Galaxy Buds 3 Pro: Release Date, Price, Specs, Rumors and More

The Galaxy Buds 3 Pro will likely look just like the Buds 2 Pro, but with an OLED case display.
The Galaxy Buds 3 Pro will likely look just like the Buds 2 Pro, but with an OLED case display.

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Here is a rundown of the rumors surrounding the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro, which might be coming sooner than you think.

The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are an excellent choice for Android users, packing solid Active Noise Cancellation and appealing accessibility features.

That said, it’s been more than a year since they hit the market. While fans are yearning for an upgraded model, there is no official release date yet.

Still, plenty of Galaxy Buds 3 Pro rumors are floating around, and we’ve gathered them all in one place. Let’s dive in!

When Is the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro Release Date?

The Galaxy Buds 3 Pro are expected to hit the market sometime in 2024.

Given that Samsung launched the more affordable Galaxy Buds FE in October, we estimate the Buds 3 Pro to arrive in in mid or late 2024.

There seems to be no pattern for the Galaxy Buds’ releases, though. But something typically gets released every year. For example, the Galaxy Buds Pro were released in January 2021, while the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro dropped in August 2022.

What Will the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro Look Like?

We expect the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro to maintain the sleek and comfortable design of the Buds 2 Pro. They will likely be lightweight and compact, with interchangeable ear tips in three sizes.

That said, Apple has started to sell extra small AirPods Pro 2 ear tips to accommodate users with small ear canals, so Samsung might follow suit.

Additionally, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro would come out in a wider variety of colors. The Buds 2 Pro are only available in White, Graphite, and Bora Purple.

A thing we hope stays the same is the earbuds’ water resistance. The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro have an IPX7 rating, so they can be exposed to sweat, rain, accidental splashes, and even a 30-minute water submersion without being damaged.

What Features Can We Expect From the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro?

The Galaxy Buds 3 Pro will probably boast all the same features as the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. The list includes Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), 360 audio, 360 Audio Recording, Auto switch, Ambient Sound, and Conversation Mode. Given that this would be an upgraded model, though, we anticipate several innovations:

Better battery life

The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro offer great ANC, but the feature drains the battery quickly. You can use the earbuds for 8 hours on one charge and only 5 hours with the ANC turned on.

Battery life is a common complaint among users, so extending it for the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro would be more than welcome.

You can currently get ANC wireless earbuds with a battery life of 10-12 hours, which basically lasts an entire day on one charge.

AI real-time language translation

A splashy rumored feature for the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro is AI real-time language translation. In other words, AI would power the earbuds to translate languages in real-time during calls and face-to-face conversations.

The Google Pixel Buds offer live translation but require an internet connection. The Galaxy Buds 3 Pro feature reportedly works offline, minimizing privacy risks.

Samsung has been investing heavily in AI and recently unveiled an ‘AI for All’ vision at CES 2024, aiming to make smart devices more efficient and intuitive. Moreover, the company confirmed that it would launch a smartphone live translate feature, AI Live Translate Call, which will likely become available with the Samsung Galaxy S24.

Consequently, Galaxy Buds 3 Pro users might get even more AI-powered features, including a more personalized listening experience. For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

Interactive case screen

Speaking of CES 2024, Samsung used the event to unveil a concept earbud case with a smart display. The built-in OLED screen, similar to a smartwatch-like interface, would show helpful information like the date, weather, or battery level.

An interactive Galaxy Buds case could potentially allow a lot of customization without the user having to open the companion app, like for the JBL Tour Pro 2. There’s a good chance it would make the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro even more appealing.

Possible health features

Patent image of Galaxy Buds with biometric sensors (From: LetsGoDigital)
Patent image of Galaxy Buds with biometric sensors (From: LetsGoDigital)

Similarly to Apple, Samsung is exploring health features for their wearable devices. According to a 2021 patent, a biometric sensor on the earbuds would enable them to measure heart rate, oxygen saturation, stress levels, and more.

However, it’s unsure when this biometric sensor will finally make its way to the Galaxy Buds. While we would love to see the new technology on the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro, finessing it may take months or even years. We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

What Do Users Want From the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro?

Besides complaining about battery life, users are generally content with their Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. Even so, a few have demands that would sway them to invest in a new model:

How Much Will the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro Cost?

As the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro launched at $229.99, we expect the next generation to be similarly priced.

While the Buds 2 Pro were $30 more expensive than the original Galaxy Buds Pro, adding another $30 would make them retail at the same price as the AirPods Pro 2 ($249). We’re guessing Samsung might want to remain a bit more affordable.

Until the newer model hits the market, you can occasionally find the reliable Galaxy Buds 2 Pro on sale for as little as $170. If you’ve run out of patience, that’s a great deal.

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