How to Get Spotify Premium: A Quick Guide

Getting Spotify Premium can be quick and easy
Getting Spotify Premium can be quick and easy

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Find out how to upgrade to Spotify Premium and unlock unlimited music on different devices.

Spotify Premium offers a lot of cool features, such as ad-free listening, downloads, and even exclusive early releases.

But, some folks find it tricky to figure out how to actually sign up and start using it, especially since you can’t do it directly via the app.

This article is here to help, giving you a simple step-by-step guide on how to get Spotify Premium and start enjoying your music to the fullest.

Step 1. Choose Your Plan

You can’t upgrade to Spotify Premium directly through the Spotify app. No matter the device you’re using, you’ll be redirected to the Spotify subscription page, so it’s better to go straight to it. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure you are logged in on the Spotify web browser.
  2. Go to the Spotify Premium Subscription Page
  3. Click on View All Premium Plans.

    Spotify Premium Subscription page
    Spotify Premium Subscription page
  4. Choose the plan you wish to sign up for and click Get Premium [Plan Name].

    Spotify plans options
    Spotify plans options
Check the current prices for all Spotify Premium plans, and quick take if they’re worth it.

Step 2. Setup Your Payment Method

  1. On the Offer page, fill up your credentials.
  2. Then select the payment method. You can either go for credit or debit card or Paypal.
  3. Enter your payment information, then click Buy Now.

    Spotify Premium payment page
    Spotify Premium payment page
  4. Wait for it to load. Once it’s done, you should enjoy Spotify Premium immediately after.
If you’re on the 30-day free trial, you’ll be charged the regular monthly subscription fee of US$10.99 once it ends.

How to Get Spotify Premium For Free

You can get Spotify Premium for free through bundled deals with other services. Some deals vary by location and availability and may have specific terms and conditions.

Here are some currently available deals:

  • PayPal: New users can enjoy Spotify Premium with ad-free music for three months.
  • AT&T: Eligible AT&T users who sign up for the AT&T Unlimited &MoreSM plan can get Spotify Premium for a six-month free trial without any additional cost.
    If you already have a standalone Spotify Premium subscription, you must cancel it before taking advantage of the AT&T offer.
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Subscribers can get six months of Spotify Premium as part of their package.
    Users must be a new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, eligible for Spotify Premium, and reside in the U.S. or the U.K. Existing Spotify Premium or Unlimited subscribers are not eligible.
  • OnePlus Red Cable Club: Customers who have linked their OnePlus device to Red Cable Club can avail of a Spotify Premium subscription free for six months.
  • Microsoft Rewards: New joiners of Microsoft Rewards get three months of Spotify Premium for free.
  • Starbucks: Partners are eligible for a free Spotify Premium subscription upon hire.

FAQs on How to Get Spotify Premium

What do I do if Spotify Premium isn’t showing up after purchasing?

If Spotify Premium isn’t working after purchase, try logging out and back in, checking your payment status, and updating the app. For third-party promotions, contact the provider directly. If issues persist, reach out to Spotify Support for a thorough investigation and assistance.

Why am I not eligible for Spotify Premium free trial?

You can’t get the Spotify Premium free trial if you’ve used Premium or a free trial before.

Can I use the same email for a new Spotify Premium account?

No. Spotify does not allow the creation of a new account with an email address that’s already linked to another account.

However, an email address can become free 14-30 days after deleting the Spotify account associated with it. This “lock out” period prevents users from creating duplicate accounts under the same email. Afterwards, the email address should become available for registration again.

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