Your Sennheiser Momentum HD 490 PRO Can Now Go Wireless Using This Smart DIY Solution

JackMoria's DIY wireless Sennheiser Momentum HD 490 PRO project. (From: Reddit)
JackMoria’s DIY wireless Sennheiser Momentum HD 490 PRO project. (From: Reddit)

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This Redditor’s DIY project gives you HD 490 PRO’s sound quality without the wires.

A Reddit user, JackMoria, creatively converted his Sennheiser HD 490 PRO headphones into a wireless set, using a Qudelix-5K DAC, BTD 600 adapter, and Hart Audio cable. He posted his DIY hack on Reddit’s r/headphones, claiming that it’s a good way to get great audio quality without spending for another wireless pair.

A Closer Look at JackMoria’s Wireless Innovation

Some Redditors wondered what the point of the whole DIY project was. (From: Reddit)
Some Redditors wondered what the point of the whole DIY project was. (From: Reddit)

According to the OP, the driving force behind the DIY project was his need for a wireless listening experience:

“Getting rid of cables mostly while enjoying nice sound quality with vast personalization options. I was thinking about getting a pair of BT headphones but the ones in my price range did not satisfy. I went back to the audio gear I already own and started tinkering with a mobile set up.” says JackMoria.

At the heart of the project is the use of the following devices:

  • Qudelix-5K: A Bluetooth DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) and amplifier that supports high-resolution audio codecs like LDAC and aptX HD.
  • Hart Audio HC-8 to 2.5mm balanced cable: Connects the headphones to the DAC and ensures a clear, noise-free audio signal, important for maintaining quality in wireless setups.
  • BTD 600 Bluetooth adapter: Plugs into the OP’s iPhone 15’s USB-C port, allowing a high-quality aptX connection between the phone and the Qudelix-5K.
The Qudelix-5k DAC and amp. (From: Qudelix)
The Qudelix-5k DAC and amp. (From: Qudelix)

JackMoria mounted the Qudelix-5k setup in the middle of the HD 490 PRO’s right ear cup using a low-profile 3M Dual Lock attachment.

He said the setup “sounds great and works well,” showing that it achieved the desired sound quality and was easy to use.

The OP’s post originally says that he used the BT600 adapter. However, he later clarified that this was a typo and that he used the BTD 600 adapter from Sennheiser.

The OP noted that the obstructed open-back design of the HD 490 PROs might cause some sound differences between the left and right channels. However, he emphasized that these differences were insignificant and weren’t audible enough to be a dealbreaker.

“A measurement might show a slight difference between the left and right signal. There is, however, no perceived difference in sound to my ears. I have no need for ANC and the open back design is pleasantly transparent,” JackMoria explained.

Reddit’s Reaction: Praise and Proposals

The community’s reaction to JackMoria’s project ranged from curiosity to skepticism.

Users like fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, who asked about the comfort level of the modified headphones, were met with the OP’s assurance:

“I think it’s very comfortable. I don’t notice the added weight to the left ear. The controls are easy to use. When I’m seated by the mixing desk, I just plug a cord into the right ear cup and use them as usual.”

Some were also curious about the OP’s experience using the Quledix-5k, while others were excited and supportive.

Supportive comments from Redditors. (From: Reddit)
Supportive comments from Redditors. (From: Reddit)

However, not all feedback was positive. Some Redditors doubted the mod’s effect on sound quality. “Yeah, this ain’t it, chief,” one commenter said, while another noted that the OP now had only one semi-open ear cup.

Skeptical comments from Redditors. (From: Reddit)
Skeptical comments from Redditors. (From: Reddit)

However, there are also some supportive voices who downplay the potential for sound distortion.

“Apart from covering it with my whole hand I never heard much difference when experimenting with my open backs,” supernaut9 commented, pointing out the subjective nature of DIY audio modifications and how they don’t inherently lead to quality loss.

Despite the feedback, JackMoria was good-natured and open to suggestions, even thinking about moving his setup based on Reddit’s advice.

“I feel like a genius. Putting it on the headband asap haha.” he says.

Other Redditors gave more constructive comments. Some also shared recommendations and their own DIY experiences.

User saujamhamm said: “I generally don’t attach them to my cans but that’s a clean look!”
Constructive comments from Redditors. (From: Reddit)
Constructive comments from Redditors. (From: Reddit)

Another user, ReaLx3m, offered an excellent suggestion after the OP mentioned that the headband curve made his setup “wobbly”.

“Position it horizontally on the headband, much less curve that way and more comfortable to reach the buttons imo.” he says.

“To compensate for any curving in that position, you can use foam-like double sided tape, like 2-3 mm thick. There are ones with pretty strong adhesive, so it shouldn’t fall off. Hell, it might even work vertically too if you use thicker tape and don’t mind a less cleaner look.”

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