Leaked Files Show Beats Solo4 Is Coming and It Might Be the Best Beats Headphones So Far

Beats Solo4 headphones may be coming this year
Beats Solo4 headphones may be coming this year

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No one would’ve guessed we’d find this treasure under an iOS update release note.

The Beats Solo4 headphones have been accidentally revealed in the iOS 17.4 release candidate (RC) files. This discovery proves a possible launch of the new model, promising design and feature enhancements, including Spatial Audio support and a USB-C port. This USB-C port is expected to be used not just for charging but also for wired lossless listening, which is something you can’t find on other Beats or Apple headphones.

Discovery of Beats Solo4 in iOS 17.4 RC Files

Information on the iOS 17.4 Release Candidate. (From: Apple)
Information on the iOS 17.4 Release Candidate. (From: Apple)

Apple recently released the iOS 17.4 Release Candidate (RC) to developers and beta testers.

This update was expected to bring changes to the App Store and App Marketplaces, especially for European Union users. However, it also unexpectedly revealed the Beats Solo4 headphones.

The discovery came from images and references found within the update’s files. These signal that the official announcement of the new Beats Solo model might be coming soon, eight years after the Beats Solo3 was first launched.

A release candidate is a version of software that’s almost ready for the public. It’s meant for final testing to catch any serious issues.

Design and Feature Upgrades Over Beats Solo3

The leaked iOS 17.4 release candidate files have sparked excitement over what might be in store for the Beats Solo4 headphones. While the details are still speculative, they paint a good picture of what the Beats Solo4 might offer.

The possible colors of the upcoming Beats Solo4, based on the RC notes. (From: Apple)
The possible colors of the upcoming Beats Solo4, based on the RC notes. (From: Apple)

Rumored to be available in black, blue, and pink, these headphones could bring a fresh look with subtle nods to their predecessor, the Beats Solo3. However, their design is expected to be more influenced by the higher-end Beats Studio Pro, which were launched last year.

One of the most talked-about speculations is the possible inclusion of Spatial Audio support.

This feature could offer listeners an immersive audio experience, making it feel as though the sound is coming from all around them. Even more intriguing is the hint at a possible personalization feature, which suggests that the spatial audio can be tailored to the individual user.

The Beats Solo3 were first released in September 2016. (From: Kazi)
The Beats Solo3 were first released in September 2016. (From: Kazi)

The Beats Solo4 are also expected to switch to a USB-C port, which Apple has been working on adding to almost all their devices for a while now.

This USB-C port can possibly also be used for wired lossless listening – something that no Beats, nor the AirPods Max support so far.

Enhancements in control features are also anticipated, especially with the multipurpose button on the left ear cup.

One press should let users pause or play the audio, accept calls, or mute their microphone. Two presses, on the other hand, should allow them to skip forward and end calls. And, three presses should rewind the audio playback.

Check out our review of the Beats Solo3 to get a better idea of what the Beats Solo line offers.

Availability and Pricing

Given the timing of this discovery right before the public rollout of iOS 17.4, it’s likely that the Beats Solo4 will hit the market within the year. While we’re still in the dark about the exact price, the Beats Solo3’s current $199 price tag and the Beats Studio Pro’s $349 give us a ballpark.

For instance, since the Beats Solo3 were priced at $300 upon release, we can say the Beats Solo4 are likely to be released at the same price. But for now, all we can do is wait and see.

If you want more information, read our article on the possible features, expectations, and speculations for the upcoming Beats Solo4.

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