(Last Updated On: December 22, 2020)

The BLON BL-01 are a great value entry-level pair of earphones that won’t leave you broke.

What I like most about IEMs is durability, sound quality, and a comfortable fit. (I have very small ears, so large IEMs are difficult for me to wear.) For all these reasons, the BLON BL-01 captured my attention. This is the first time I have tried WGZBLON’s IEMs, so I have no previous experience with their products.

WGZBLON’s first IEM was the BLON BL-03. The BLON BL-03 found its way to rising stardom in the Hi-Fi community and eventually had successors, the BLON BL-05, BLON BL-05S, and the newest installment, the BLON BL-01.

The BLON BL-01 utilizes a 10mm carbon diaphragm dynamic driver. It’s the same 10mm driver used in the BLON BL-03.

With that out of the way, let us begin.

I would like to thank Linsoul for sending this review unit to me.
The WGZBLON BL-01 Box sitting next to a Limited Edition Daria Funko Pop.


"The BL-01 is useful for listening to a wide variety of genres and will satisfy most listeners seeking extended bass, clear mids, and elevated highs. Although the BL-01 are lacking in accessories, have a shallow fit, and have slightly recessed mids, they prove that to get good sound and excellent durability doesn’t require paying a premium price."


  • »Balanced sound
  • »Great build
  • »Great value
  • »Lots of ear tips
  • »Easy to drive


  • »Too large for small ears
  • »A slightly grainy after tone in the mids
  • »No hardshell case
  • »Male vocals are slightly recessed

Company Overview

WGZBLON started in 2014, and ever since then the company has released IEMs that made waves in the Hi-Fi community. These IEMs include the BLON BL-03, BL-05, and BL-05S. WGZBLON also made a pair of full-sized headphones named the BLON B8, which was known for its bold design and interesting sonic characteristics.

Technical Specifications

  • Model Number: BL-01
  • Sensitivity: 102 dB
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Cable: 1.2 meters
  • Color: Light Gun/White Steel
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 KHz
  • Plug: 3.5 mm gold plated L plug
  • Driver Type: 10 mm bio-fiber Diaphragm
  • Wearing Mode: Ear Hanging Type

The BL-01 reflects light like the silver crescent moon in the night.



I find it quite good that the cables are braided and also removable. Not only that, the removable cables have 0.78 mm 2-pin connectors. I find that quite convenient because if the current cable were to fail, it could easily be replaced.

The raised text BLON clearly visible on the plug.
The raised text “BLON” clearly visible on the plug.

As for the 3.5mm TRS jack, it is beefy and inspires durability for the long term. What’s even better about this part is the word “BLON” is raised on the rubbery plug of the jack. A very nice touch for an entry-level IEM.

The BLON BL-01 comes with five ear tips. From SS to LL.

What makes my soul frown about these cheap, yet fine earphones is the lack of accessories. However, that’s what you’d expect from a low price of USD 23.

Despite that, the packaging for these particular earphones in the budget category still provides more than some other earphones in the same price bracket. The packaging includes five pairs of ear tips and a soft pouch carrying case with the company logo neatly placed near the bottom center.

The BLON BL-01's complete packaging.
The BLON BL-01’s complete packaging.


Two pieces of metal compose the shells of the BLON BL-01. It’s a 65/35 split between the two silver metal plates. They form a slightly oblong crescent-shaped IEM. The full brand name is printed on both shells with the left or right side beside it. The well-polished, silver metal shells give the BL-01 a captivating brilliance.

A close up of the BLON BL-01 itself.
A close up of the BLON BL-01 itself.


I have small ears, so getting large IEMs to fit in my ears is pretty tough. With the stock ear tips, it was annoyingly difficult to fit the BLON BL-01 in my ears properly. Surprisingly, the large and weighty metal housings didn’t make the fit worse.

I finally managed to get a good seal with the stock ear tips, but the shallow fit made me feel a bit unsure. In the end, I had the best success using the Final Audio Type-E ear tips.

I must emphasize that these IEMs won’t fit inside small ears too well. It may require aftermarket ear tips for the best possible fit.


Well, I wasn’t expecting much for USD 23, but after long listening sessions and a minimum burn-in of 25 hours, I have found the BL-01 sound quite clear for budget earphones.

Before I get into that, I need to note that this sound observation is strictly from an entry-level viewpoint. I have also paired the BLON BL-01 with the HiBy R6 Pro, including the Final Audio Type-E ear tips.

The BLON BL-01 sound balanced rather than neutral. Also, the BL-01 are very easy to drive. They don’t require any equalization enhancements whatsoever.


It’s not too much or not too little. However, the detail in the bass notes is rather average. The basic octaves are there, but the distinction can get a bit smeared in fast tracks.

Overall, the BL-01 bass is deep and extended with a tonality that is discernible enough for simple bass-heavy or bass mixing tracks. However, it should be mentioned that the BL-01 does not have the quantity of bass to satisfy bass heads.


The mids are quite easy to notice. This is because, despite the extended bass, the upper-mids do not take any noticeable hit and manage to stay distinguished in bass-heavy tracks. The lower mids, however, can be a bit overshadowed by the upper bass.

Due to the mids staying out of the extended bass’s far reaches, the mids’ clarity is transparent in nature. The enhanced clarity makes it easy to pick out the more apparent details in genres such as New Wave, Rock, and Jazz.

A real issue from the mids is the graininess after the decay of notes in the upper midrange. This issue ranges from very faint to very noticeable, depending on the master quality of the soundtrack and file. Not only that, there is a slight recession in the male vocals, which gives the BL-01 a bit of shouting reverberation. Not a deal-breaker, but something that should be noted.

The male vocals may display shouting and reverberation, but that won’t stop the BL-01 from giving the listener an adequate performance.


This part of the frequency spectrum is extended and not coarse. The moderate levels of extension prevent the sound’s ambiance from being dark and obscure and provide good clarity for genres that heavily rely on higher frequencies. These genres include Rock, Classics, and Jazz. Overall, the level of detail rendering is decent for the price and is good enough for casual listening.

The BLON BL-01 paired with the HiBy R6 Pro.
The BLON BL-01 paired with the HiBy R6 Pro.

Where to Buy


The BL-01 is useful for listening to a wide variety of genres and will satisfy most listeners seeking extended bass, clear mids, and elevated highs. What’s even better is that they are only USD 23! The fact that the BL-01 have removable cables, a soft carrying pouch, and several pairs of ear tips are what makes these earphones a keeper for casual use and non-critical listening sessions.

Although the BL-01 are lacking in accessories, have a shallow fit, and have slightly recessed mids, they prove that to get good sound and excellent durability doesn’t require paying a premium price.

Not only do the BL-01 have a balanced sound and great build quality, but they present a value that’s a steal.