Multiple Tales of Pets Turning Headphones into Snacks Spark DIY Solutions on Reddit

Damaged wires on AKG K92 and Beyerdynamic DT 900 PRO X headphones due to the users' pets. (From: Reddit)
Damaged wires on AKG K92 and Beyerdynamic DT 900 PRO X headphones due to the users’ pets. (From: Reddit)

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Here’s the audiophile’s guide to pet-proofing and fixing chewed headphone wires.

A couple of posts on Reddit’s r/headphones highlight a growing concern for audiophiles – pets destroying expensive headphones. These incidents highlight the common and costly issue of pets chewing wires and the challenges in repairing the damage.

Tales of Destruction

Dog chewing on headphone wire.
Dog chewing on headphone wire.

A Reddit user posted about their pet rabbit chewing through the cable of their brand-new AKG K92 headphones, rendering them useless despite attempts at splicing the wires. The user suspected the unfamiliar scent of the headphones might have triggered the behavior, causing the rabbit to target them over more expensive cables lying nearby.

“The little guy’s been with us for 2 years and disregards cables typically. That being said, I do cable management. He just happened to take offense to the intruder during the 3 minutes I left the new set unsupervised.” shares the Redditor in one of their responses.

Another user experienced a similar problem when their cats decided to gnaw away at an exposed wire on their Beyerdynamic DT 900 PRO X headphones.

There isn’t one definitive reason why pets chew on wires; instead, it’s usually due to a mix of factors.

Cat playing with headphone wire.
Cat playing with headphone wire.

Their curiosity or instinctual attraction to objects that resemble prey can make dangling wires tempting.

For young pets, chewing can be a way to ease teething pain. Additionally, boredom, anxiety, and a general lack of mental and physical stimulation might drive pets to chew on wires as a form of exploration and entertainment.

Reddit to the Rescue

Reddit’s r/headphones community came together to offer various solutions for repairing headphone wires.

A popular suggestion was to solder the wires, which is simple given that numerous YouTube tutorials and inexpensive soldering kits are available online. One user noted the importance of removing any enamel coating on the wires using a lighter flame to allow for proper splicing.

Repair suggestions from Redditors. (From: Reddit)
Repair suggestions from Redditors. (From: Reddit)

Another user explained that those unfamiliar with soldering can try stripping the wire ends, twisting them together, and securing them with electrical tape and heat shrink tubing.

An automatic wire stripper can significantly ease the process of preparing wires for soldering or twisting. For more insights, check out our full guide on how to fix a broken headphone wire.

Several commenters also said that if DIY is not an option, a local tech repair shop can perform the task for a modest fee.

Burning off enamel coating on headphone wires.
Burning off enamel coating on headphone wires.

As a precaution, pet-owning audiophiles should store their audio gear properly to keep wires out of pets’ reach and prevent future accidents. Otherwise, using non-toxic bitterant sprays or cord covers to deter chewing is another solution for safeguarding headphone wires.

Providing your pets with enough toys, exercise, and proper supervision can also help discourage them from targeting electronics.

One Redditor, however, offered a quirky ‘’solution’’:

‘’Okay so basically, you first put olive oil in the roaster, then start frying at low speed, then throw the rabbit into the pan and don’t forget to add a little salt and pepper, it will be very tasty. Trust me.’’ – u/ImranN13

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