6 Reasons Why You Should Pick Spotify Over Apple Music

Spotify wins over Apple Music in these six categories.
Spotify wins over Apple Music in these six categories.

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This is why Spotify is still the most popular music streaming service.

At first glance, both Spotify and Apple Music seem to offer similar experiences with vast music libraries and streaming capabilities.

However, a closer look reveals distinct advantages that may sway users towards Spotify. While Apple Music is a strong contender with its deep integration into the Apple ecosystem, Spotify distinguishes itself in several key areas.

Let’s dive into the six reasons why Spotify might be the superior choice, starting with Spotify’s unmatched music discovery capabilities.

1. Superior Music Discovery

Spotify's 'Made For You' playlists
Spotify’s ‘Made For You’ playlists

Spotify outshines Apple Music in music discovery capabilities.

While Apple Music also offers curated playlists, Spotify’s algorithms, like Discover Weekly and Release Radar, are more personalized and dynamic. They analyze your listening habits to suggest new music tailored to your tastes. This personalized approach is something users often find more engaging and accurate compared to Apple Music’s offerings.

The result is a more tailored music discovery experience, making Spotify a preferred choice for those who love exploring new music.

2. User-Friendly Interface

Search interface on Spotify desktop app
Search interface on Spotify desktop app

Spotify’s interface is more user-friendly than Apple Music’s.

Spotify’s design is straightforward and intuitive, making it easier for users to navigate its vast music library. In contrast, some users find Apple Music’s interface to be less intuitive and more cluttered. Spotify’s clean design and easy navigation serve a broad range of users, from tech-savvy to those who prefer simplicity.

This ease of use in Spotify provides a more accessible and enjoyable user experience, particularly for new or casual listeners.

3. Extensive Podcast Library

Podcasts page on Spotify desktop app, showing different categories available
Podcasts page on Spotify desktop app, showing different categories available

Spotify offers a broader selection of podcasts compared to Apple Music.

While Apple Music focuses primarily on music, Spotify provides a vast and growing selection of podcasts. Spotify has also invested in exclusive podcast content. This strategy has positioned Spotify as a key player in the podcast industry, attracting listeners who seek a platform that seamlessly integrates both music and podcast options.

This makes Spotify a more versatile platform for users who enjoy both music and spoken-word content.

4. More Flexible Subscription Plans

Overview of the different Spotify subscription plans (From: Spotify)
Overview of the different Spotify subscription plans (From: Spotify)

Spotify’s subscription plan options are more diverse than Apple Music.

Unlike Apple Music, Spotify offers a free, ad-supported version, allowing users to enjoy music without a monthly fee. Additionally, Spotify has a range of plans like Duo, Student, and Family, catering to different user needs. This variety in subscription options, especially the free tier, makes sure Spotify is accessible to various lifestyles and budgets.

The flexibility and variety in Spotify’s subscription plans make it a more adaptable and user-friendly service, ensuring that there’s a plan for every type of listener

5. Cross-Platform Availability

Demonstration of the Spotify Connect feature (From: Spotify)
Demonstration of the Spotify Connect feature (From: Spotify)

Spotify excels in cross-platform availability compared to Apple Music.

Spotify is accessible on a wide range of platforms, including gaming consoles, smart TVs, and various smart speakers. This stands in contrast to Apple Music, which, while available on non-Apple devices, is more deeply integrated within the Apple ecosystem. The extensive reach of Spotify makes it a more convenient choice for users with varying tech ecosystems.

Spotify’s cross-platform availability ensures that users can enjoy their music regardless of the device they own or prefer.

6. Fun AI Feature

Phone using the Spotify DJ feature
Phone using the Spotify DJ feature

Unlike Apple Music, which has yet to integrate AI, Spotify has a DJ feature powered by AI technology.

This unique tool uses advanced AI to create a personalized DJ experience. It analyzes your music tastes and listening history, crafting playlists and offering commentary, much like a real DJ. The feature also goes beyond mere playlist curation, offering insights and trivia about the tracks you love.

Spotify’s AI DJ feature enhances the streaming experience by combining technology with a personal touch, creating an immersive and interactive musical journey.

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