Sony Releases Cutting-Edge PlayStation Pulse Elite Headset

Close look at the PlayStation Pulse Elite Headset (From: Sony)
Close look at the PlayStation Pulse Elite Headset (From: Sony)

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It took five months, but they’re finally here!

Sony is set to finally release the PlayStation Pulse Elite headset starting on February 21, 2024, five months after they were announced in August 2023. These premium headphones are poised to transform how gamers hear and interact with their virtual environments with two new features from the brand.

They are the first Sony PlayStation headphones that have integrated planar magnetic drivers. Plus, they also have Sony’s new PlayStation Link technology.

PlayStation Pulse Elite Features

A tear down of Sony Playstation Pulse Elite's planar magnetic drivers. (From: Sony)
A tear down of Sony PlayStation Pulse Elite’s planar magnetic drivers. (From: Sony)

Central to the Pulse Elite’s design is their planar magnetic drivers. These promise to deliver sound with unparalleled accuracy.

“These studio-inspired drivers reproduce sound with near-perfect accuracy along the entire audible spectrum, so you can hear games exactly how the developers intended.” says Sony.

This means gamers can expect to hear every detail, from the subtlest footsteps to the most explosive action sequences.

It’s complemented by the support for 3D Audio support in PS5® games. This positions audio cues with remarkable precision in three dimensions, making the experience more immersive.

However, Sony aims to make the Pulse Elite not just excellent for sound but also practical for gamers.

The Pulse Elite headset don't only connect with the PlayStation console. (From: Sony)
The Pulse Elite headset don’t only connect with the PlayStation console. (From: Sony)

Because of this, the Pulse Elite’s connectivity also shines – all thanks to Sony’s new PlayStation Link technology. This new wireless tech ensures ultra-low latency and lossless audio, maintaining every audible detail in real-time.

It’s compatible across a range of devices, including the PS5 consoles, PCs, and Macs, allowing for seamless switching between gaming and other media.

There’s not much detail on how the PlayStation Link technology works. But it basically offers an exclusive wireless connection. This doesn’t mix or get interfered with by other wireless frequencies (such as Bluetooth or WiFi).

Voice communication is also promised to be crystal clear, courtesy of AI-enhanced noise rejection. This feature isolates and removes background noise, ensuring your voice comes through loud and clear, whether you’re coordinating with teammates or streaming live.

What the Pulse Elite headset mic looks like when expanded. (From: Sony)
What the Pulse Elite headset mic looks like when expanded. (From: Sony)

The headset’s mic can also be easily extended or retracted for precise placement, enhancing voice clarity and convenience. Plus, a simple button press mutes the mic, indicated by an orange light visible in the wearer’s periphery.

For those who juggle multiple devices, the headset offers the ability to listen to audio from both a PlayStation Link and a Bluetooth device simultaneously. This dual-device connectivity means you can stay engaged in your game while taking calls or enjoying music from a mobile device.

“The vision is to enable players to bounce between devices at home, freely swapping between their PS5 and PlayStation Portal to play games and bringing their audio devices along for the jump.” says Tim Turi, the Content Communications Manager of Sony Interactive.

Where to Buy

The PlayStation Pulse Elite, priced at $149.99, is available for pre-order now and will officially launch on February 21, 2024.

It can be purchased through the official PlayStation website and authorized retailers.

Since the PS5 doesn’t natively support the PlayStation Link technology, the package includes a PlayStation Link™ USB adapter. This ensures you can enjoy a lightning-fast, lossless audio connection across all your devices.

The headset comes with a hanger that not only keeps the headset but also charges them. (From: Sony)
The headset comes with a hanger that not only keeps the headset but also charges them. (From: Sony)

A charging hanger is also provided. This accessory not only provides a stylish way to display the headset. It also incorporates built-in charging through contacts in the headband.

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