Here’s What the Upcoming iOS 18 Update Could Mean for Apple Music

Expect a bunch of new Apple Music features in the upcoming iOS 18 update.
Expect a bunch of new Apple Music features in the upcoming iOS 18 update.

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The ‘biggest Apple OS update’ could bring AI to Apple Music.

Excitement is running high as the tech world awaits the iOS 18, which will likely launch in fall 2024.

Apple Music users are already gearing up for its arrival by sharing their speculations and wishes for what the upgrade might have in store. Insiders have also released their own predictions about the upcoming update based on industry trends. From a smarter search function to better recommendations, iOS 18 can’t seem to come soon enough.

We rounded up all the insider information and fan wishlists and came up with the Apple Music updates we can expect from the upcoming iOS 18. Read on!

What Features Can Apple Music Users Expect From iOS 18?

iOS 18 may bring AI-generated playlists to Apple Music.
iOS 18 may bring AI-generated playlists to Apple Music.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, iOS 18 might be the “biggest” software update in the iPhone’s history. That’s likely due to rumored AI enhancements meant to boost user experience and make various tasks more intuitive.

Expected updates include RCS Support and generative AI tweaks, with the latter hinting at potential improvements for Apple Music. More exactly, the arrival of iOS 18 might introduce tailored playlists that fit the user’s vibe and taste to a T.

While Apple Music offers users a variety of personalized mixes, it falls short of some of its competitors.

Spotify, for instance, has been dabbling with AI for more than a year, introducing the AI DJ feature in February 2023. The service also launched daylist, an AI playlist that updates multiple times per day based on past listening habits.

Spotify daylists feature (From: Spotify)
Spotify daylists feature (From: Spotify)

Apple Music will likely take advantage of auto-generated playlists as well. A software upgrade would be the perfect opportunity.

Outside of that, generative AI assists in curating collections, aligning with specific genres or themes. Giving it more breadth might improve the overall content organization of the music service.

What Do Apple Music Users Want From iOS 18?

What people wish for in the upcoming iOS 18 update. (From: Reddit)
What people wish for in the upcoming iOS 18 update. (From: Reddit)

On Reddit, users seem to agree that better curation and more personalized playlists should be on Apple’s to-do list.

They highlight their desire for enhanced search functionality, including better accuracy and classification of music categories. Such an update could ensure a more efficient way to navigate the Apple Music library.

“Finally a decent search function that works based on my taste in music. A correct classification of the music categories, even for subgenres. More playlists outside the mainstream genres,” one user demands.

Additionally, users want better recommendations and more personalized playlists akin to what other platforms offer.

“More made for you playlist one for each day of the week and maybe seasonal ones like a Xmas one based on your artists,” another user suggests.

Fans also share a strong desire for access to detailed information about the creative minds behind the music.

“I hope one day we get clickable links on songwriters/producers, etc., in the song credits section to see what other songs these people were involved in.” vch01 writes.

This sentiment was echoed by many others who seek a deeper connection with all the contributors involved in the music creation process.

Explanation of how Spotify Connect is different from Apple's AirPlay. (From: Reddit)
Explanation of how Spotify Connect is different from Apple’s AirPlay. (From: Reddit)

Connectivity-related features were another hot topic, with several Redditors expressing a desire for a Spotify Connect-like feature that makes playback between devices more seamless.

“AirPlay should just get a big update, with features like Connect,” was a common refrain among commentators.

Granted, Apple Music already has tons of functionality, with some users wishing for things that are already available. Like collaborative playlists, a feature introduced with iOS 17.3.

Even so, the iOS 18 rollout will likely bring users a suite of upgrades that make music streaming even more of a breeze. We’ll have to wait and see whether the enhancements will be worth the hype.

Reddit posts have been condensed and edited for clarity.

When Is the iOS 18 Release Date?

The iOS 18 upgrade should be released in September 2024.

Apple typically announces new iOS versions during its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Historically, these updates become available to the general public in September.

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