25 Music Tattoo Ideas for Audiophiles

Getting a music symbol tattooed
Getting a music symbol tattooed

Looking for some inspiration on music tattoo ideas? From minimalist to full-on sleeve tattoos, here are some fresh takes on inks that audiophiles will love.

Music is a universal language that can bring people from different parts of the world together. Some music lovers and audiophiles appreciate music so much that they feel it deserves a permanent home on their body.

If you are one of those people, we’re 100% with you about getting a music tattoo. But you probably agree that finding a music-related tattoo to etch into your body is not a light task. Besides, tattoos are mostly permanent and can cost a fortune to remove.

To help you come up with a design idea that you won’t regret, we’ve compiled 25 of the best music-inspired tattoo designs you may love.

Let’s get right into it.

Why People Like Music Tattoo Designs

Music has been around since ancient times as a form of entertainment. But as time passes, it has also become a medium for sharing the artists’ stories, feelings, and emotions, making them more relatable for others who hear them.

That relatability of music is the primary and universal reason people want to get music-related tattoos on their bodies. But then again, there are many different reasons why people get tattoos.

You may associate music with a beloved memory or a special person, but it can also be the thing that you simply love the most as audiophiles.

Some people also use tattoos to express their passion and identity. If you’re musicians, audiophiles, or music lovers, getting music-inspired inks can be an excellent outlet to show the world how much value music has in your life.

Getting a music symbol tattooed
Getting a music symbol tattooed

Tiny Music Tattoos for a Minimalist Look

A full sleeve of tattoos isn’t everyone’s cup of coffee. If you’re looking to experiment with your first tattoo, the idea of getting a bold ink that stands out can be overwhelming. Also, even if you love music so much, you may still want to have clean aesthetics for your office job.

Minimalist music tattoos are delicate and small, but when inked on the right body parts, they can add some spice to your appearance.

Rewind, pause, play, fast forward

Control the music of your life. (from: instagram/Boomzodat)
Control the music of your life. (From: Instagram/Boomzodat)

This media control tattoo has a universal design that caters to all music lovers, regardless of genre preferences. It’s not as common as the clef symbol tattoo that most people have. The wrist placement is wildly popular because it’s a visible body part – which means you get to look at your ink every day.

Music behind your ears

Music behind the ears. (From: Instagram/Playground Tattoo) instagram.com/playground_tat2
Music behind the ears. (From: Instagram/Playground Tattoo

The music symbols behind the ears are poetic tattoos that perfectly illustrate how we enjoy music. These tattoos are in a well-concealed spot – so you can keep your appearance pretty much unchanged. You can also alter the symbols to match the first note of your favorite songs – or any song.

Love music on your wrist

A treble and bass clef on your wrist (from: instagram/Playground Tattoo) instagram.com/playground_tat2
A treble and bass clef on your wrist (From: Instagram/Playground Tattoo

The treble and bass clef symbol, when arranged correctly, can have the shape of a heart – signifying your love for music. But since bass and treble are opposites of each other, this tattoo design can also symbolize the highs and lows of your life. A small, understated treble and bass clef tattoo on your wrist is a perfect route to take for the minimalist look.

The pulse of music

Let the sound be seen on you. (from: tattoofilter/Rick Sutherland) https://www.tattoofilter.com/artists/ricksutherland
Let the sound be seen on you. (From: TattooFilter/Rick Sutherland)

The heartbeat tattoo is also a great idea that you can personalize to your preference. It shows a clef symbol followed by spiky lines resembling an Electrocardiogram (EKG) reading or heartbeat pulses. It’s an excellent design idea for a small tattoo that you can put practically anywhere on your body.

Some great ideas for a personalized EKG tattoo: your child’s heartbeat, your wedding vows, or your favorite song.

Musical band-aid

A musical band aid to heal your wounds. (from: Instagram/Cagri Dumaz) https://www.instagram.com/cagridurmaz
A musical band-aid to heal your wounds. (From: Instagram/Cagri Dumaz

It’s almost generally accepted that music has helped us all go through rough times. Just as a band-aid gives us a quick fix to our wounds, music can help us steer away from our blues with memorable lyrics and groovy tunes. It’s a quirky and straightforward tattoo idea that can be a great conversation starter if inked in places where you’d typically get wounds.

Music Tattoo Ideas for Partners

Getting matching tattoos can be one of the most romantic ways to express your love for your partner, siblings, or best friends. People’s primary reason for getting matching tattoos is to impart a sense of uniqueness or to commemorate something or someone essential for them.

