FiiO Reveals the FD15 IEMs With Patented Tesla Valve Tech for Bassheads on a Budget

The FIIO FD15 IEMs aim to be the top choice of budget-conscious bass lovers. (From: FIIO)
The FIIO FD15 IEMs aim to be the top choice of budget-conscious bass lovers. (From: FIIO)

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FiiO’s bass game just hit a new high.

FiiO challenges the status quo of mid-range IEMs with its new FD15. At only $149.99, these IEMs aim to bring high-end audio technology to bass enthusiasts on a budget. All thanks to the magnalium diaphragm, DLC gasket, and FiiO’s patented “Tesla Valve” acoustic design.

This mix promises to deliver the bass performance you’d typically expect from pricier models. But don’t be fooled – the FD15 aren’t just about that bass.

FiiO FD15 Features

A close look at the FiiO FD15 IEMS. (From: FiiO)
A close look at the FiiO FD15 IEMS. (From: FiiO)

The FD15 have a larger-than-average 13.8mm dynamic driver paired with a special magnalium diaphragm and DLC gasket. These are said to create a wider and clearer soundstage than earlier models.

The star of the show, however, is undoubtedly the patented “Tesla Valve” bass enhancement system.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill bass boost. FiiO’s team carefully designed acoustic channels in the IEMs to improve bass extension without making the overall sound muddy.

The result? Deep, punchy bass that doesn’t overshadow the mids and highs.

More details on the FD15's acoustic design. (From: FiiO)
More details on the FD15’s acoustic design. (From: FiiO)

FiiO has also added a W-shaped gasket design that makes the effective vibrating area 30% larger than regular diaphragms of the same size. This design choice lets the FD15 hold more energy, giving a fuller and more solid listening experience than you’d expect at this price.

Plus, audio lovers will appreciate the technical prowess of the FD15.

A long voice coil and strong external magnet work together to boost driver performance. And, a special frontal acoustic prism adjusts the vocal range and high-frequency response.

The included cable is no afterthought either.

The FiiO FD15 come with the separately sold LC-RC 2024 cable. (From: FiiO)
The FiiO FD15 come with the separately sold LC-RC 2024 cable. (From: FiiO)

FiiO chose a high-quality braided design using both Furukawa monocrystalline silver and silver-plated copper wires. With 480 wires total and a 22AWG cross-sectional area, this cable promises an ideal signal transmission.

According to FiiO’s engineers, the FD15 strike a delicate balance in its sound profile. While they excel in delivering rich, emotive vocals and deep, impactful bass, they don’t neglect the higher frequencies.

This results in a well-rounded sound signature that should appeal to a wide range of listeners, from bass heads to vocal enthusiasts.

FiiO FD15's frequency response graph.
FiiO FD15’s frequency response graph.

Yet, FiiO understands that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to audio preferences.

That’s why the FD15 have two interchangeable sound nozzles so users can fine-tune their listening experience. The red nozzle boosts the bass and vocals, while the black nozzle sharpens the high frequencies for those who want extra detail.

Compared to their predecessor, the FD5, the FD15 offer a different flavor. They don’t exactly match the FD5’s expansive soundstage (due to the FD5’s semi-closed design). But they compensate with improved mid-range clarity and a more cohesive overall sound.

The FD15 also address wearing comfort issues reported by some FD5 users, making it potentially more suitable for extended listening sessions. Yet, the FD5 have a more V-shaped sound signature, while the FD15 aim for a more balanced approach, particularly in the midrange.

FiiO FD15 IEMS internals. (From: FiiO)
FiiO FD15 IEMS internals. (From: FiiO)

Technical specifications

  • Form factor: Wired, In-ear monitors
  • Driver: 13.8mm dynamic driver with magnalium diaphragm and DLC gasket
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-40kHz
  • Impedance: 32Ω @ 1kHz
  • Sensitivity: 112dB/mW @ 1kHz
  • Shell Material: 316L stainless steel
  • Cable: 4 strands totaling 480 wires of Furukawa monocrystalline silver + silver-plated copper
  • Cable Length: Approximately 1.2m
  • Single Unit Weight: About 1.29g (excluding cable)
  • Connector: Expanded MMCX
  • Audio Plug: Straight twist-lock swappable plug (3.5/4.4mm options)

Where to Buy

The two color options of the FiiO FD15 IEMs. (From: FiiO)
The two color options of the FiiO FD15 IEMs. (From: FiiO)

The FiiO FD15 IEMs are now available on various third-party stores including FiiO’s Official AliExpress Store, for $149.99.

Customers can choose between obsidian black and racing silver color options.

The package includes a comprehensive set of accessories, such as:

  • various eartips (balanced, vocal, bass, foam, and HS18 in S/M/L sizes)
  • a storage case (HB11)
  • an MMCX quick release tool
  • a cleaning brush
  • 3.5/4.4mm swappable plugs
  • two pairs of swappable sound nozzles

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