Find My AirPods: A Guide to Tracking Missing or Stolen AirPods

AirPods on a grassy field
AirPods on a grassy field

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Make the most of Apple’s Find My app in the quest for your lost AirPods.

The AirPods are extremely portable with their sleek, true wireless design.

However, this convenient characteristic also makes them easy to lose.

Fortunately, you can locate lost AirPods with your iOS device using Apple’s Find My app and features like Lost Mode and Family Sharing. So, read on as we explain how to use these features and more.

How to Find AirPods Using the Find My App

Here’s how to use Find My’s Directions, Find, and Play Sound features to locate your AirPods:

  1. Open Find My, choose Devices, and select your AirPods from the list or map.

    Selecting AirPods on the Find My app's list of devices
    Selecting AirPods on the Find My app’s list of devices
  2. Tap Directions to view your AirPods’ location and how to get there. You can also opt for a map or satellite view of the location.
    The Directions option only appears when your AirPods are outside Bluetooth range. You can also use this function on the iCloud website.

    Tapping AirPods on the map to show directions
    Tapping AirPods on the map to show directions
  3. Select Find when your AirPods are within Bluetooth range to launch the distance proximity radar and pinpoint their location.
    I found my lost AirPods quickly with the proximity radar, which uses Bluetooth to display increasing signal strength and provide sound and haptic feedback to indicate how close I am to my AirPods. Find works with AirPods Gen 3, AirPods Pro Gen 1 & 2, and AirPods Max.

    Using the Find features to locate the AirPods Pro
    Using the Find features to locate the AirPods Pro
  4. If you’re near your AirPods but still can’t find them, select Play Sound to pinpoint your AirPods’ exact location.
    In my experience, the high-pitched tones were easy to hear and cut through the noise, making finding my AirPods easier.

    Click the Play Sound button
    Click the Play Sound button

The steps above also apply when searching for a single lost AirPod using Find My. Just place the remaining AirPod in its case so Find My shows only the missing one’s location.

How to Find AirPods When They Are Offline or Out of Battery

If your lost AirPods are dead or offline, you can use Lost Mode to find them. Marking them as ‘Lost’ alerts you if they connect to another iOS device, reveals the finder’s location, and lets you send a custom message.

Here’s how to turn on Lost Mode for your AirPods:

  1. In Find My, choose Devices, and select your AirPods.
  2. Under Mark as Lost, select Activate, then Continue.

    Marking AirPods as 'lost' on Find My app
    Marking AirPods as ‘lost’ on Find My app
  3. Customize your message for the finder with your contact details.

    Adding contact details and message to potential finder
    Adding contact details and message to potential finder
  4. Tick Notify When Found, then choose Activate again to finalize.

    Activating the Notify When Found feature
    Activating the Notify When Found feature
Lost Mode doesn’t guarantee you’ll get your AirPods back, as this depends on the finder returning them. Additionally, resetting the AirPods can deactivate this feature.

How to Get Help in Finding AirPods Using Family Sharing

Family Sharing allows you to share the location of your devices, including AirPods, with family members.

It’s an excellent fallback option because if you lose your AirPods or can’t access the Find My app due to poor connectivity, other family members can easily track them for you on their app. Moreover, having multiple people able to track a lost device may increase the chances of locating them.

Follow these steps to enable Family Sharing for an existing Family Sharing group:

Sharing location to family on iOS
Sharing location to family on iOS
  1. Go to Settings and tap your name in the left sidebar.
  2. Select Family Sharing > Location Sharing > Share My Location.
    If you’re not part of a group, start one by selecting Set Up next to Family Sharing and following the onscreen prompts.

Apple Expert’s Trick to Avoid Losing Your AirPods Again

To prevent losing your AirPods while on the move, activate the Notify When Left Behind feature. This ensures you receive immediate alerts for up to 24 hours if you accidentally leave them in any location.

Here’s how to set it up:

How to activate the Notify When Left Behind feature on Find My
How to activate the Notify When Left Behind feature on Find My
  1. Open Devices in Find My and select your AirPods from the list.
  2. Turn on Notify When Left Behind under Notifications.
  3. Under Notify Me, Except AT, tap New Location and add locations where you don’t want to be notified about leaving your AirPods.
You’ll need an iPhone 12 or newer to use this feature with your AirPods Gen 3, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add AirPods to the Find My app on iPhone?

AirPods automatically appear in Find My on all Apple devices linked to your iCloud account. However, you can manually turn on Find My by selecting Settings > Bluetooth and tapping the ‘i’ icon next to your AirPods’ name. Then scroll down and toggle on Find My network.

Is Find My for AirPods accurate?

No, Find My isn’t accurate. Since the AirPods lack GPS, they can’t communicate directly with the Find My network to relay their exact position. Additionally, Find My only tracks AirPods when they’re out of the case and emitting Bluetooth signals. If turned off or dead, tracking becomes difficult and inaccurate.

Why does Find My for AirPods say ‘No Location Found’?

‘No Location Found’ appears when your AirPods are out of range, inside their case, or dead. It’s possible that staying in this state for an extended period may prompt your AirPods to switch from their last location to ‘Offline’ or ‘No Location Found.’ However, there’s no definitive proof of this.

How can I find my AirPods using Android?

Android users can use apps like Wunderfind to locate AirPods. It displays a “radar” and distance score indicating your proximity to your AirPods and offers a paid Play Sound feature. While this only works for connected devices, you can find disconnected AirPods with these three methods for Android devices.

How can I find my lost AirPod case?

You can find a lost AirPods case using the Find My features discussed above (Lost Mode, Directions, Find, and Play Sound). However, this will only work if there’s one AirPod left inside the missing case or if you’re using the AirPods Pro 2.

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  1. I did everything that’s written above and my phone still couldn’t find my phones. They cost so much and have so many features that are useless. Not happy at all!

    1. Hello Svetlana,
      Exactly on 20th June i found set of airpods 3rd generation. Send me an email with the place/city/country where you lost them and i will send them to you via post. I was on holiday and found them on the way to the airport, there wasn’t much left to do with them than taking them with me, since there wasn’t any lost and found office, nor officer who can guarantee they will report as lost. [email protected]

  2. My daughters airpod pros was stolen yesterday in gym smh first day of school I’m praying we can locate them they cost too much and this ruined her 1st day… hopefully they check cameras today. Any other tips just incase???

  3. I actually know of the person who has stolen my pods and she just lets them sit. For some reason, she recently showed up with a new pair of pros and I got the chance to open the case and they showed, “not your air pod pros”, confused!! Mine just say, outside of case and last seen October 16, 2022.

  4. I lost my apple air pods I am a student and need them for work and lectures I cant find them anywhere I tried the steps above I am so disappointed in myself because I can’t afford to replace them. If anyone has a pair they dont use please contact me as I am desperate thankyou so much🙏

  5. I lost my AirPods right bud yesterday and I am only able to see its last location. How can I recover it ? I also activated the lost mode now but how will I get any notification if the right bud has low battery or low Bluetooth signal.

  6. Very disappointed with APPLE, because they know that thousand’s of users lost their Airpod’s and cannot find them, even using FIND MY app. Yet, APPLE pretends that they are soo easy to find when lost. Theives! Shame!

  7. I have lost my airpods from yesterday at Blk 667D jurong west st 65. But in the morning when I track it, it is at 46B toh tuck road, signature park condominium. Around 5pm , it was tracked at 667D Jurong west again. After some time , it relocates to 667a jurong west st 65. I really need to use it. Whoever who holds to it pls.pls pls kindly call me at 87265116.

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