 250-ohm headphones, but fortunately, his LG-V50‘s quad DAC proved capable.

Many commenters wondered how the expensive headphones ended up in a thrift store.

One user said, “My guess is they bought the 250 ohm version not knowing that they’d be a lot harder to drive off just standard headphone jacks etc, said they sound like garbage, and tossed ‘em aside and eventually ended up in Goodwill box.”

9. Two Sennheiser HD 600s for $7.99 Each

Sennheiser HD 600 headphones. (From: CoffeeTimeReview/Reddit)
Sennheiser HD 600 headphones. (From: CoffeeTimeReview/Reddit)
Price on Amazon: $299.95

u/CoffeeTimeReview found not one, but two perfectly working Sennheiser HD 600 headphones for $7.99 each at a local thrift shop in rural Pennsylvania. It was a dream come true as the OP considered upgrading from 599s.

Once again, commenters were surprised at how they ended up in the bargain bin with some speculating the possible scenarios.

One user jokingly said, “*plugs straight into phone* Damn, these things are so quiet and sound like absolute crap. Well, at least they actually produce sound. Let’s just put them out there in case someone’s really desperate for headphones.”

This implies how someone’s misunderstanding of headphone impedance may play into audiophiles’ advantages.

10. A 7-Year Collection of Various Brands

DJSeku's 7-year collection. (From: DJSeku/Reddit)
DJSeku’s 7-year collection. (From: DJSeku/Reddit)

u/DJSeku‘s seven-year journey through thrift stores has led to an enviable collection featuring brands. This includes AKG, Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, and Sennheiser, with prices ranging from $1.99 to $19.99.

His post mentioned some rare and valuable finds like:

  • The ‘Made in Germany’ variant of the Sennheiser HD-25 II that he got for just $1.50.
  • A pair of vintage AKG K240s which he got for only $8.99
  • A Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (80 Ohms) that he got for just $12.99.
He listed his collection so far in one of his comments.

This expansive collection, acquired piece by piece from various thrift stores, shows that patience can lead to great discoveries.

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