Woman Uncovers Serious Flaw in Latest Sony Headphones, Divides Sony Fans

Content creator TheBeeKid compares Sony WH-1000XM4 with XM5 (From: Tiktok/Liz)
Content creator TheBeeKid compares Sony WH-1000XM4 with XM5 (From: Tiktok/Liz)

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One of these headphones died during the review.

In a comparison video that has gained viral attention, Liz Espinoza, a popular social media influencer known for her educational content, delved into the pros and cons of two of Sony’s acclaimed headphone models – the WH-1000XM4 and WH-1000XM5.

Espinoza’s detailed review provides valuable insights for college students and avid music listeners alike. However, it also revealed a fatal flaw.

Comparing Sony’s Top Models

Espinoza started her comparison by focusing on the design of both models. She highlighted the foldability of the XM4s, which she finds more convenient for travel. In contrast, the XM5s do not offer this feature.

Wearing the Sony WH-1000XM4 with piercings and glasses (From: Tiktok/Liz)
Wearing the Sony WH-1000XM4 with piercings and glasses (From: Tiktok/Liz)

Comfort is a significant factor in her assessment, with both models scoring high. The XM4s stand out for their exceptional comfort. Described as “like a cloud,” they are found to be compatible with accessories like piercings and blue light glasses. The XM5s are also comfortable but offer a more secure fit on the head.

The Sony WH-1000XM4 fall out when moving rigorously. (From: Tiktok/Liz)
The Sony WH-1000XM4 fall out when moving rigorously. (From: Tiktok/Liz)

In terms of sound quality, Espinoza praised the XM4s for their immersive experience, allowing users to feel the music intensely. The XM5s, while providing a crisper sound, didn’t show a marked improvement over the XM4s.

Both models excelled in noise cancellation, effectively blocking out external noise. This feature was said to be particularly appreciated during travel.

The Fatal Flaw: XM5’s Charging Issue

Liz' Sony WH-1000XM5 suddenly stopped charging and won't charge even when she tried it on different outlets. (From: Tiktok/Liz)
Liz’ Sony WH-1000XM5 suddenly stopped charging and won’t charge even when she tried it on different outlets. (From: Tiktok/Liz)

However, a critical issue emerged with the XM5s. Espinoza encountered a significant charging problem. The headphones stopped charging entirely, with no response from the indicator light despite trying various chargers and ports.

This problem poses a serious reliability concern, especially for those who depend on their headphones regularly.

Unfortunately, this problem is not just an isolated incident, as evidenced by the responses and advice shared in the video’s comments section.

Several users corroborated Espinoza’s experience with the XM5s’ charging dilemma.

Responses in the comments section about the XM5 charging problem. (From: Tiktok/Liz)
Responses in the comments section about the XM5 charging problem. (From: Tiktok/Liz)

To resolve this, ​​a user pointed out that Sony products come with a one-year manufacturer warranty. She suggested that if the headphones are not charging, they could be considered faulty. In response, the store of purchase should offer a solution if they were bought less than a year ago.

However, another user pointed out that using an incompatible charger, such as those designed for fast charging or from different brands like OnePlus or Apple, can lead to damage not covered by the warranty.

This warning was met with gratitude from many users, emphasizing the importance of using the correct charging equipment.

Espinoza’s Verdict

Considering the overall performance and the charging issue with the XM5s, Espinoza recommends the XM4s as the better choice. Their mix of comfort, reliable performance, and immersive sound quality surpasses the XM5s’ slightly crisper sound.

Even without the charging issue, she says that the additional price of the XM5 doesn’t justify the minor upgrades based on her experience.

Community Responses

The responses to Liz Espinoza’s comparison video of Sony’s 1000-XM4 and 1000-XM5 headphones reveal a community divided in their preferences, yet largely supportive of Espinoza’s verdict.

Support for XM4’s Superiority

Comments agreeing to Liz' verdict that the XM4s are better (From: Youtube/TheBeeKid)
Comments agreeing to Liz’ verdict that the XM4s are better (From: Youtube/TheBeeKid)

A significant number of users echo Espinoza’s favoring of the XM4 model. For instance, @hanscapon222 shares a personal testimony of their attachment to the XM4s. This highlights their essential role in managing sensory overload.

Similarly, @roniharduf2192 expresses satisfaction with the XM4’s noise-cancelling capabilities. However, they mentioned a minor inconvenience of being less aware of their surroundings.

@Kiw3iver’s comment sheds light on a comfort issue with the XM5s, leading them to switch back to the XM4s, which they’ve been happily using for several months.

@abiwalk7726 also praises the XM4s, especially for their stability and travel-friendliness. But, she noted a minor issue with sound disruption and external sound leakage at high volumes.

Advocates for XM5’s Advantages

Comments defending why the XM5s are worth the money. (From: Youtube/TheBeeKid)
Comments defending why the XM5s are worth the money. (From: Youtube/TheBeeKid)

Despite the prevalent support for the XM4s, some users stand firmly on the side of the XM5 model. @iloveyrtoes champions the XM5s as the “best headphones on the market,” particularly for their noise cancellation. @SammyisWhammy acknowledges that while the XM5’s non-foldable design might be seen as a disadvantage, they still find the model worth the investment for its lightweight build.

@ABADDON, another XM5 supporter, points out that the active noise cancellation (ANC) on the XM5 is markedly better than that of the XM4, which was a deciding factor in their purchase decision.

About the Reviewer

Liz Espinosa, A.K.A. "TheBeeKid" (From: Adobe Blog)
Liz Espinosa, A.K.A. “TheBeeKid” (From: Adobe Blog)

Liz Espinoza, known online as @thebeekid, has made a name for herself by providing valuable educational content for college students. Her journey began with seeking advice on the U.S. college application process, which inspired her to start creating her own helpful videos.

Espinoza’s content covers various topics, from study tips to essential college gear. This reflects her commitment to helping students succeed. Her practical, real-world advice demonstrates her understanding of her audience’s needs and daily challenges.

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  1. Another fast-charging experience/example: I found that my Soundcore Q35 headphones would not charge fully when I first got them -its own “fatal flaw”. I felt it was a shame because the headphones otherwise sounded beautifully through an LDAC connection with both a HiBy player and my Samsung phone. I read Amazon reviews noting this won’t-charge problem. I called Soundcore (best support in the business, by the by) and they went through some troubleshooting but couldn’t solve/explain my problem. Interestingly, I had the Q35s plugged in to my Intel NUC while I was troubleshooting with Soundcore, and while they moved toward the process an exchange, I found that the Q35s had moved beyond the partial-charge state. I quickly figured out that the Q35s charging limitation was that it would not work with my Samsung’s fast-charging charger/cable. I asked the tech support person to hold off on the exchange while I continued to test the charging -I mentioned that it had fully charged during the support call, but had not thought of the fast-charging flaw explanation. Charging on my Intel or any other regular USB-C connection has charged the Q35s fully and fine each time. My Q35s charge quickly enough and I’m very happy with them.

    I wonder how common this limitation/explanation is, and whether I’d experience the same problem with other fast-chargers. I have only one fast-charger that has worked very well for years. I also have the Soundcore Q30 for TV viewing, but have not tried the fast charger on that since it also charges plenty fast with “slow” chargers. BTW, the battery life on each of these Qs is outstanding.

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