12 Ways to View Your Spotify Stats for Free

Browsing on Spotify
Browsing on Spotify

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Unravel the mystery of your Spotify listening habits with these top 12 free third-party apps!

Since Spotify has become a part of our daily lives, knowing how much your listening habits have changed over time isn’t just fascinating. It can also help you discover more about who you are.

But finding in-depth statistics can be difficult. Even though Spotify automatically compiles your top tracks and artists every month, it doesn’t provide any statistics beyond that.

Luckily, some third-party apps can provide a more in-depth and interesting analysis of your Spotify stats. Read on as we discuss the top 12 third-party apps and how to use them in this guide.

1. Stats for Spotify

Last four weeks' top tracks on Stats for Spotify.
Last four weeks’ top tracks on Stats for Spotify.

Stats for Spotify is a free third-party app that can give you an in-depth history of your listening habits over the last four weeks, six months, and all time. This is a simple and to-the-point app where you can find statistics on your:

  • Top tracks
  • Top artists
  • Top genres
  • Recently played tracks

Using the app is fairly simple. All you need to do is visit Stats for Spotify > log in with Spotify > click Agree > start exploring your statistics.

Once logged in, you can start browsing your Spotify statistics based on the categories mentioned above. You can also create a playlist from the “top tracks” list that opens directly on Spotify.

Sadly, it doesn’t recommend new songs for you.

Check out our full review of Stats for Spotify for more info!

2. Obscurify

Sample of the Top Genres analysis on Obscurify.
Sample of the Top Genres analysis on Obscurify.

If you’re curious about how unique or obscure your Spotify listening habit is, then Obscurify is the app for you. It’s a free web-based app that measures how obscure your music taste is compared to other users.

On this app, you can find out some interesting statistics about your listening habits, including:

  • Top 10 genres
  • Obscurity percentage
  • Top 10 most obscure artists
  • Top artists and tracks
  • Spotify moods
  • Favorite music by the decades

The obscurity percentage is a score that compares how ‘rare’ your Spotify listening habit is compared to other users in your region.

At the bottom, you’ll also get a list of indie and obscure songs that you can turn into a playlist on Spotify. Additionally, you can also share your Obscurify result with friends through a unique link.

Using the app is quite simple; you just need to head over to Obscurify Music > Log in > fill in your Spotify account detail > click on Agree.

Want some more obscure songs to add to your Library? Check out the 5 longest songs on Spotify in our article.

3. Chosic

Sample of last month's listening stats on Chosic.
Sample of last month’s listening stats on Chosic.

Chosic is an online music discovery app that offers a suite of tools to expand your music horizons, including statistics for your Spotify profile and playlists. In the statistics section, you can find information on your:

  • Favorite genres
  • Music mood
  • Obscurity score
  • Favorite decades
  • Top artist and track
You can choose three different periods for the statistics above: the last month, the last six months, or all time.

At the bottom of the statistics page, you’ll find a list of songs it thinks you’ll love based on your listening habits. You can also save the top tracks that Chosic generates as a playlist on Spotify.

You can also use other tools like playlist generators, similar music finders, etc. But you need a separate Chosic account to do so.

4. Stats.fm

Sample of last four weeks' Top genres, tracks and artist on Stats.fm.
Sample of last four weeks’ Top genres, tracks and artist on Stats.fm.

Stats.fm is a statistics tracker app for Spotify that offers a comprehensive breakdown of your listening habits. It sorts your favorite tracks, artists, and albums using minutes streamed, number of streams, and machine learning. The statistics you can get from Stats.fm include:

  • Most streamed songs, artists, and albums
  • Favorite genres
  • Recent streams
  • Track moods

Like other apps, you can track all of the data above from the last month, the last six weeks, and all time.

You get the basic stats above for free, but there’s a $5 one-time premium option. The premium tier unlocks advanced stats such as stream counts, time streamed, and the number of tracks and albums you’ve listened to.

Stats.fm is also available on Android or iOS devices. In the mobile app, you get a ‘Find your soulmates‘ feature where you can connect and chat with other users with similar music tastes.

5. Volt.fm

Sample of the Top Genres and Artist list on Volt.fm.
Sample of the Top Genres and Artist list on Volt.fm.

Volt.fm is a web-based app that can showcase your Spotify listening habits with others via a public profile page. On this page, you can share what you’re listening to on Spotify and showcase a Play Favorites button that lets others listen to your favorite tracks.

Additionally, you and other visitors can see several statistics, including your:

  • Top genres, artists, songs, and albums
  • Listening habit analysis by mood, obscurity, release date, and length

To use Volt.fm, simply log in using your Spotify account. If you have Spotify Premium, you can directly plan songs on Volt.fm.

Since it’s designed as a public showcase for your Spotify, you can also visit others’ pages and compare your statistics. But if you don’t want your listening habit available publicly, you can also set it to private.

A $2/month or $ 48-lifetime Pro plan lets you customize your profile and add a clickable link to your bio.

Anytime you wish to stop using a third-party app for tracking your Spotify stats, all you need to do is revoke account access granted to the app. But while you’re still enjoying the benefits, here’s a detailed guide on better securing your account on these apps.

6. Zodiac Affinity

Sample of favorite tracks based on zodiac signs.
Sample of favorite tracks based on zodiac signs.

If you’re into astrology or are just looking for a different way to look at your music, try Zodiac Affinity. It’s a free web-based app that lets you filter out your favorite tracks based on the 12 zodiac signs.

It doesn’t offer any statistics like other apps on this list. Instead, you can get a list of five songs from your Spotify library that match your zodiac sign.

