12 Audiophile YouTubers to Follow for Great Audio Advice

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Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned audiophile, these YouTubers have something for you.

We can’t always test headphones ourselves. So, we sometimes have to rely on what others have to say.

However, it’s easy to get lost in the noise of so many “audiophile” YouTubers. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the best channels you should check out for everything — from detailed technical reviews to fun audio content.

[note] This list isn’t ranked in any way. We just listed them alphabetically. [/note]

1. Crinacle

Corin Ako aka Crinacle (From: YouTube)
Corin Ako, aka Crinacle (From: YouTube)

Crinacle is well-known for his detailed audio measurements and insights, especially with IEMs.

He mixes technical expertise with dry humor, making his reviews both informative and fun. He’s also consistent and reliable, taking time to explain his rating system to help viewers easily understand his perspective.

His strong technical knowledge and use of frequency response graphs make his content valuable for those seeking a deep understanding of the headphones/IEM’s performance.

Plus, he’s also transparent when it comes to sponsored content.

He has several collaborations with audio manufacturers like Truthear, Moondrop, and Linsoul. These, too, are clearly disclosed and not frequently mentioned in his reviews. Although, there have been criticisms of the marketing hype not always matching his collabs’ performance.

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2. DankPods

Wade Nixon of DankPods (From: YouTube)
Wade Nixon of DankPods (From: YouTube)

DankPods is a channel that combines informative tech reviews with a unique blend of humor and nostalgia.

He doesn’t fit the mold of a typical audiophile reviewer, but his playful approach has led many into the world of high-quality audio without getting overly technical. In fact, many people credit DankPods for their transition from low-end gear to more sophisticated IEMs and headphones.

DankPods’ approach to delivering technical reviews with a comedic twist makes complex topics more engaging and accessible to a broad audience. His reviews are filled with layman-friendly explanations and quirky anecdotes. So, his content is entertaining and informative for both seasoned audiophiles and newcomers to the hobby.

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3. Darko Audio

John Darko of Darko Audio (From: YouTube)
John Darko of Darko Audio (From: YouTube)

Darko Audio has a practical but subjective review style, featuring visually striking videos. He excels at explaining the subjective nuances of sound quality, bringing the viewer closer to the audio experience.

He makes it abundantly clear that his opinions/thoughts and his videos really aren’t reviews. He sees them more as entertainment and stated that on many videos.

He also often diverges into areas like software setups and self-hosted streaming to give a complete perspective on the audiophile experience. While he sometimes focuses on gear that is out of reach for many, his balanced approach and attitude make his content valuable for anyone.

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4. DMS

Douglas Stephens aka DMS (From: YouTube)
Douglas Stephens aka DMS (From: YouTube)

DMS delivers engaging and trustworthy content with a focus on warm-sounding headphones, appealing particularly to those who share his preference.

His videos are concise and informative, offering high production quality. He expertly balances technical detail and entertainment, blending subjective and objective insights seamlessly.

DMS has also built a reputation for integrity in the audiophile community. He’s not afraid to expose a company of any secrets and start controversies, nor to give any negative feedback. He also very actively engages with his audience on various platforms, which helps him build a community of loyal followers.

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5. GoldenSound

GoldenSound (From: YouTube)
GoldenSound (From: YouTube)

GoldenSound is a critical voice in the audiophile community, known for challenging the validity of MQA technology.

Aside from headphones, his channel also focuses on high-end DACs and amps.

What makes GoldenSound different is his focus on being transparent. He doesn’t use affiliate links, which can potentially bias reviews. Instead, he focuses on providing high-quality, objective content.

GoldenSound’s wide coverage of audio equipment, including less popular items, makes his channel a great resource for audiophiles looking for diverse views.

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6. The Honest Audiophile

The Honest Audiophile (From: YouTube)
The Honest Audiophile (From: YouTube)

The Honest Audiophile is a smaller channel known for its straightforward and sincere reviews. His friendly style and honest opinions make him popular with fans who appreciate clear and simple audio criticism.

He often emphasizes the importance of having a reliable reference setup for reviewing audio gear. To prove his point, he uses a consistent reference setup, including a DAC, amplifier, headphones, and IEMs for comparison in his reviews.

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7. Joshua Valour

Joshua Valour (From: YouTube)
Joshua Valour (From: YouTube)

Joshua Valour impresses with exceptional production quality in his videos.

He sometimes provides less technical information than some other reviewers. But his relatable approach makes his channel a valuable resource for enthusiasts of all levels.

Valour’s opinions, even when they go against the mainstream view, have helped him establish a strong brand. His reviews focus a lot on the overall experience of using audio gear. And, they usually discuss practical things like how headphones perform with everyday devices.

His ability to describe what he hears plus the high-quality visuals and clear audio in his videos, makes his content engaging and easy to follow for viewers.

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8. Paul McGowan (PS Audio)

Paul McGowan (From: YouTube)
Paul McGowan (From: YouTube)

Rather than conducting traditional reviews, Paul McGowan offers educational content that addresses questions about audio and recording. His channel is a great resource for those looking to deepen their understanding of audio technology and its applications.

Some have questioned whether his preference for digital audio is influenced by his business strategy. But, his resources have helped debunk common audio myths and provide practical advice for enthusiasts. One example of this is his book called “The Audiophile’s Guide”.

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9. Resolve

Resolve (From: YouTube)
Resolve (From: YouTube)

Resolve has a straightforward and well-rounded review style that leans heavily on graphs and detailed analysis. He focuses on clear, objective information with just the right amount of personal insight to keep things engaging without being dry.

His unbiased approach cuts through typical audiophile hype, giving you the essential details on a product and its comparison to others.

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10. Steve Guttenberg Audiophiliac

Steve Guttenberg (From: YouTube)
Steve Guttenberg (From: YouTube)

Steve Guttenberg brings a warm, personable approach to his reviews.

Unlike many reviewers, Guttenberg focuses more on the musical experience than the equipment itself. At times, he provides deep insights into things like “sweetness” and “juiciness” in sound.

His channel is a treasure trove of knowledge. It offers insights from a seasoned audiophile who values music as much as the technology reproducing it.

One of Guttenberg’s key messages is that high-quality audio can be enjoyed at all price points. He often says that being an audiophile isn’t just about owning the most expensive gear.

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11. Super* Review

Mark Ryan from Super* Review (From: YouTube)
Mark Ryan from Super* Review (From: YouTube)

Super* Review sets himself apart by avoiding hype and ad-like content. Instead, he focuses on providing analytical and objective reviews of audio products.

He is known for his very detailed reviews of IEMs and earbuds, providing demonstrations of how IEMs fit by showing them worn in profile. He even offers special resources like the Squiglink database for comparing IEM frequency responses.

While the depth of Super* Review’s content is a strength, it may not be for casual viewers who prefer simpler, more straightforward reviews.

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12. Z Reviews

Zeos of Z Reviews (From: YouTube)
Zeos of Z Reviews (From: YouTube)

Z Reviews uses a unique GoPro mounted on his head to film for a fun and different perspective his reviews. This makes his channel engaging for viewers looking for more than just technical details.

His reviews have in-depth insights into the sound characteristics and overall performance, just like most reviewers on this list. But, they also usually provide insights that are often missed by other reviewers. This includes useful quality of life (QoL) details, such as ergonomics and menus of DACs and other devices.

He does tend to take his time getting to the main points, though.

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