Bose User Warns People to “avoid Bose QC Ultra at all costs”

Bose user warns people to avoid Bose QC Utlras
Bose user warns people to avoid “Bose QC Utlras”

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He cited several “quality of life issues.”

A Redditor, u/Widdershiny, who used the Bose QC Ultra for 1.5 months, has strongly advised against purchasing the high-end noise-canceling headphones.

He cited a range of significant quality-of-life issues, including persistent popping noises, unreliable ear detection, long charging times, and a loose USB-C port, deeming them highly disappointing for their $429 price point.

The Bose QC Ultra are a high-end model in the market of noise-cancelling headphones, competing with mainstream brands like Sony and B&W. Released in 2023, they are one of the most sought-after headphones that audiophiles look forward to from Bose.

Core Complaints About the “Quality-of-life issues”

According to him, a primary issue with the QC Ultra is an irritating popping noise when the user walks up or down inclines or stairs. This problem is particularly notable given the expectation of seamless audio performance in high-end headphones.

Another significant complaint involves the unreliable removal detection feature of the headphones. This feature, intended to pause playback when the headphones are removed, reportedly malfunctions frequently, leading to unanticipated pauses even while the headphones are being worn.

Charging and usability concerns

He reported that the headphones require over six hours to fully charge, a duration considered excessive in the context of modern electronics. Compounding this issue is the loose USB-C port, which can make the charging process cumbersome and unreliable.

The volume control on the QC Ultra has also been criticized. The slider mechanism is described as offering little tactile feedback, making precise volume adjustments challenging.

Other Technical Issues

The headphones reportedly cannot be used while charging, a limitation that can be inconvenient for users. Additionally, he found the headphones to occasionally enter an “off” state and can only be reactivated by plugging them in again, even if they are already charged.

Design Limitations

The physical design of the headphones has also come under scrutiny. The cups of the QC Ultra only rotate outwards, which he finds inconvenient for neck-wearing. The headphones also lack certain customization features, such as the ability to disable voice prompts or the ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) function, and they do not have a traditional power switch.

Bluetooth and Sound Performance

Bluetooth multipoint handling is another area of discontent. He has to manually stop playback on one device before starting on another, a process that lacks the seamless transition expected at this price point.

Additionally, while the microphone quality is deemed passable, it does not match up to the standards of competitors like Sony. The bass response of the headphones, though impactful, loses detail when adjusted via EQ settings.

Bose QC Ultra Alternatives

Despite acknowledging some redeeming qualities like build quality and low weight, the Redditor rated the Bose QC Ultra disappointingly low (2/10).

He advised potential buyers to reconsider their choice, especially given the high price tag.

The user’s personal plan involves returning the QC Ultra and exploring alternatives like the B&W PX7 S2Es or Sony WF-1000XM4.

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