I Bet You’ve Never Seen These “Open” Headphones Before

User andi052 showcasing the custom Acousticon headphones (From: Reddit)
User andi052 showcasing the custom Acousticon headphones (From: Reddit)

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Can you guess what these headphones are for?

A hearing aid professional recently shared a pair of unique open-back headphones in a Reddit post on the r/headphones subreddit. Developed by Acousticon, a hearing aid manufacturer, the headphones feature an extraordinary “all-open” design that sparked curiosity amongst users.

Redditor u/andi052 described how these headphones are essential for a subjective loudness-fitting strategy. They emit sounds at various pitches and volumes, and patients indicate on a chart how well they hear them. This process helps tailor hearing aids to each individual’s specific hearing needs.

‘’For example: If I play a 70 dB noise at 2 kilohertz and my patient points at ‘’barely audible’’ on the chart, I know that they need more gain in that frequency band.’’ – u/andi052 on Reddit

This allows for a more personalized fitting of hearing aids, adapting to the distinct loudness levels perceived by each person.

The Unique ‘Extra-Open’ Design

Open-back designs of the Sennheiser HD 660S2 and HD 650
Open-back designs of the Sennheiser HD 660S2 and HD 650

Open-back headphones, like the ones mentioned in the Reddit thread, are characterized by their design that leaves the outer side of the ear cups open. This permits unrestricted airflow and sound passage, producing natural and spacious audio quality.

This design is crucial as it mimics real-life listening, enabling precise calibration of hearing aids.

The Redditor’s headphones further this concept with a 3D-printed housing for their specific use. They stand out for their extremely open-back design, where the speakers are exposed and hang directly in front of the ears. This theoretically delivers a more accurate and lifelike sound.

The original poster emphasized the usefulness of the headphones’ magnetic quick disconnects on each side. They suggested that such a feature should become standard in headphone designs. However, they did not provide specific details about the headphone drivers.

Community Response to the Quirky Headphones

As expected, the strange-looking headphones triggered a surge of witty reactions among the online community. Users quickly filled the thread with a variety of funny and iconic comparisons.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in 'Total Recall.' (From: American Cinematographer)
Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘Total Recall.’ (From: American Cinematographer)

Redditors were quick to draw parallels to the sci-fi world. Some likened the headphones to a device worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall, highlighting their futuristic look.

Other comments focused on the technical side, with users comparing these headphones to other well-known models with ultra-open designs. Many identified likenesses to the AKG K1000, Valve Index Ear Speakers, and Stax Sigmas. One user also jokingly said they were “not as open as the Sennheiser Surrounder Pro.”

The Valve Index Ear Speakers. (From: Valve)
The Valve Index Ear Speakers. (From: Valve)

Beyond technical comparisons, the unique design inspired some hilarious comments. Some users playfully referred to them as ‘’biblically accurate headphones’’ and requested ‘’face speakers.’’

Funny Reddit comments about the extra open headphones. (From: Reddit)
Funny Reddit comments about the “extra open” headphones. (From: Reddit)

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