“When a couple gets the same tattoo, or even when an individual gets a tattoo that is a marker of the relationship, they’re essentially saying ‘This is an important relationship for me,’” – Viren Swami, Prof. of Social Psychology, Anglia Ruskin University.

If you’re thinking about getting some matching tattoos with your partner, siblings, or best friends, here are some ideas you can use for inspiration.

Music for two hearts ring tattoo

A music to bind two souls. (from: SimpleOahuWeddings.com) simpleeoahuweddings.com/tattoo-weddings/
A music to bind two souls. (From: SimpleOahuWeddings)

This is a unique and creative couple tattoo that shows how much both of you love music. If you’re looking at the smiley faces, they’re not actual smiley faces. It’s the smart placement of notes in this tattoo design that makes the tattoos resemble smiley faces.

A couple connected by music tattoo

Let the music connect your hearts. (from: tattoofilter/Joanna Roman) https://www.tattoofilter.com/artists/joannaroman
Let the music connect your hearts. (From: TattooFilter/Joanna Roman

This tattoo is a perfect choice for a couple who has a favorite romantic song – especially if that favorite song is the Beatles’ All You Need is Love. The song has perfect lyrics for a couple: “All you need is love” and “Love is all you need.”

This tattoo style is also unique since it combines musical notes and lyrics, adding an aesthetic value. You can, of course, use a different song that’s more relatable to you and just keep the idea.

Thigh-high floral music CD

Same Sad Song tattoo (From: TattooFilter) https://www.tattoofilter.com/@tattoofilter
Same Sad Song tattoo (From: TattooFilter

If you’ve got a best friend who also loves music, this thigh musical tattoo can be a great way to express the bond between the two of you. You can get one on your left thigh and your best friend on the right – or the other way around. Other than this design, you can use other music-inspired designs like this continuous line of audio waves.

Musical songbird

Let the birds express your love for music. (from: findtattoodesign.net) https://findtattoodesign.net/idea/small-songbird-on-hip
Let the birds express your love for music. (From: FindTattooDesign

A songbird on each person’s right and left hip can be a great tattoo idea for a couple, siblings, or best friends. Birds are a popular choice for this tattoo since they are closely related to beautiful sounds – therefore, songbirds. But you can use different animals like a butterfly or a specific type of bird to make it more personal.

Musical imprint

A soundwave tattoo across the side forearm. (from: tattoofilter/Sven Rayen) https://www.tattoofilter.com/artists/svenrayen
A soundwave tattoo across the side forearm. (From: TattooFilter/Sven Rayen

The musical imprint design can be an excellent idea for matching tattoos. You can use soundwaves of your favorite songs or memorable tunes. While the design here is on the forearm, you can use other body parts like the outer forearm or put it as a bracelet design around your biceps.

If it’s up to your alley, you can make a scannable Spotify code tattoo of your favorite song for a more modern look. Plus, you can easily scan these on your Spotify app to have it play your favorite song instantly.

Instrument Tattoos for Musicians

If you’re a musician who’s in love with a specific instrument, you may want to have it inked on your body as a memento and to express your passion. Here are some fantastic instrument tattoo ideas you can use as inspiration:

Colorful guitar tattoo

A bright and colorful guitar tattoo. (from: instagram.com/raro82) https://www.instagram.com/p/BlkjZpGBCAu/
A bright and colorful guitar tattoo. (From: Instagram/Raro82)

The guitar is a powerful instrument that can breathe life and add colors to a song. If you’re a guitar player, this tattoo can help you express the colors and passion of your soul. The multiple different colors used in the tattoo also represent the many ways you can play guitars.

Guitar is the second most popular instrument globally, with 16 million players in the U.S. alone. Chances are, you will find plenty of guitar-based tattoo ideas out there.

Hand-poked French horn

A hand-poked french horn to express your love for the instrument. (from: tattoofilter/Gallery Arles) https://www.tattoofilter.com/artists/galleryarles
A hand-poked french horn to express your love for the instrument. (From: TattooFilter/Gallery Arles)

The hand-poked French horn design is a great idea to express your true love for the instrument deep within your soul. A hand-poked tattoo is done by hands – meaning the artist gets more control and therefore can deliver more intricate results.

It doesn’t have to be a french horn, too. You can use other instruments with the same hand-poked concept to convey a similar meaning. The example above is an ankle tattoo, but it looks good on the forearm and bicep too!

Kelly Thorn, a Brooklyn-based tattoo artist, says that hand-poked tattoos tend to hurt less and heal much faster than machine tattoos. It can be a great route to take for your first ink.

