Sony WF-1000XM6: Release Date, Price, Specs, Rumors and More

The Sony WF-1000XM6 may retain the same design changes Sony made for the WF-1000XM5.
The Sony WF-1000XM6 may retain the same design changes Sony made for the WF-1000XM5.

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Here’s a breakdown of the new features we think the Sony WF-1000XM6 earbuds will (and should) offer.

The Sony WF-1000XM5 earbuds have set a high bar for audio quality and noise cancellation, making them stand out in the premium earbud market.

Despite this, audio enthusiasts are already anticipating the WF-1000XM6, speculating about potential upgrades and features they’ll offer.

We’ve compiled the latest rumors and discussions about the WF-1000XM6. So, read on to discover what features and improvements Sony may introduce in their upcoming flagship earbuds.

When Is the Sony WF-1000XM6 Release Date?

The WF-1000XM series has seen a new release every two years since 2019:

Based on this pattern, it’s logical to expect the possible debut of the new WF-1000XM6 earbuds between June and August 2025.

Sony has typically announced previous models through press releases. So, Sony will likely launch the WF-1000XM6 through similar channels in the same manner.

The WF-1000XM4s were an exception, as Sony revealed them during the “Truly Silent. Tailored 4 you” livestream event.

What Will the Sony WF-1000XM6 Look Like?

From left to right: The Sony WF-1000XM3, WF-1000XM4, and WF-1000XM5 earbuds. (From: Amazon)
From left to right: The Sony WF-1000XM3, WF-1000XM4, and WF-1000XM5 earbuds. (From: Amazon)

Currently, no leaks or previews are available concerning the design or appearance of the WF-1000XM6 earbuds. Considering the design of the latest two models, it’s likely that the WF-1000XM6 will retain the signature rounded shape and circular gold accents.

The WF-1000XM5 feature a 25% size reduction and a 20% weight decrease compared to the previous model. They also have a glossy plastic finish and a matte touch control panel. The WF-1000XM6 may continue these trends or improve them further.

What Features Can We Expect From the Sony WF-1000XM6?

The WF-1000XM5 earbuds boast upgrades like larger drivers (from 6 mm to 8.4 mm), longer charging case battery life (from 16 hours to 18 hours), and six microphones (up from 4).

We expect the WF-1000XM6s will keep these features and introduce the following enhancements based on competitor trends:

Better connectivity

The WF-1000XM5s use Bluetooth 5.2, so it’s reasonable to expect that the WF-1000XM6s will upgrade to 5.3 or potentially 5.4.

This update could introduce features like Auracast, which lets you broadcast to multiple Bluetooth devices, allowing you to share your audio or connect to public PA systems.

If Sony becomes open to letting go or adding better codecs than LDAC, it might also include LC3 support, a codec that offers higher audio quality while halving data usage and power and boosting battery life.

These upgrades should provide improved stability and multipoint connectivity, allowing the earbuds to connect with more devices instead of just two.

Better audio

Snapdragon Sound technology can enable better and more reliable wireless audio. (From: Qualcomm)
Snapdragon Sound technology can enable better and more reliable wireless audio. (From: Qualcomm)

Many newer wireless earbuds feature Snapdragon Sound Technology, which has higher processing power. The potential inclusion of the S7 Pro Gen 1 Sound Platform enables wireless lossless audio up to 192 kHz and on-device AI for improved audio performance across various environments and activities.

Additionally, users may benefit from low latency for gaming and videos and clearer voice calls.

Better noise cancellation

Competitor brands like Bose regularly enhance their noise cancellation technology, as the Bose QuietComfort Ultra earbuds demonstrate. These earbuds feature a new Immersion Mode that blends noise cancellation and spatial audio for a deeper listening experience.

As earbuds coming from a company that promises “industry-leading ANC”, we expect similar or even better upgrades in the upcoming WF-1000XM6s.

Better dynamic head tracking

Sony's demonstration of how WF-1000XM5's head tracking works. (From: Sony)
Sony’s demonstration of how WF-1000XM5’s head tracking works. (From: Sony)

The WF-1000XM5s offer dynamic head tracking for Android users with version 13 or later.

Currently, the feature isn’t available for iOS users and is limited to certain video apps. Additionally, not all Android phones can use this feature.

For instance, Samsung Galaxy devices don’t support it because Samsung has its own system.

That said, we expect the WF-1000XM6s to offer broader support for dynamic head tracking compatible with Android and iOS, across more apps and phone models.

What Do Users Want From the Sony WF-1000XM6?

The different possible color options for the Sony WF-1000XM6.
The different possible color options for the Sony WF-1000XM6.

Despite the rave reviews for the WF-1000XM5s, there’s always room for improvement in the realm of audio technology. That said, here are a few improvements we would like to see in the WF-1000XM6s:

  • More colors: The entire WF-1000XM series comes in only black and silver, so seeing the new earbuds in more fun and expressive colors would be nice.
  • Longer battery life: Users have long complained about the battery life of the WF-1000XM5, with some of them disappointed that they don’t actually get to enjoy the advertised battery life. While an eight-hour battery life is standard for most premium wireless earbuds, it’s always a welcome bonus if your earbuds can deliver more.
  • More ear tip options: Finding the right fit can be challenging and users have long voiced their trouble fitting the WF-1000XM5 in their ears. Although the WF-1000XM5 earbuds have four ear tip sizes, some cheaper options offer up to six, including extra small and extra large sizes. Others also offer ear tips in different materials for improved comfort.
  • Higher IPX rating: While WF-1000XM4 and WF-1000XM5 have an IPX4 rating, some users have shared experiences of the IP rating not being enough for their usage. Constant or excessive sweat exposure has damaged some XM5s. Higher water resistance would better justify their premium price by offering better protection.

How Much Will the Sony WF-1000XM6 Cost?

Previous WF-1000XM models launched with the following prices:

Considering the pricing trends of premium earbuds, often under US$299, the WF-1000XM6 is expected to be similarly priced to stay competitive while satisfying customers.

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  1. Hello. I am a Sony WF-1000XM4 and Sony WF-1000XM5 user. I find myself wanting my Sony WF-1000XM4 90% of the time. Unless I forget to charge my Sony WF-1000XM4 I won’t bother with my Sony WF-1000XM5. I don’t really like them as much. It’s the lack of the voice feature for one and another major thing is the glossy finish slip way too much. I like the larger style, in my ears, though both work well. I use iPhone as an Ipod mainly, so features for Apple would be a plus. I am posting this in hopes they come out with a Sony WF-1000XM6 with the same material as Sony WF-1000XM4 and the voice feature again. The larger ear buds could be longer battery or even better, better sound and noise cancelling.

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