Beats Solo 4: Release Date, Price, Specs, Rumors and More

The Beats Solo 4 will likely sport the same design as past models but with significant feature upgrades.
The Beats Solo 4 will likely sport the same design as past models but with significant feature upgrades.

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We round up rumors and predictions about the long-awaited Beats Solo 4.

Beats has released several products in recent years, but its Solo headphone series hasn’t benefited from an internal upgrade since 2016.

While fans of the on-ear headphones likely wonder whether a potentially upgraded model might be worth the wait, the company is keeping mum at the moment.

Still, a few rumors about the Beats Solo 4 are circulating, and we’ve gathered them in one place. Let’s dive in!

When Is the Beats Solo 4 Release Date?

There is no official launch date for the Beats Solo 4, but we estimate that the headphones might hit the market in mid-to-late 2024.

Based on previous Solo releases, Beats prefers to launch wireless headphones during the fall:

Model Release date
Beats Solo 2 WirelessNovember 2014
Beats Solo 3 WirelessSeptember 2016
Beats Solo ProOctober 2019

That said, the most recent Beats headphones, the Studio Pro, came out in July 2023, so there’s a chance the company might decide to continue the trend and release the Solo 4 during the summer.

The Beats Solo Pro have been discontinued.

What Will the Beats Solo 4 Look Like?

The new headphones’ design should align with previous Solo models. In other words, we expect the Beats logo featured on each ear cup, a foldable headband, and on-ear controls. Plus, users will likely be able to choose from various colors.

Where we hope to see improvements, however, is the quality of the fit. Some Solo 3 users complain about the headphones hurting their ears after prolonged wear. While on-ear headphones are generally tight, reducing the clamping force and adding extra padding from high-end materials like memory foam would be a welcome upgrade.

What Features Can We Expect From the Beats Solo 4?

Given that the Beats Solo 3 came out in 2016, they’re outdated regarding sound quality and hardware. Even so, they offer 40 hours of battery life and Spatial Audio, something we can expect from the next model as well.

Additionally, the Solo 4 should boast the kind of features users appreciate from premium headphones:

Active Noise Cancellation

Beats headphones aren’t cheap, and the market is getting more crowded. The company should equip the Solo 4 with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology if it wants the Solo line to stay competitive.

There’s a good chance this will happen, given that the Solo Pro came with ANC capabilities back in 2019. The Studio Pro also offers fully adaptive ANC, so there’s no reason for Beats to drop the ball on the Solo line.

Improved sound quality

Besides ANC, the Beats Solo 4 should also come with sound enhancements. Beats headphones are known for their bassy sound, but a more balanced sound signature would make them appealing to a broader range of consumers.

While improving the internal hardware is a given, it will be interesting to see how Beats goes about this. The Studio Pro, for example, don’t feature parent company Apple’s H1 or H2 chips, which translate to better ANC and sound quality.

Instead, they are powered by a custom Beats chip that promises increased audio fidelity. Feedback from users has been mostly positive, so there’s a chance the company will forge forward with the proprietary chip.

An H1 or H2 chip would support features like in-ear detection and device switching for iOS users.

Continued Android support

On the other hand, the proprietary chip in the Studio Pro ensures solid Android compatibility, which is good news for users outside the Apple ecosystem. The Solo 3 were also Android compatible, so Beats will likely continue to accommodate this portion of the fanbase.

Regardless of your preferred operating system, we expect the Solo 4 to offer features like One-touch pairing / Fast Pair and Find My / Find My Device. Beats also has a dedicated Android app available on Google Play.

Possible sweat resistance

While most Beats earbuds are water-resistant, the same can’t be said for the brand’s on-ear headphones. The Solo 3 are prone to water and sweat damage, so users who want to wear them at the gym might want to think twice about it.

This could change with the release of the Beats Solo 4. If the upgraded model comes with a high IPX rating, users could wear them during high-intensity workouts without stressing over potential damage. This might even earn the Solo 4 a spot among the best wireless workout headphones on the market.

Better connectivity

A downside of the Beats Solo 3 is that they only support micro USB charging. An upgraded model will likely come with a USB-C port, as Apple is updating its products to comply with European regulations.

We also expect the headphones to feature a jack for wired listening and support a recent Bluetooth version like Bluetooth LE.

The Studio Pro have a built-in Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) that ensures lossless audio via USB-C. While it would be nice for the Solo 4 to follow suit, Beats might keep certain premium features exclusive to the flagship model.

What Do Users Want From the Beats Solo 4?

When scouring forum posts and social media, users seem generally happy with the Beats Solo 3, praising the battery life and stable connection with the source device.

Nonetheless, they have been waiting a long time for an update to the Solo series, so they have certain demands:

How Much Will the Beats Solo 4 Cost?

The Beats Solo 3 were $300 at launch, so we expect the Solo 4 to be similarly priced. They might be slightly cheaper depending on features, making them a more affordable alternative to the $350 Studio Pro.

For now, all we can do is wait and see. If you’re out of patience and want a new pair of Beats headphones ASAP, the Solo 3 retail for $200 on the Apple Store. Or, invest in the over-ear Studio Pro, which boast ANC and other extra features.

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