10 Most Underrated Audiophile YouTubers You Should Check Out

The best underrated audiophile reviewers on YouTube.
The best underrated audiophile reviewers on YouTube.

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Discover the best YouTube Reviewers who deserve more than their follower count.

Looking for what others think about an audio gear you’re eyeing can be a lot, especially with so many well-known reviewers out there.

But some of the best and most authentic content comes from underrated YouTubers. These hidden gems can give you access to fresh insights and help you discover lesser-known high-quality gear you won’t find on mainstream reviewers.

That said, here are our top 10 favorite underrated YouTube audiophile reviewers I think you should check out:

1. Audio Masterclass

David Mellor of Audio Masterclass. (From: YouTube)
David Mellor of Audio Masterclass. (From: YouTube)

Audio Masterclass, hosted by David Mellor, is a channel that’s all about helping those who want to be music producers get better at making audio.

It’s connected to the ‘Audio Masterclass’ website, which has a great Music Production and Sound Engineering Course. So it’s no surprise their content is VERY educational.

While Audio Masterclass does have reviews, Mellor does them in his own way.

Instead of just talking about the product, he always mixes in a lot of technical knowledge, sticking to the ‘audio masterclass’ style.

His unique insights and humor make hard topics easy to understand and interesting, while his practical tips and examples help viewers use audio ideas in real life.

However, some of his videos may be too theoretical at times, so be ready to get schooled.

Watch Audio Masterclass on YouTube

2. Chuckolatte

Chuckolatte (From: YouTube)
Chuckolatte (From: YouTube)

If you’re looking for a channel that blends gaming content with audio gear reviews, Chuckolatte is your go-to.

I’ve found his detailed breakdowns and comparisons of headphones, DACs, and amplifiers to be super helpful. Plus, his playthroughs of popular games with fun commentary and funny insights, are great to watch.

However, what I appreciate most about Chuckolatte is how he makes the content easy to understand.

His honest and to-the-point reviews are often mixed in with some jokes. This have has him known as a ‘chill dude’ who gives detailed and helpful comparison reviews of different audio gear. And, his reviews also do not give that sense of bias that a lot of other reviewers have.

Watch Chuckolatte on YouTube

3. ConvinceMeAudio

ConvinceMeAudio (From: YouTube)
ConvinceMeAudio (From: YouTube)

ConvinceMeAudio is a channel that really stands out for its detailed and technical look at high-end audio products.

What makes this host unique is that he’s blind, so you get a perspective that you won’t find elsewhere.

His in-depth reviews of headphones, amplifiers, DACs, and IEMs show how passionate he is about audio. And, his funny and interesting way of presenting takes you away from the overly technical reviews we often see.

The channel also covers events like CanJam, with live panels and Q&A sessions with industry experts. This adds extra value for audiophiles who want insider knowledge but can’t go to these events.

Watch ConvinceMeAudio on YouTube

4. Currawong

Currawong (From: YouTube)
Currawong (From: YouTube)

Amos Barnett, also known as Currawong, mixes his own impressions with scientific measurements for a well-rounded review of audio products.

His background in science and ethics in reviewing adds a level of trust to his content that’s hard to find elsewhere.

But what’s great about Currawong is how he can explain technical ideas in a way that’s easy to understand, making his reviews accessible to a lot of people.

He doesn’t just throw around big words to sound smart. He makes sure his viewers get what he’s saying and how it applies to everyday listening.

Watch Currawong on YouTube

5. Director’s Garage

Director’s Garage (From: YouTube)
Director’s Garage (From: YouTube)

As a nine-time Emmy® Award-winning director, Michael De Lazzer brings a different kind of expertise with the Director’s Garage YouTube channel.

It’s very rare to have someone with his credentials tell you what he thinks about audio gear so visiting his channel is a must!

The channel features high-quality reviews and unboxings of high-end audio gear, along with De Lazzer’s interesting presentation and thorough breakdowns. Combined, these make his content a must-watch for audiophiles and high-end audio fans alike.

