HyperX Launches Stunning Cloud Orbit and Cloud Orbit S Gaming Headphones

The matt black look brings a classic feel to the cutting-edge Cloud Orbit S (Credit: PC Gamer)

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For gamers who are serious about their online play

The matt black look brings a classic feel to the cutting-edge Cloud Orbit S (Credit: PC Gamer)

Gaming doesn’t get any more realistic than the incredible, hyper-realistic soundscape provided by HyperX’s new, over-ear, gaming-specific headphones – the Cloud Orbit and Cloud Orbit S.

Having partnered with high-end audio manufacturer Audeze, HyperX promises to bring an “immersive cinematic audio experience to gaming” with their new releases, set to become available in most major markets over the next few months.

HyperX’s newest entries look and feel solid (Credit: The Verge)

100mm Planar Magnetic Driver

The pair’s 100mm planar magnetic driver technology delivered by Audeze offers an extreme definition in sound, enabling games to hear in-game details – from gunshots to footfall – with pinpoint precision.

Head-tracking Technology

Added to this is the Waves Nx Technology embedded within the Cloud Orbit S which tracks gamers’ head movements to generate a 360-degree soundscape that morphs and flexes depending on the direction they’re facing. It’s details like these that make these headphones so exciting!

Though neither of the headphones is wireless – instead users can choose from USB-A, USB-C or a 3.5mm connector – they do offer superb sound isolation thanks to their ergonomic design and snug fit. Nothing less than you’d expect from one of the top gaming headphone producers on the planet.

Well-built and ergonomic, the Cloud Orbit are fun to wear (Credit: Stuff.tv)

10 Hours Battery Life

Even though the Cloud Orbit is wired headphones, they do have a battery in them. When you are connected via the 3.5mm analog connection instead of USBs (USB-A and USB-C) connection, the battery is needed for Digital Signal Processing (DSP). Battery life is reported to hit the 10-hour mark. This is a decent though by no means exceptional battery life for headphones such as these. However, if we consider the high-end technology on offer here, we really can’t complain.

At a mere 350 grams, the Cloud Orbit and Cloud Orbit S are light and compact headphone options in contrast to those within a similar price range.

Simply click the 3D button to experience the 360-degree soundstage. (Credit: The Verge)

For gamers who are serious about their online play, both the Cloud Orbit and Cloud Orbit S are exceptional headphones that will provide advantages in their in-game performance. While the responsive soundstage that the Orbit S provides is the undoubted stand-out feature of the Orbit S, the characteristic “cinematic” audio style that both headphones offer is bound to heighten any gamer’s enjoyment.

While the standard HyperX Orbit is set to retail in the U.S. at $299.99, the HyperX Orbit S will set you back $30 more at $329.99. For only $30, users will get the 360-degree soundstage that allows pinpoint accuracy and a truly immersive gaming experience. 

Both headphones are set to be released from today onwards, though details as to where they will be available aren’t entirely clear yet. We’ll be updating this article when we know more!

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