You Can Soon Get the Benefits of Tidal’s HiFi Plus Plan at the Same Price as Spotify

Tidal is making huge changes to their subscription plans.
Tidal is making huge changes to their subscription plans.

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This comes as a mix of good and bad news.

Tidal is streamlining its subscription services by merging HiFi and HiFi Plus into one “TIDAL” tier starting on April 10, 2024. Announced through an email sent to all their subscribers, this move will let users access all the HiFi Plus features for only $10.99. However, this will also remove some of the discounted plans.

Tidal’s New Unified Subscription Model

Tidal's email announcement sent to its subscribers.
Tidal’s email announcement sent to its subscribers.

Tidal’s new “TIDAL plan” essentially means you get all the benefits of the HiFi Plus tier at the price of the HiFi plan.

So, for only $10.99 monthly, plus tax, subscribers will gain access to Tidal’s vast music library in the highest available audio quality, including lossless, HiRes FLAC, and Dolby Atmos formats.

To explain, Tidal says:

“This is because we’re making it easier for everyone to enjoy best-in-class sound quality by combining our HiFi and HiFi Plus tiers into a single subscription tier called TIDAL.”
Overview of Tidal's previous HiFi and HiFi Plus plans (From: Tidal)
Overview of Tidal’s previous HiFi and HiFi Plus plans (From: Tidal)

However, this change also aligns Tidal’s pricing with its competitors, offering a competitive edge. Amazon Music Unlimited, for example, charges Prime members $10 and non-Prime members $11 for HiFi audio, while Apple Music‘s HiFi audio is included in its $11 subscription. And, it gives it more advantage over Spotify, considering it costs the same but offers HiFi audio.

Upon this new tier’s release, Tidal will automatically upgrade current HiFi and HiFi Plus subscribers to the TIDAL plan. This guarantees them continued access to over 110 million tracks in top audio quality with the adjusted cost.

Special Plan Adjustments

Tidal's previous HiFi and HiFi Plus Family plans (From: Tidal)
Tidal’s previous HiFi and HiFi Plus Family plans (From: Tidal)

In line with the new Tidal tier, the streaming platform is also adjusting its special plans and ending some discounts.

To start, Tidal is also merging the HiFi and HiFi Plus Family plans into a new “TIDAL Family plan”, costing $16.99 a month. This still gives access to the same benefits of over 110 million tracks in high-quality sound, including HiRes FLAC and Dolby Atmos.

Students also don’t need to worry as they can also still enjoy a discount, paying $4.99 a month. This plan includes a huge selection of high-quality music, personalized tips, and the ability to listen offline. However, it does not include the new DJ Extension add-on.

Students will retain the 50% discount they enjoy on Tidal. (From: Tidal)
Students will retain the 50% discount they enjoy on Tidal. (From: Tidal)

However, Tidal has stopped offering Military/First Responder discounts starting on March 4, 2024.

People who already had these discounts can keep them until June 10, 2024. After that, they’ll move to the standard TIDAL plan at $10.99 a month, which includes all of Tidal’s high-quality music.

The TIDAL Free tier is also going away on April 10, 2024. If you were using Tidal for free, you’d need to switch to a paid plan to keep listening.

What Is Tidal’s DJ Extension Add-On?

A look into Tidal for DJ feature. (From: Tidal)
A look into Tidal for DJ feature. (From: Tidal)

Previously part of the HiFi Plus tier, the DJ extension will become an optional add-on to the new Tidal plan. This comes for an additional $9 per month, on top of the $10.99 Tidal plan fee.

So, technically, if you’re a previous HiFi Plus subscriber using the DJ extension, you’ll still be paying the same rate of $19.99.

This feature enables smooth integration with Tidal’s DJ partners, providing high-quality tracks for mixing and performance.

Subscribers of the HiFi Plus tier will automatically be given access to this add-on. New subscribers, however, can try for free DJ Extension for 30 days. If they decide the DJ Extension isn’t for them, adjusting their subscription is straightforward through Tidal’s account management website.

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  1. I guess, I am the minority of not liking Tidal for two things, normalization stinks, and not that good and have to enable and disable each time starting music. It blares your ears out. Second, caps on all playlists. You can’t just add more tracks to loved tracks or songs playlist. It is capped at 9,999. Spotify maybe 320kbps Ogg Vorbis but still sounds good enough to me. At least I got over 24,000 songs and almost 25,000 and keep adding more each day and on shuffle not really gives me the wide variety of music after adding discographies to my collection and then adding to loved tracks. Spotify has no caps on how many songs to add. Need something to listen on my walks and with Adaptive Noise Cancelling, and Spotify, does exactly what I want. I can wait a little longer for Hi Fi from them but maybe if they keep same price as Tidal. If they raise price for the better quality, then I am forced to stay with what it is at now. Can’t pay double because they think everyone can.

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