Watercolor drum tattoo

Watercolor drum tattoo (From: Instagram/binktattooshop)
Watercolor drum tattoo (From: Instagram/Bink Tattoo Shop)

Tattoos mimicking the watercolor art style have been around for a while now but remain a trend. So, why not combine this trend with your favorite instrument? One beautiful sample of this is the watercolor drum tattoo from Bink Tattoo Shop.

This tattoo combines the whimsicality of a watercolor tattoo, constellations, and your favorite instrument. And, can be great on the back, or the arms.

Body as the guitar

Using the back as the body of the guitar. (from: WeHeartIt) https://weheartit.com/entry/49692139
Using the back as the body of the guitar. (From: WeHeartIt

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box tattoo idea, this backpiece is not one to ignore. Using the body shape as the guitar’s body is creative thinking at its finest. Since this design uses the entire back, it may take several sessions to complete – but its uniqueness is worth it.

Microphone tattoo

A sleeve full of microphone to always let your voice be heard. (from: tattoodo/Chris Jansen Tattoo) https://www.tattoodo.com/artists/chrisjansentattoo
A sleeve full of microphone to always let your voice be heard. (From: TattooDo/Chris Jansen Tattoo

Instruments don’t always have to be the ones you hold with your hands. Your voice can also be your instrument of choice. A microphone tattoo is an awesome way you can express your love for your voice. Proudly inking a microphone to your body will let people know that you can sing.

Lyric Tattoos

As far as music-related tattoos go, inking song lyrics to your body is probably the most personal approach. There may be songs that helped you get through tough times or bring you to your childhood memories – and it’s fair that you want to get the lyrics inked to your body.

While these examples refer to specific songs, you can just keep the placement and design and choose your favorite lyrics.

Here are several lyric tattoo ideas for your inspiration:

The Scientist

Nobody said getting a tattoo was easy. (from: Tumblr/Skin Sketchbook ) https://skinsketchbook.tumblr.com/post/91768565950
Nobody said getting a tattoo was easy. (From: Tumblr/Skin Sketchbook

Among the many reasons The Scientist became one of Coldplay’s most iconic songs is how relatable the lyrics are. The lyrics to The Scientist tell a story about a person who wishes to start things over with someone special. If you’ve shared the same sentiments, getting this infamous lyric inked on your body is a solid reminder to always be in touch with your loved ones.


David Bowie's Heroes on your forearm. (From: tattoofilter/Michelle Santana ) https://www.tattoofilter.com/artists/michellesantana
David Bowie’s Heroes on your forearm. (From: TattooFilter/Michelle Santana

We can be heroes” is a powerful phrase that arguably eternalizes David Bowie’s inspiring career. It’s a great song for anyone who’s taking on and beating the challenges in their lives. Inking the titular phrase to your body is a great way to keep the message etched in your mind.


The powerful lyrics to David Gray's Shine. (from: culturacollectiva.net) https://img.culturacolectiva.com/content/2016/08/tattoo-lyrics-david-gray-medium.jpg
The powerful lyrics to David Gray’s Shine. (From: CulturaCollectiva

The unique placement of this tattoo beats the popularity of the song it’s taken from. David Gray’s Shine is an underrated song, but it has a beautiful message behind it. If the lyrics to Shine have gotten you through difficult times, this tattoo is worth considering.

The tattoo above ends with a repeat symbol on the music sheet. It could signify that, whenever you’re in doubt, you can always go back to the message: “nothing except love in the end” – always do what makes your heart bloom with joy.

La Vie en Rose

Always see life in colorful hues with this lyrics tattoo . (from: tattoofilter/Tattooist Arar) https://www.tattoofilter.com/artists/tattooistarar
Always see life in colorful hues with this lyrics tattoo . (From: TattooFilter/Tattooist Arar

If you love French music, the titular phrase “La vie En Rose” from Edith Piaf’s iconic single can be a beautiful tattoo on your body.

The phrase can mean a few different things: life seen through rose-colored glasses, life in happy hues, life in rosy hues. But the literal translation of “la vie en rose” is “life in pink.” This tattoo can be a great reminder to always view life in a positive light.

Let It Be

The words of wisdom: Let It Be. (from: tattoofilter/JK Kim) https://www.tattoofilter.com/artists/jkkim
The words of wisdom: Let It Be. (From: TattooFilter/JK Kim

Who doesn’t love The Beatles? Their songs have been the soundtrack of millions of people’s lives. As brilliant as ‘Hey Jude’ and ‘Blackbirds’ are, ‘Let It Be‘ is probably one of the most powerful messages delivered in the simplest way possible.