To use Zodiac Affinity, all you need to do is go to their website and log in with your Spotify account. Once you’re in, you’ll select your zodiac sign, and the app will show you five of your favorite songs that align with the sign you picked.

7. The Pudding

The Pudding judging the kind of music you're listening to.
The Pudding judging the kind of music you’re listening to.

If you’re in the mood for some cheeky roasting about your Spotify listening habit, you should try Judge My Music by The Pudding. It looks through your library, judges it with some sass, and then provides some stats on:

  • Songs you listen to
  • Artists you stan to an uncomfortable extent
  • The ‘basic’ percentage of your library
  • Your favorite decade

Though the phrases seem very cheeky, The Pudding cannot exactly judge your music taste. It’s a satirical project that uses code to mix jokes in a database with some insights found about the artists, tracks, and genres on your Spotify.

To use this app, go to the Judge My Music page, then click on Find Out. You can choose to log in with Spotify or Apple Music. Once logged in, it will ask questions about your music taste before giving its ‘thoughts.’

Read our thorough review of The Pudding to learn more about the app and whether it’s safe to use.

8. MusicScape

MusicScape's custom image based on your listening habits.
MusicScape’s custom image based on your listening habits.

MusicScape is a fun way to visualize your Spotify listening habits and mood with various colors and shapes.

Here are some information you can get from the visualization:

  • Background color to show the mood of your playlist.
  • A sun/moon depending on what time it is now in your region.
  • Jaggy/smooth mountains depending on the beats of your music.

The number of mountains also appear differently depending on how active you’ve been in the last 24 hours. They also change shades based on the most dominant musical key in your favorite songs.

You can see all the information above by hovering over the ‘xxxx’s musicScape‘ text.

To use the app, simply head over to MusicScape and log in with your Spotify account. It will immediately show a visualization of your Spotify.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a download button. But you can still take a screenshot and share your MusicScape with others.

9. MusicTaste.Space

MusicTaste.Space showing your own music taste.
MusicTaste.Space showing your own music taste.

MusicTaste.Space is an interesting app that lets you get Spotify stats, compare your habit with others, and create a playlist based on your current library. On the stats page, you can find information on the following:

  • Top tracks and artists
  • Lockdown playlists
  • Moods of the songs you listened to
  • Obscurify score
  • Favorite genres

You can also share your MusicTaste profile with others through a link. When someone visits that link, they’ll be prompted to log in with Spotify and compare their music taste to yours.

To start using the app, go to Musictaste.space and click Sign In With Spotify. After fetching your listening history, head to My Insights to find your Spotify stats.

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10. Instafest

Instafest showing festival-lineup-style poster of your listening habit.
Instafest showing festival-lineup-style poster of your listening habit.

If you want a festival-lineup-style poster of your listening habits, Instafest got you covered. It compiles all of your favorite artists and presents them on a Coachella-style lineup poster.

Unfortunately, that’s about all you get from Instafest. You don’t get any statistics on your listening habits except for the 0-100 ‘basic score’.

It shows how niche your ‘festival’ is—the lower the score, the more niche it is. But you can choose to hide it from your poster.

All you need to do to use Instafest is head over to their website and log in with Spotify, Last.fm, or Apple Music.

You need to have added the Replay 2022 playlist to your library to use Instafest with Apple Music.

11. NPRCore

NPRCore compares your Spotify listening habit against National Public Radio's top 50 albums.
NPRCore compares your Spotify listening habit against National Public Radio’s top 50 albums.

NPRCore is another free web app that compares your Spotify listening habits against National Public Radio’s top 50 albums.

It doesn’t offer any statistics other than how many of your favorite artists, tracks, and albums are in line with NPR’s version of ‘good music’. On the analysis page, you’ll find information on your:

  • NPRcore percentage
  • Top 3 NPcore songs
  • Top 3 NPRcore artists

Using the NPRcore app is relatively straightforward. You just need to visit their website and click Log in with Spotify. It will direct you to the NPRcore score page, as shown above. You can also download the result as an image to share with others.

12. In-app Spotify stats

List of the month's favorite artist and songs on Spotify.
List of the month’s favorite artist and songs on Spotify.

Though Spotify has in-app stats available for you, they’re limited to your monthly favorite songs and artists.

You can find the list in the ‘Profile’ section on the Spotify desktop or web app. If you’re not comfortable with someone seeing this, you can block them on Spotify.

Aside from your monthly stats, Spotify also provides in-depth statistics on your listening habits, branded as Spotify Wrapped.

Spotify Wrapped is an annual round-up of your activities on Spotify, including the total number of songs played, artists of the year, etc. But it usually has a unique feature every year.

For example, Spotify included your Listening Personality and Audio Day as new features in 2022.

Unfortunately, the complete Spotify Wrapped stats only appear around November – January. But you can still access your old Spotify Wrapped playlists. All you need to do is log in to the Spotify web app, then click any of these links.

To save your old Spotify Wrapped playlists to your library, tap the heart button underneath the playlist name.


Although Spotify doesn’t always give a complete picture of our listening practices, it is still a significant marker of who we are as individuals, depending on our tastes in music. A personal exercise where many of the methods mentioned in this article can help.

Hopefully, you’ll now be able to find out precisely what your Spotify listening habits say about you. Soon, you’ll be on your way to discovering your most played songs and artists on Spotify, finding new songs you’ll love, and other trivia around it to see how unique your taste in music is.

What is your favorite way to track Spotify stats? Did we miss any good ones? Let us know in the comments below!

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