TEAC Releases the UD-507, a Luxury DAC/Amp for Rich Audiophiles

A close look at the new TEAC UD-507 (From: TEAC)
A close look at the new TEAC UD-507 (From: TEAC)

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It’s great news for anyone with $2K to splurge.

TEAC has done it again with the release of the UD-507, a high-end DAC/Amp that’s sure to make audiophiles drool.

Coming with a hefty price tag of more than $2K, the UD-507 TEAC’s proprietary TRDD 5 discrete DAC promises exceptionally clear and precise audio playback. The goal here is to create an immersive soundstage that envelops the listener. And, at least on paper, TEAC seems to have hit the mark.

TEAC UD-507 Features

The UD-507 is the newest member of TEAC’s digital audio equipment family, and it’s clear that the company has pulled out all the stops.

As a part of the revered 500 Series, the UD-507 draws inspiration from the prestigious 700 Series. But, it’s packaged into a more compact, A4-size format. So, it can be a versatile addition to any audiophile’s collection.
Front view of the TEAC UD-507. (From: TEAC)
Front view of the TEAC UD-507. (From: TEAC)

Here’s a closer look at what makes the UD-507 so special:

  • TRDD 5 DAC: This discrete DAC technology is made to deliver clarity, accuracy, and a soundstage that’s both wide and deep. This aims to give an experience that feels like you’re right there in the room with the musicians.
  • Fully Balanced Dual Monaural Headphone Amplifier: The UD-507 has TEAC’s improved high current line driver, the TEAC-HCLD2. This can pump out up to 1,200mW + 1,200mW on a balanced load. That’s some serious power. And, it means the UD-507 can drive even the most demanding headphones with ease.
  • High-Quality Preamplifier with Extensive Connectivity: This includes multiple analog and digital inputs. So, you can connect the UD-507 to just about any audio equipment you can think of. The TEAC-QVCS high-precision analog volume attenuator also makes sure that you’ll always have precise control over your volume.
  • Advanced Digital Processing: It supports up to 22.5MHz DSD and 384kHz/32bit PCM playback, and it even has a built-in MQA decoder for handling high-resolution audio files. Plus, with the RDOT-NEO up-conversion function, you can smoothly increase PCM signals up to 384kHz.
  • Improved Connectivity and Usability: The UD-507 offers Bluetooth support with high-quality codecs like LDAC, LHDC, and aptX HD for wireless audio streaming. You’ll also find both USB Type-B and Type-C inputs, along with coaxial and optical inputs for even more versatility.
Thanks to the Bulk Pet USB transfer technology, you can also be sure that data transmission from your computer will always be stable.

Full Specifications of the UD-507

Now that we’ve covered the highlights, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details of the UD-507’s specifications:

Supported Formats 
USB inputPCM: 16/24/32 bit, 44.1k to 384k Hz
DSD: 2.8M, 5.6M, 11.2M, 22.5M Hz
Coaxial digital inputPCM: 16/24 bit, 32k to 192k Hz
DSD: 2.8MHz (supported with 176.4kHz/24-bit DoP format)
Optical digital inputPCM: 16/24 bit, 32k to 192k Hz
DSD: 2.8MHz (supported with 176.4kHz/24-bit DoP format)
DAC Section 
USB DACIn-house designed Discrete DAC TRDD5
Up-conversionUp to 384kHz/32-bit PCM, 22.5MHz DSD
Audio Inputs 
USBUSB Type-C x 1, USB Type-B x 1, USB 2.0, Asynchronous transfer, Bulk Pet, TEAC HR Audio Player (Windows, Macintosh)
Coaxial DigitalRCA pin x1 (gold-plated), 0.5Vp-p, 75Ω
Optical DigitalTOS-link x1, -24.0 to -14.5dBm peak
Analog (Balanced)XLR x1 pair (gold-plated), 50kΩ, 5Vrms
Analog (Unbalanced)RCA pin x1 pair (gold-plated), 24kΩ, 2.5Vrms
BluetoothVersion 4.2, Class2, A2DP, AVRCP, supports LDAC, LHDC, Qualcomm aptX HD, aptX, AAC, SBC
Audio Outputs 
XLR BalancedXLR x1 pair (gold-plated), Max 4.0Vrms, 40Ω
RCA UnbalancedRCA pin x1 pair (gold-plated), Max 2.0Vrms, 20Ω
Headphone Outputs1/4” TRS x1, XLR 4pin x1, 4.4mm Pentaconn x1 (all gold-plated)
Max Output (Headphones)Balanced: 1200mW + 1200mW (100Ω), Active Ground: 900mW + 900mW (32Ω)
Clock Section 
External Clock InputBNC (gold-plated), 10MHz, 50Ω
External Control12V Trigger out: 3.5mm Mini jack, 12V, 100mA
Audio PerformanceFrequency Response: 5Hz to 70kHz (+1/–6 dB)THD: 0.01% or lessS/N: 105dB or higher
Power SupplyUS/Canada: AC 120V 60Hz, UK/Europe: AC 220 to 240V 50Hz
Power Consumption18W, 0.4W in standby
Dimensions290(W)×85(H)×249 (D) mm / 11.4”(W)×3.3”(H)×9.8”(D)
Weight4.9kg / 10.8lbs

Ports on the TEAC UD-507. (From: TEAC)
Ports on the TEAC UD-507. (From: TEAC)

So, how does the UD-507 stack up against its predecessors?

Well, for starters, it offers a much wider range of digital and analog inputs compared to models like the UD-505-X, UD-505, UD-503, and UD-501.

The UD-507 also boasts improved up-conversion capabilities, supporting PCM up to 384kHz/32-bit and DSD up to 22.5MHz. That’s a step up from what we’ve seen in earlier models.

Perhaps most notable, though, is the UD-507’s in-house designed TRDD5 discrete DAC. This custom approach suggests that TEAC has gone the extra mile to improve audio quality and resolution capabilities beyond what we’ve heard from previous models.

Where to Buy

The TEAC UD-507 will start shipping out in June 2024. (From: TEAC)
The TEAC UD-507 will start shipping out in June 2024. (From: TEAC)

The TEAC UD-507 is available for pre-order on the TEAC Official Website. The DAC is priced at US$2,099, and orders are scheduled to ship in June 2024.

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