You can ink this tattoo in your forearm or other visible spots as a reminder that when life happens, you have to start accepting it and, well, let it be.

Unique Audiophile Tattoos

If none of the design inspiration above strikes the right impression for you, you may be into something more unique. If that’s the case, take a look at these creative and unique audiophile tattoos:

Geometric treble clef

The beautiful curve of a clef and geometric straight lines. (from: tattoodo/Fernanda Galvis) https://www.tattoodo.com/artists/fernanda_galvis_1
The beautiful curve of a clef and geometric straight lines. (From: TattooDo/Fernanda Galvis

This tattoo design is a unique iteration for the ever-so-popular treble clef tattoo. It’s a perfect blend between the cursive shape of a treble clef and straight lines often found in geometric shapes. Aside from the aesthetics, there can be different interpretations, such as how music is everywhere or simply going where the music takes you.

Soundwave tattoo

An amazing side-arm sound wave tattoo. (from: Twitter/StoryArt) https://twitter.com/skinmotionapp/status/1131451733882937345
An amazing side-arm sound wave tattoo. (From: Twitter/StoryArt

The soundwave tattoo design combines three elements: audio wave, geometric shapes, and gradation. You can use the sound wave of your favorite song to add a personal meaning behind the ink.

Vinyl and sound wave

A beautiful vinyl wave tattoo. (from: tattodo/Giacomo Turra) https://www.tattoodo.com/users/jacktheripper
A beautiful vinyl wave tattoo. (From: TattoDo/Giacomo Turra

Vinyl is the single most iconic item that virtually any audiophile – and getting a tattoo of vinyl is a no-brainer if your life revolves around music. But since vinyl tattoos are already everywhere, the addition of sound waves is a brilliant take to make the ink more unique. Depending on which one you like best, you can also replace the vinyl with a cassette or gramophone.

Music in the veins

Show the music in your veins. (from: zonatattoos/Juan Carlos Diaz) https://www.zonatattoos.com/juanartist
Show the music in your veins. (From: ZonaTattoos/Juan Carlos Diaz

Getting an arm tattoo of a headset is a genius way to tell people you have music in your veins. If you’re a musician of any kind, this tattoo can help you flex to others about your knack for making good tunes.

Music to your heart

Let the music be shown in your heart. (from: tattoofilter/Nancy Jehagi) https://www.tattoofilter.com/artists/nancyjehagi
Let the music be shown in your heart. (From: TattooFilter/Nancy Jehagi)

Music penetrates more than just our eardrums – it reaches the deepest trench of our hearts as well. Inking a pair of headphones on your left chest is as close as you can get to show your true love for music. Adding sprinkles of clefs and notes also adds an aesthetic to the piece.

Ideal Spots for a Musical Tattoo

There’s no one-spot-fits-all solution for your music tattoo. It all depends on the size, design, and ultimately your preference.

But there are ideal spots for various tattoo sizes and shapes, and here are some of them:

Back of the arm

The back of the arm is a solid place to ink a larger statement tattoo that you want to show everyone in the world. It may not always be visible to you, but the ink on the back of your arm will always be visible to others – which is a great personal statement to have when you’re out and about.


The neck is a solid spot for a small and minimalistic tattoo. It’s a subtle yet visible spot suitable for a personal and meaningful ink that you want to always remember.

Behind the ears

Inking small music-inspired tattoos to the back of your ears can be a great way to express your love for music. It’s the body part that we use to enjoy music – it only makes sense to have tattoos around it.


Your wrists are probably the most prominent spot for inks that serve as personal reminders, images, or phrases you want to always remember. Your wrists are always visible to you, even as you go about your days.

Upper back

If you want to get a thin and long tattoo, the upper back can be a great spot to increase the aesthetics. Granted, you won’t be able to see your tattoos that much – but an upper back tattoo can make you look stunning from behind.

Upper thighs

The thighs can make excellent spots for tattoos that you want to keep to yourself or people close to you. It’s also easy to conceal if you ever need to hide your tattoos for any reason.


Your biceps are often the strongest body parts that you use to carry all sorts of weight. They symbolize a place of strength and reliability. Inking your tattoos on your biceps could add strength to the message you want to convey.


Having musical tattoos can help you express and let other people know about your passion for music. Whether you’re a musician or just a fanatic audiophile, music tattoos can be an outlet to eternalize your love for songs, instruments, song lyrics, or anything in between.

Are you planning to get tattoos about music inked on your body? What’s the design you have in mind? Let us know in the comments.

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