5 Reasons Why Apple Music Is Actually Better Than Tidal

Why I keep coming back to Apple Music.
Why I keep coming back to Apple Music.

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Apple Music just gets me better than Tidal does.

Both Apple Music and Tidal offer vast libraries and high-quality audio at the same price. So, choosing one over the other can be tough. But, for someone who has tried both, there are a few things that just pull me back to Apple Music every single time.

Here are the top five reasons why Apple Music wins over Tidal.

1. Live Radio Content

Radio stations on Apple Music.
Radio stations on Apple Music.

Apple Music radio features stations like Music 1, offering live broadcasts hosted by notable artists and DJs. The stations are available 24/7, with many shows featuring artist interviews, music premieres, and more.

Apple Music also offers international and local radio stations for news and sports, through its partnership with TuneIn. This allows users to seamlessly switch from music to other types of live content, all within the same platform.

In contrast, Tidal doesn’t offer actual live radio. Its ‘radio’ offerings focus more on long, curated playlists based on songs or artists you like.

2. Easy Integration With Apple Devices

AirPlay on Apple Music.
AirPlay on Apple Music.

Apple Music integrates smoothly with Apple’s ecosystem, making it easy to sync playlists and music libraries across devices like iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

This integration also lets you use AirPlay to wirelessly send music to devices like Apple TV and HomePod. So, you can start playing a song on one device and pick it up on another without any interruptions.

Apple Music also works well with Siri, supporting voice commands and making it easier to interact with your music library.

On the other hand, Tidal supports both iOS and Android but does not offer cross-platform control. As such, users might find it inconvenient to switch between devices compared to Apple Music.

3. Extensive and Well-Curated Music Catalog

Anime playlists on Apple Music.
Anime playlists on Apple Music.

Apple Music offers a variety of music genres, catering to almost every listener’s taste. Its standout feature is the well-organized music library, where every song, album, and artist is clearly labeled and easy to find. Some users note that Apple Music excels in this area, particularly when it comes to foreign music.

For example, fans of Chinese, Japanese, or anime music find that Tidal’s selection is lacking, while Apple Music offers a more complete collection of these genres. Other users find significant portions of their playlists missing on Tidal, which isn’t the case with Apple Music.

Apple Music also makes it easier to search for songs, accepting different forms of input, including romanized versions of non-Latin scripts. This is especially useful for users searching for songs and artists written in non-Roman characters.

The search function of Apple Music still isn’t perfect, though, as it’s sensitive to typos and misspellings.

4. Fun Lyrics Features

Lyrics on Apple Music.
Lyrics on Apple Music.

Apple Music’s lyrics feature is appealing for its interactive and social elements, which some might view as superior to Tidal’s implementation.

Apple Music Sing, a karaoke-like feature, allows users to sing along by adjusting the vocal levels and highlighting lyrics. The platform also supports direct sharing of lyrics through its app. Users can share specific lyrics and song clips right from their conversation in iMessage, making music sharing more dynamic and interactive.

Although Tidal offers scrolling lyrics, some users have experienced issues where the lyrics can be out of sync on PC and mobile.

5. Better Music Discovery

Music discovery playlists on Apple Music.
Music discovery playlists on Apple Music.

Apple Music makes music discovery easy by offering a wide array of personalized playlists. By analyzing your listening habits, it regularly updates playlists like “New Music Mix,” “Favorites Mix,” and “Chill Mix” to align with your musical preferences.

It also offers themed stations such as “Discovery Station,” “Love,” and “Heartbreak.” These help you find new music across different moods and genres, making the discovery process easier.

Tidal also offers similar discovery features, though these are not as prominently displayed. As such, you’ll need to put more effort into searching for new music.

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  1. For me the quality of the apple Audio just keeps getting better. I almost went to Qobuz who has very good audio and I could say same for Tidal. But the apple music is no longer in the background and through headphones, it’s very good now. Plus I share with four family members for one price. That leaves extra $$ to buy audio downloads and vinyls too.

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