Leaked Samsung Data Hints That Spotify HiFi Is Coming

Samsung Soundbar's Specs mentioning Spotify HiFi.
Samsung Soundbar’s Specs mentioning Spotify HiFi.

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Is it finally happening?

Spotify’s long-awaited lossless audio tier, Spotify HiFi, may finally be on its way. Recent specifications for Samsung’s 2023 Q-series soundbars have mentioned support for “Spotify Hi-Fi Connect”. This fuels speculation that a launch could be imminent.

Samsung Soundbar Specs Mention Spotify Hi-Fi Connect

Extreminist's original post in the r/truespotify subreddit. (From: Reddit)
Extreminist’s original post in the r/truespotify subreddit. (From: Reddit)

The buzz surrounding Spotify Hi-Fi’s launch originated from an image shared by Redditor u/Extreminist.

It showcased the specs for Samsung’s upcoming 11.1.4 channel Wireless Dolby ATMOS Soundbar, set to debut in May. Among the listed features was support for “Spotify Hi-Fi Connect.” This led some to believe that Spotify’s lossless audio tier might be launching alongside these new soundbars.

However, Spotify has not provided any official confirmation for the highly-anticipated HiFi tier.

Community Reaction Divided

The mention of Spotify Hi-Fi in the Samsung soundbar specs has sparked a range of responses from the Spotify community on Reddit. Some users remain skeptical about the feature’s imminent arrival. This is especially because of Spotify’s history of delays and unfulfilled promises.

“If I had a dollar for every time someone posts about Hifi confirmed. lol.” joked Electronic-Dreams-.

Many echoed this skepticism, especially with the multi-year-long delays in the HiFi’s release.

People who remain doubtful that Spotify HiFi is coming soon. (From: Reddit)
People who remain doubtful that Spotify HiFi is coming soon. (From: Reddit)

On the other hand, some Redditors see the Samsung specs as a glimmer of hope.

This optimism is particularly fueled by recent developments from rival streaming platform Tidal.

People who speculate that Spotify HiFi may be near because of Tidal's recent move. (From: Reddit)
People who speculate that Spotify HiFi may be near because of Tidal’s recent move. (From: Reddit)

Despite the potential good news, some users argue that Spotify should prioritize other aspects of its service.

“This doesn’t confirm anything. Also, at this point, I would rather that they put their energy into making the app experience better. (Or both, it shouldn’t be that difficult….).” expressed NutFudge.

The community remains divided on the likelihood and importance of Spotify Hi-Fi’s launch. Only an official announcement from Spotify will put an end to the speculation.

Spotify’s Tumultuous Hi-Fi Journey

Spotify HiFi Onboarding Preview
Spotify HiFi Onboarding Preview

Spotify first announced its HiFi tier in 2021. The plan was to launch in select markets “later this year.”

However, the feature was delayed, with CEO Daniel Ek citing “licensing” issues in February 2022. The company also faced pressure from competitors like Apple and Amazon, who began offering lossless and spatial audio at no extra cost just months after Spotify’s announcement.

Recently, Spotify reportedly scrapped plans for a “Supremium” subscription tier in January 2024. This decision came after testing revealed a lack of user interest in paying extra for the service.

The disappearance of the company’s HiFi announcement video has also fueled speculation about the project’s potential cancellation.

As of now, Spotify has not made any official announcements regarding the release of its Hi-Fi tier.

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