Beats Fit Pro 2: Release Date, Price, Specs, Rumors and More

Beats Fit Pro 2 could sport the same design as their predecessor
Beats Fit Pro 2 could sport the same design as their predecessor

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A deep dive into the rumors and predictions floating around about the Beats Fit Pro 2.

The Beats Fit Pro offer Active Noise Cancellation and a comfortable design, making them appealing to a wide range of consumers.

However, they’ve been out for two years, so you might wonder whether to snag a pair now or wait for a potentially upgraded model.

With the rumor mill in full swing, we’ve gathered what we could find about the Beats Fit Pro 2 in one place to help you make a better decision. Let’s dive in!

When Is the Beats Fit Pro 2 Release Date?

There is no official release date for the Beats Fit Pro 2 at the time of writing, but we estimate that the earbuds will hit the market sometime in early 2024.

Beats released the Beats Fit Pro in three vibrant new colors in February 2023, likely to tie over consumers until a new model is ready. Additionally, the Beats Studio Buds Plus came out in May, so we doubt we’ll see new earbuds from the company in the next couple of months.

That said, judging by past release dates, Beats tends to update its earbuds every couple of years:

ModelLaunch date
Beats Powerbeats ProMay 10, 2019
Beats Studio BudsJune 14, 2021
Beats Fit ProNovember 1, 2021
Beats Studio Buds PlusMay 17, 2023

The unique fall release of Beats Fit Pro led to some speculations of a late 2023 launch for the Beats Fit Pro 2. However, with no announcements made thus far, a spring 2024 release seems more plausible.

What Will the Beats Fit Pro 2 Look Like?

The Beats Fit Pro 2 will likely look similar to the Beats Fit Pro, hopefully with a few improvements for durability.

While the flexible wingtips on the original model boost stability, they break easily. It’s been a common problem among Beats Fit Pro users, with some regularly having to superglue them in place. Sturdier or replaceable wingtips would fix the problem.

As the name suggests, many people use the Beats Fit Pro when they work out, which means they endure regular abuse. A dust-resistant IP rating would increase the earbuds’ appeal.

Similarly, some users complain that the charging case is flimsy and slippery, so the company might choose to address this shortcoming with the upgrade.

Finally, the Beats Fit Pro pack ear tips in three sizes – small, medium, and large. It’s possible the Beats Fit Pro will include extra-small ear tips to accommodate users with smaller ear canals, ensuring better isolation.

The Beats Studio Buds Plus include extra-small tips. Additionally, Beats’ parent company, Apple, sells extra-small tips compatible with the AirPods Pro 2.

What Features Can We Expect From the Beats Fit Pro 2?

The Beats Fit Pro 2 will probably boast the same features as the original model, including Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Spatial audio. Nonetheless, we expect a few upgrades that would make them worth the investment:

H2 chip

The Beats Fit Pro feature Apple’s H1 chip. Since their launch, Apple developed the H2 chip, which is integrated into the AirPods Pro 2. The Beats Fit Pro 2 could include the H2 chip as well, boosting the earbuds’ ANC capabilities and sound quality.

The Beats Fit Pro deliver bass-heavy sound, making them ideal for EDM and hip-hop music. A more balanced sound signature would mean a more versatile listening experience.

Adaptive Audio

Speaking of the AirPods Pro 2, the Apple earbuds now support Adaptive Audio, a listening mode that combines Transparency and ANC. The feature personalizes the level of noise control based on your environment, so you don’t constantly have to switch between Transparency and ANC.

Making Adaptive Audio available for Beasts Fit Pro 2 would come in handy since it would keep noise to a minimum at the gym or while jogging without making you feel isolated from those around you.

Longer battery life

The Beats Fit Pro offer up to 6 hours of listening time with ANC turned on. You also get an additional 18 hours from the case. While that’s nothing to scoff at, a battery life closer to 8 hours would help Beats catch up with competitors.

Continued Android support

Unlike AirPods, the Beats Fit Pro are Android-friendly. Users can install the Beats Android app that supports one-touch pairing, Android widgets, and the ability to locate the earbuds if misplaced via the app.

We expect the Beats Fit Pro 2 to continue the trend of accommodating Android users so they don’t miss out on essential features.

The Beats Studio Buds Plus come with native Android compatibility and support Google Fast Pair, Audio Switch, and Google Find My Device. So, we expect the Beats Fit Pro 2 to be the same.

Upgraded microphones

While the call quality on the Beats Fit Pro is good around the house, the earbuds don’t perform as well in noisy environments where there’s a lot of wind or traffic. Upgraded microphones would ensure the earbuds block background noise for clear calls.

What Do Users Want From the Beats Fit Pro 2?

If you scour forum posts and social media, you’ll notice that the most significant problem users have with the Beats Fit Pro is the feebleness of the wingtips. That said, they also have a couple of unique demands they would love for Beast to cater to:

How Much Will the Beats Fit Pro 2 Cost?

We expect the Beats Fit Pro 2 to cost around $220, marking a $20 increase from the $199.99 Beats Fit Pro.

While it would be nice for the company to retain the $200 price tag, the Beats Studio Buds Plus cost $169, or $20 more than the Beats Studio Buds. Even with the price increase, the Beats Fit Pro 2 would still be slightly cheaper than the AirPods Pro 2 or the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro.

It remains to be seen whether the upgraded features will justify a potentially heftier price tag. For now, the original Beats Fit Pro remain a worthy investment.

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