How Much Can You Pawn AirPods for in 2024?

You can pawn the most popular models of AirPods for $80.
You can pawn the most popular models of AirPods for $80.

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Here are some simple tips to estimate and increase how much money you can get for pawned AirPods.

AirPods owners who urgently need cash can make money by pawning their wireless earbuds.

However, there are no standardized prices for pawned AirPods, as factors like the model, condition, and pawnshop itself come into play.

That’s why we sent photos of every AirPods model to PawnAmerica to give you a more concrete idea of what you can expect when you pawn your AirPods. Read on for the quotes, as well as tips to make more money when pawning your AirPods.

Estimated Prices for Pawned AirPods in 2024

You can get anywhere between $10 to $80 for your AirPods, depending on the model and condition.

Model Very GoodGoodFairPoorFor PartsUsed Sale Price
AirPods Gen 1$35$30$20 - $25$15$10$69
AirPods Gen 2$20 - $25$20$15$10$5$50 - $59
AirPods Gen 3$40 - $50$40$35$20$10$69 - $79
AirPods Pro Gen 1$75$65$40 - $50$30$10$150
AirPods Pro Gen 2$80$70$40 - $50$35$25$169
AirPods Max$170$160$100 - $150$70$35$319 - $329

The underlined quotes in the table are real quotes from PawnAmerica based on the condition they thought the AirPods were in. The other quotes are estimates based on what we’ve found while researching.

The more popular and in-demand your AirPods are, the easier it is to make a bit more. For example, AirPods Max fetch much higher prices, between $70 and $170, while the older AirPods Gen 1 might only go for $35.

Generally, you can expect to make about half of your AirPods’ market value. Most pawnshops aim for a 38% to 50% profit margin, so they check your AirPods’ current selling price and then take out their cut. For instance, if your AirPods can sell for $40 and the pawnbroker wants to make a 50% profit, they’d give you $20.

How do pawn shops check your AirPods’ market value? Brian McCracken of PawnNerd revealed that pawnshops primarily use eBay to check resale value. It’s one of the biggest marketplaces for used goods, so it’s a good gauge of what they’ll make.

However, you might be unable to pawn your AirPods at every shop. Some pawnshops will only accept the latest models that are sure to sell.

For example, we also tried to get quotes from E Pawn Superstore, but they would only accept AirPods Pro Gen 2s.

How the Condition of AirPods Affects the Pawn Price

Pawnshops accept AirPods that range from like new to damaged but working.
Pawnshops accept AirPods that range from “like new” to damaged but working.

If the pawnshop rates the condition of your AirPods poorly, then you won’t make much money. Here’s how some shops judge their items so you can be prepared:

  • Very Good: The item is “like new” with no scratches. It may or may not come with original packaging.
  • Good: The item fully works, but there might be some tiny scratches from normal use.
  • Fair: The item works, but there might be scratches from normal use.
  • Poor: The item still works, but there are obvious cosmetic issues like cracks or dents.
  • For Parts: The item no longer works, but most parts can be reused.

However, I think the AirPods’ condition is subjective and will vary from shop to shop. For example, I only sent photos of AirPods in Good condition without visible scratches. But PawnAmerica said most of the AirPods I sent were in Fair condition.

Also, PawnAmerica quoted us two different prices for the same pair of AirPods Pro Gen 1 at $20-$25 and $40-$50. Therefore, I think you would want to try pawning your AirPods at a few shops to improve your chances of an accurate condition rating.

If you want more money, selling your AirPods instead of pawning them would increase your profits. However, if you want your AirPods back, it’s worth losing a little money to avoid buying a new set.

Tips to Make More Money When Pawning AirPods

Clean your AirPods with a toothbrush and Q-tip before pawning them.
Clean your AirPods with a toothbrush and Q-tip before pawning them.

You can prep your AirPods before heading to a pawnshop to improve your chances of making more money.

Here are some tips:

  • Disinfect and clean your AirPods before taking them to the pawnshop.
  • Test your AirPods and case to ensure they’re working properly.
  • Bring the original packaging, receipts, and any accessories that came with your AirPods when you purchased them.
  • Reset the AirPods so they’re ready for pawning or selling.
  • Choose a pawnshop that specializes in buying gadgets and wearables.
  • Get quotes from various pawnshops to find the highest price for your AirPods.
  • Check eBay to see the estimated market price and aim for 50%. This can help ensure you don’t get lowballed by pawnshops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I sell my AirPods for cash?

You can sell your AirPods on second-hand marketplaces like eBay, Swappa, Craigslist, Offer Up, Glyde, or Facebook. You can also sell your AirPods at pawnshops for a quicker transaction.

How much can I sell one AirPod for?

A fully working AirPod Pro Gen 2 can sell for up to $40 on Sellthatcell. 9to5 by MyPhonesUnlimited will give you at least $10 for one working AirPod, regardless of the model. You can also try local technicians and small shops that buy broken electronics to see where you can get a better price.

Can you pawn any Apple product?

Yes, Apple products can be pawned. Apple has established itself as a premium brand, so the products tend to have a higher resale value.

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