And if you’re lucky, you might even catch one of his occasional giveaways or subscriber interaction events.

Watch Director’s Garage on YouTube

6. No Theme Reviews

No Theme Reviews (From: YouTube)
No Theme Reviews (From: YouTube)

If you want honest, to-the-point, and detailed reviews of a wide range of audio gear, No Theme Reviews is the channel for you.

This channel covers everything from budget to high-end products, so viewers have lots of options.

One unique thing about No Theme Reviews is the host’s direct approach.

Simply put, he is one of the channels that straight-up refuses to hype products.

His willingness to talk about both the good and bad sides of products is refreshing. And, he isn’t afraid to criticize products as long as they deserve it.

That’s why, while the channel may not be the most entertaining, his complete and critical reviews are a goldmine.

Watch No Theme Reviews on YouTube

7. OCD Hi-Fi Guy

OCD Hi-Fi Guy (From: YouTube)
OCD Hi-Fi Guy (From: YouTube)

Mike Powell, known as OCD Hi-Fi Guy, is a reviewer who brings over 23 years of experience in the audio industry to the table.

His YouTube channel is all about teaching viewers about Hi-Fi audio, giving insider knowledge, and exposing industry truths.

Powell’s style is honest and direct, free of product promotion and fluff. So, it’s clear that he’s in this to help his viewers be happy with their setups without spending too much.

He does sometimes tend to be ‘too skeptical’ as he dismisses audio measurement standards from time to time, though.

Still, that means his reviews often give a different perspective on things.

Watch OCD Hi-Fi Guy on YouTube

8. Paul Wasabii

Paul Wasabii (From: YouTube)
Paul Wasabii (From: YouTube)

If you like Crinacle, you definitely need to check out Paul Wasabii.

Paul focuses on IEM reviews, giving detailed frequency response graphs and personal comparisons for each model.

His reviews often give a complete understanding of how the IEMs perform, including their fit, comfort, and EQ support. Plus, Paul’s unique approach and personal insights make his content relatable and valuable.

He takes time to review his gear to give his viewers more information so they’ll understand the products better. And, he’s not afraid to go against what other audiophiles believe.

Watch Paul Wasabii on YouTube

9. Reviews By WaveTheory

Reviews By WaveTheory (From: YouTube)
Reviews By WaveTheory (From: YouTube)

Before switching to video content, WaveTheory built a reputation for writing detailed reviews on platforms like Head-Fi and HiFiGuides Forum.

Because of this, he is known for his technical depth, detailed breakdowns, and giving valuable insights into the performance and build quality of different audio products.

One of the things I like about WaveTheory’s channel is his comparison reviews, which help viewers understand the small differences between different models.

He also sometimes talks about the science behind sound and audio and how the human brain understands music, adding an educational side to his content.

His content is a bit straightforward as he aims to cover everything the readers need to know about whatever he’s reviewing.

So, those who are looking for something more entertaining might not enjoy his videos. But, those who are looking for discussions that get straight to the point will find his channel helpful

Watch WaveTheory on YouTube

10. Scientific Audiophile

Scientific Audiophile (From: YouTube)
Scientific Audiophile (From: YouTube)

The Scientific Audiophile channel is known for its balanced approach, combining scientific measurements with personal listening experiences. It gives detailed technical reviews of audio gear, including DACs, amplifiers, and headphones, alongside educational content on audio science.

But this channel isn’t all about the typical review content.

True to its name, the channel also focuses on showing audiophile myths aren’t true, and looking at psychoacoustics gives a grounded view.

Because of this, though, the host has been involved in debates with other reviewers, such as the callout of Passion for Sound, and has discussed controversial topics like the impact of power cables on sound quality and the effectiveness of blind tests.

This led to some companies refusing to send him gear to review. But that didn’t scare the host, In fact, he makes constant jokes about how he spends more time in court than in his listening room.

The channel’s critical stance may be too polarizing to some. But, if you can appreciate its objective information and myth busting, you should definitely check it out.

Watch Scientific Audiophile on YouTube

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